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November 13th, 2014 · 2 Comments

these next few months and coming year the nightlife is going to go back to basics. watch.

we’re already seeing it with the local visitor slash transplant set nestling themselves deep in the safe havens (i.e. where they are welcome) of Pint & Jigger and Bevy Bar, and now even more gastropub, brew house, perfect-for-dates-or-sports types of spots. more and more people are falling out when it comes to getting bottle service every weekend for no special occasion. now it’s more for special occasions only. i see the same 5 people getting bottles when they go out, with minimal efforts made by promoters and some of the staff to try to expand their networks to newcomers. that is causing the nightlife ‘scene’ to suffer a bit. that local transplant crowd made up a HUGE chunk of that ‘thriving’ scene everyone talks about from 5 years ago. the feedback i get from them? the scene is “too cliquey.” nobody wants to go to a party they don’t feel invited to.

it’s more about quality not quantity.

we are seeing it with the local crowd too. the bars where you eat a lot, drink a lot of cheap drinks and possibly sing karaoke are currently king. the rise of the EDM is taking its toll on regular going out – the up and comers are saving their money to spend a few hundred on concert tickets and drugs, not bottles in the club.


anyway, that’s my observation from talking to everyone and going out a lot. i do see consistent top-notch nightlife execution at M – where the bottle girls run their territories like their own business. they hustle their asses off and it’s a tall order to keep such a large club rocking week in and week out. they also get that being nice to people is how you actually get more business. you would never catch any of the M girls out with bitchface. or at least it’s very very rare. kudos to them.

i also got to watch a huge spike in a very niche circuit of intelligent dance music enthusiasts via Party After Art at eleven44 which proves sometimes people do actually go out for the music.

if you like to eat and drink cheap and want to go somewhere where you feel warm and welcome there’s a NEW PARTY tonight and every thursday. my favorite DJ Jem Sophia Kennedy from KTUH’s The Treasure Chest is IRL at Kissaten‘s waterfront location. that’s the one with all the parking right by Nocturna Lounge. her music is so amazing. very bright and beautiful. the promo is cute too: Champagne & Fries. these things actually pair well together too – i researched it!

tonight is free, it starts at 9. expect great music and good vibes, cheap drinks and $2 french fries. nice way to get the weekend going with minimal effort. just smiles. i really like her.


this weekend Saturday at 10pm is more of a landmark event. award winning nightlife guru dave renzella and his team’s new club is finally opening. the official after-party for the CabaRAE show. they have given the insanely delicate task of DJing after the vip show opening in the massive and gorgeous wonder-lounge-on-steroids to YOURS TRULY. i’m not scared. (lie). what’s your favorite song? what are you doing saturday night? i hope you’re going to 12th planet actually. philip told me last night homey is playing on the safehouse side due to low ticket sales which made me sad. this is 12TH PLANET. has anyone seen him totally as*-fuck a crowd of thousands at xyz festival anywhere in the world? i guess not. he’s bananas good. you’ll see. (if you go).

if you aren’t going to 12th planet COME CHECK OUT CABARAE! 10p it’s open there is no charge, just dress up and prepare to get loungey. depending on the vibe we can also get dancey. it’s so totally up to you guys.

hope to see you out! but i SUPER hope to see you thursdays.


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  • 1 MK // Nov 18, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Your observations and comments about the transplants safe haven versus the scene being “too cliquey” are spot on. Thank you for noticing and writing about it and I hope others take notes!

  • 2 Christa // Nov 18, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    i hope so too MK! it’s hard because i see everyone working so hard but relying too much on internet and forgetting the power of real relationships and legwork. ppl are spinning their wheels when they don’t have to be they just have to be NICE TO PEOPLE.

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