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i got this feelin

November 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

omg the songs in this mix just omg omg omg. i did my best to mix them meh THS MUSIC DOE it makes me so happy. this is the stuff i’m in to right now. this is the music i’m listening to right now. this is the music i play when nobody is looking.


thanks again for having me LUSH what a party – hahahh me and Olena went early to eat at JJ Dolan’s and sat at a table next to two guys with moustaches and one of them knew who i was and was mocking me (of course) so we shared fried food and i put him on the guestlist and saw him smiling in that party for the better part of friday night. massfunk came to hear me play (!!!!) and i got to hang with the one and only daniel j who came early to hear some of this music. he heard me play ten walls then busted out his USB and gave me some of his music JUST DAMN. i got to see CHRIS KALIMA back on island after being away for five years with his new friends from LA that he’s traveled with hence adding on a few decades of newfriendship and Nina back from south america GOD I MISSED HER. jimmy taco was slamming out some beautiful reggaeton for the people crossfitters? in fresh cafe who were loving it and SOULGASM OMG SOULGASM. baby jerome james all growns up playing along with gotaro (who remembered me) (it’s been three years) (!!) and a room full of exactly what i wanted to see smiling dancing faces. oh man to have two house music events both going off down the street from each other, people going back and forth between the two ( i saw a bunch in the street on my way to/fro) was tugging at my heartstrings remembering a time not that long ago but so very long ago. my favorite part was bumping in to g spot randomly at my car and going with him and daniel j to have a drink in the fix and say hi to mikey and hanson. so many of the same faces that have been doing what they all do for so long all out on a friday. it was nice. i was going to drive home but drove to m after getting not one but two photo texts of kalima at M hahaha, becker and flash. i always want to go to m but usually go to bed but was glad i went and saw kelsey and bryan who gave me the biggest hug like the kind of hug you hug after you lost a friend (we did lose a friend). i nursed the same glass of champagne while everyone raged and just enjoyed being around everyone esp becker who is in town after being all over. becker is the guy who hired me at young’s forever ago and who believed in me even though i had no experience or education i owe him so much. almost forgot the angel from heaven moment too outside of eleven44 you know who you are thank you for thanking me pls get in touch somehow i want to be your friend that you recognize so much for so long. you are actually the reason why i was like “this mix has mistakes in it but fuck it i’m going to post it anyway” so thank you. you keep me rocking. friday was a really fun night.

i’ll leave it with this pic of rob from back in the day when he was a movie star. thanks again for having me play your party, guys. i super had fun and LOVE what you are doing.


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