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this is our fight

July 16th, 2015 · 5 Comments

you guys i can’t thank you enough for all of your outreach and support since i first announced that i have been diagnosed with cancer.

reading and re-reading the notes you took the time to write and post is giving me so much joy my heart is so full there is no way this is going to cause me any harm. the physical set-backs are nothing with all of this love and if you know me you know i mean it when i say i am taking this fight VERY seriously.

it started with a very drastic but needed diet change. no more processed foods at all. no refined sugar. no sugar period – dried cane, raw honey, agave, all that is out just drops of stevia and whatever i’m getting from the fruit. my diet is pretty much just all organic vegetables, fruits, avocado, nuts and seeds. a plant based diet with the occasional egg.

i am juicing like a crazy person. that’s why when you see me i look so healthy and happy, btw.

there are many other key things i am doing (with your financial help) (THANK YOU) and i plan to lay it all out in a very easy to read possibly downloadable pdf book or something when i get through this (have to make sure it *actually* works first heh) (don’t worry it’s totally working) but in the meantime many of you are asking how you can help if there’s anything i need.

if you haven’t or aren’t able to donate to the website YES there are things i definitely could use and you are welcome to drop to me or in care of me at one or more set locations. please look through this list and if you or anyone you know can help please email me. cw at supercw.com

i really love you all and respect that you have invested in my health. i promise i am working so hard and will NOT let you down. i intend to live! for a LONG TIME!!!! just need a few more months of very careful downtime to get this right for once and for all.

-scented candles or aromatherapy for relaxing/healing
-plants and flowers that like to live indoors
-any good lip balm (trying them all to no avail)
-netflix or hulu show options (funny only please)
-staycations or even spa visit hookups
-organic produce (avocados, bananas, coconuts, any greens, fruits, etc.)
-organic vegetable soup seems to be going down well
-juice (cold pressed or fresh made – organic only)
-calming music ideas for my chemo playlist
-alkaline water
-lipstick, hoop earrings, cute eyeglasses frames (i’m trying)
-antibacterial wipes or gel (i can never get enough)
-funny books, DVDs, anything that can keep me happy/relaxed
-leads on someone who prints CDs
-facetimes when you’re somewhere that i otherwise should be. it’s been hard to sit so still to let my body heal. this is possibly the worst part of all of this. if anything, please share more. snapchats, instagrams, vines, periscopes. for me.
-lead for a VA loan. i need to buy this apartment i’m living in so i don’t have to move

visits – while i do love and appreciate them i have to start scaling back on who is coming over. my white blood cell count is low and will continue to drop these next few weeks until september so i need to work hard to stay as healthy as i can while my body turns on itself to attack. that means coming close to as few people as possible. =/

thank you SO MUCH to Beats Builders for treating my apartment so i can be comfortable please support him if you need a contractor. Thank you to Roberta Oaks for re-releasing the POW! WOW! shirt to raise $ for me if you ever wanted a legit well tailored aloha shirt she is your girl. also thank you to to daniel for this couch that i have been living on to heal if you’re ever in Chinatown visit Nextdoor the eclectic bar he runs (and where i was and will be returning as resident DJ when i am better) and my cancer buddy. Thank you to Flash, Bamp Projects and my friends at The Republik (where i am also resident DJ) for a last minute fundraiser for Thomas Jack that put enough cash in my pocket to get through that very very difficult first month after my diagnosis. Thank you to the Mitsui Family in Ka’a’awa for their epic donation of 14k PLEASE check out 808 Skate in Kailua for all your apparel, shoes, socks and skateboarding needs. Thank you to the Barrio Vintage boys for the beautiful gift bag with silk scarves and a gorgeous comfy cotton kimono. Thank you to Renee at Sanctuary for helping me get through the most challenging phase of chopping my hair. Also huge mahalo to Hawaiian Ola, Kevin at Instapressed and Kale at Nalo Juice and 88 Alkaline water who stepped up and helped me out without even knowing me. i owe you all huge. i owe you My LIFE!!! <3 you guys, if you have anything wrong health-wise and you haven't tried juicing or a juice cleanse then definitely do it. our bodies are incredible when they are running on proper nutrition. i am doing a combination of many things but i can tell that this very strict diet is the baseline for what is SHRINKING my tumors. believe that. love you see you soon. here's some photos in case you aren't looking at the photo updates on the donation website. ;)


i hate, HATE swallowing pills. i’m one of those people. every morning that i have a plate with 30+ different sized pills to swallow and i know it’s very well what’s keeping me from feeling like complete crap from the chemo and improving my cellular and organ health it still doesn’t keep me from almost vomiting them all back up. every. morning. i find the strength to do it with your support. and knowing that if THIS is the worst part, that it’s actually the best part.



this is a rather expensive (thank you for donating) alternative therapy not covered by insurance that is both reducing the toxic effects of the chemotherapy and also attacking the cancer cells. thanks to the extremely expensive (thank you for donating) RGCC blood test i did in Greece i know that this is a very complimentary treatment to my particular cancer cells and is why i am responding so well to treatment. thank god!



thanks to the Queens Cancer Center – hands down the best facility i have ever stepped in to and one they were holding out on me at first ! (i was doing my treatment in the POB ii) but i understand why – the patients in there are there for 8+ hours and mine is only 3. i am so grateful to be able to be nice and persistent (two things i’m good at) and now i am in the dreamland of sweet nurses, my own private area, a library, free beanies, food deliveries and A THERAPY DOG! best days are chemo days right now! i wish i had to be here for 8 hours too.



I have been responding very very well to the chemo with minimal side effects thanks to the alternative therapies and diet. those that do occur are all very manageable with the western meds and also with acupuncture thanks to Dr Burke (YES MARIA’S DAD!). the worst so far has been my guts as the chemo destroys your insides so eating or anything inside any orifice is disturbed. i am very, very tired the fatigue is unreal and nothing like any kind of “tired” i ever was in my past cancer-free life. it’s the worst part wanting to do things but physically not being able to. my mind is a bit wacky too. i’ll lose my train of thought mid-sentence or completely blank out. hopefully that goes away after you stop the meds!

that’s it. please continue to help me get this website funded as this is really helping me with these co payment bills and alternative bills rolling in. i really have no other way to do this right now not being able to take the DJ gigs or have it in me to write. more fundraising will be happening locally here too. stay tuned. this is OUR FIGHT!

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  • 1 Melanie // Jul 17, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Thinking of you and sending you positive energy continually! Love from all of us @home!

  • 2 Christa // Jul 17, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    thank you to 88 Alkaline water and Travis for helping me get that. roberta for her help with the aloha shirt re-release and instapressed for the juice and shirt and nalo juice for this beautiful broth.

  • 3 Teri Proctor // Jul 17, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    Christa, no need for lip balm……just use organic coconut oil. works like a charm.
    Olive oil is another good one, and I use apple cider vinegar on my face as a toner. stinks, but I am still wrinkle free in my mid 50’s. Braggs apple cider vinegar is the jam! I drink it, pour it on my hair before shampooing, clean my house with it…….love that stuff!

  • 4 Melissa // Jul 18, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    Glad things are moving forward! Let me know if you need more juice!!!

  • 5 Maria B // Jul 21, 2015 at 6:07 am

    Love loved reading this, cried, sighed, and laughed just hearing your voice in my head. It’s so hard not to be there for you in person right now, it tugs at my heart daily. I wish I had more money to donate or send gifts or could just be there to give you my self. So proud of you for attacking this the way that you are, you are a shining example for anyone out there fighting for their life. I hope you know now, that every party that you ever threw, where you were scared that people wouldn’t come, that they always would and always will show up – for YOU. I love you my dear, to the moon and back again. Can’t wait to see you soon xoxox

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