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health update v2.1.2 | honolulu's nightlife diaries

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health update v2.1.2

July 19th, 2016 · 1 Comment

hey guys. hope you’re having a good summer. i haven’t weened myself off sm as much this cycle but have it filtered pretty good to only show me happiness *big smile*

these days you guys. these are the days!!

i want to send a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to a post I made on FaceBook this week:

“how did we meet”

it sparked some of the greatest memories and images that brought the purest joy. THANK you. it really helped me dust off some cobwebs on this huge content hold of almost a DECADE of Honolulu life. it’s not too late to contribute! thanks to this embedded link code FB gave me:
(if we aren’t friends sorry guys I maxed out years ago that Navy life will do that to ya! “like” me at least. pls?)

so ya, loving your memories and getting to relive them foreverrr. all i have to do is google site:supercw.com with whatever keywords and OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THE MEMORIES!!!! this beast is finally getting a little more play – although i do realize attention spans these days maybe get ppl through a quarter of one entry, lol. but man there’s some gems in there.

as for my health well, if i’m posting here then it’s a good day. thanks to your support i’ve been able to eat very clean, stay hydrated, doubled up on the artesunate IV’s the first few weeks, try a lot more spiritual heelers, rso, and resting as well as i can while they finish the whole brain radiation treatment. this is the last week of that. three weeks is enough too really. i feel like Firemarshall Bill.

i am keeping everyone the most updated with my snapchat: supercw the next most is probably twitter last is instagram/facebook (instagram/facebook is for moms and bosses).

pics/update coming probably today. we’ll see how i feel after this morning’s appts :)

love u guys so much more than you know. thank you for thinking of me even a little bit right now when i need it the most. <3 sending love always love <3 this is the calm my brain playlist:::: https://soundcloud.com/supercw/sets/calm-my-brain

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