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Hawaii International Film Festival….. OMFG IT'S FINALLY HERE | honolulu's nightlife diaries

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Hawaii International Film Festival….. OMFG IT’S FINALLY HERE

October 13th, 2011 · No Comments

i can’t tell you enough how much i love this time of year. i also can’t tell you how stupidbusy i am right now, but i wanted to share my picks for this year’s festival -that includes events- that just absolutely can NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE MISSED, YOU GUYS! OR ELSE!!!

1. Panel Discussion: Behind the Scenes: A Roundtable Discussion with Top Composers
duh. 9th Wonder (so many producers in the HNL, I better see you, and you can ask him anything), Michael Giacchino (Star Trek, LOST, UP), and two other guys. listen and learn then listen then learn some more. panel discussions are always amazing because you are right there engaging with academy award winning grammy winning friggin artists right there in front of your face. it’s also a killer time for YOU to show THEM what’s popping in hawaii. what we’re about. what we’re doing. what we’re in to. your questions at these things are so so so invaluable to the festival as a whole. please don’t be shy.
Saturday October 15th 1p, Dole Theaters

2. The Swell Season
Documentary (always the easiest and best choices for HIFF) about a couple that exploded in to stardom very fast and almost unexpectedly. follow their music and their dramas and stop being jealous of anyone that has found both love and fame at the same time, because most often they’re being taken for a ride.
United States. Monday October 7th 7pm, Dole Theaters

3. New Garage Explosion!!:In Love With These Times
this is a film that’s also real, and features a few bands… THE BLACK LIPS included. these guys came out to hawaii to party with me and sailor jerry rum last year and it was pretty much the best week of my life. i really just want to re-live that. and learn about this new generation of rock/punk that the kids are in to these days.
United Kingdom. Monday October 17th 9:30pm, Dole Theaters

4. The Salt of Life
i’m not so much in to the violent sorts, and to be honest i would love to see some boobies. this one looks both fun and romantic and straight-forward, plus who doesn’t love good old fashioned modern day italian romance to keep that foggy italian that i learned a decade ago fresh in the back of my head?
Italy. Monday October 17th 4:00pm, Dole Theaters

WTF. OMG. LOL. BBQ. a Sigur Ros movie that nobody knows anything about?!?!?!??!!? sign me up.
Canada, Iceland, UK. Thursday October 20th 9:15pm, Dole Theaters

6. Shorts Program 1
you should actually see ALL of the shorts programs. a bunch of movies for the time/price of one! and they are GOOD. from all over the world. if you can only do one then this is the one. it has our local boy mikey inouye’s “Alex Ikeda” film that is just so precise and glorious… you will laugh, you will cry, you will shake your head in amazement that this guy was able to pull together this one so successfully in such a short period of time, AND be accepted into both this festival and the one in san francisco. amazing. the rest will probably be good too.
Various. Saturday October 15th 3pm, Dole Theaters

7. Live Music Showcase: 9th Wonder
Good luck getting tickets to this. I hear they are still available. I’m really just going to see Monarx (heartheartheart) but definitely can’t wait to see how 9th Wonder is doing after all this time.
Friday October 14th 9:00pm, Nextdoor

So good. SO GOOD. So good that i saw this at the HIFF preview night and can’t wait to see it again. truly remarkable: his life, this movie, and the entire country of brazil. in the words of programming director anderson le: even if you don’t like formula one racing, even if you don’t like brazil, even if you don’t like documentaries, YOU WILL LOVE THIS FILM. he was totally right. don’t miss this one. ps: senna is mostly shot in his prime, and is sofa king gorgeous. a heart throb to say the least.
Brazil. Sunday October 23rd 2:30pm, Dole Theaters

9. The Descendants
forget it. the film sold out five seconds after tickets went on sale. go get in the rush line and stay there, they will allow some people in, and the anticipation is supposedly worth it. alexander payne (Sideways, Election) will be there, and it’s worth it to get a glimpse of him alone. BIG DEAL STUFF. ask him what it’s like to win a faking oscar. download the book to read on your kindle while you’re in line. you’ll probably finish it in a few hours, it’s that good.
United States. Sunday October 23rd 6:00pm, Dole Theaters

10. Saigon Electric
I just realized i don’t have any picks from Japan, China or Korea in this list. normally those are all i see. this year i think i’m just more excited about these than the rest. this one mainly because it was all the rage at the other film festivals i went to this year and i never managed to catch it. very excited to see how they throw down in vietnam.
United States, Vietnam. Saturday October 22nd 4:30pm

i have to run but those are the top 10. also make sure you bug matt for his picks and anderson too. i’m more partial to the non-violent, not too dramatic sort of things. my poor vulnerable little brain gets kind of overwhelmed sometimes, especially after the 2009 festival when daniel and i saw all those MAJORLY heavy films. gimme light. gimme sexy. gimme music. 2011 is the year of ….that. :)


see you at the festival.



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