Thinking about doing any business with BRUCE PURCELL or his farce dubbed “Honolulu Streetwear

 Hmmm, why don’t you think twice, just a suggestion coming firsthand from my dealings with the shadiest most unprofessional human “claiming” to be a CEO ever.


Here are my TOP TEN reasons why I left his crooked operation:


1. He had a personal relationship with a "promotional model" and then hired her to work for him. Then when it went bad he gossiped about it in front of my team of 19 year old girls at their welcome dinner (who each signed contracts then never got paid).


2. He was a huge fan of undermining my authority as team manager, talking down to me, calling me names in front of the teams, even going so far as to tell my fifteen year old rider he could have a drink at their welcome dinner after I told him he could not


3.  He sent me to Maui under the pretense of a “production assistant” for his playmate “Phelony girls” calendar shoot then made me “report back to him” like a little mole on the activities of one of his staff, instead of just handling it like a legitimate businessman


4. He makes deals then refuses to pay people for their services, leaving me to explain to people who worked very hard on getting things done for him


5. He lies to his entire company then outright doesn't pay them


6. He berates and belittles his female staff as if they can provide nothing but their looks and continues to perpetuate a "Maffia Boss" demeanor and tries to intimidate people


7. He knows nothing when it comes to the action sports industry, then hires and gets his advice from people based on their looks, not their experience or knowledge and quickly removes anyone that actually have valid input about how to make his company succeed


8. He gets so defensive about anyone saying anything negative about his joke of a company that he threatens to have people arrested for blogging about his shadiness HA! Good luck with that, Mister Intimidator.


9. He hires a "staff" of beautiful women to "promote" a product that doesn't even exist for his personal enjoyment. Nice!


10. He pays people with checks that BOUNCE



As for anyone working with him-- GET THAT MONEY! you might as well. Just please be careful :)


Guess what Bruce! I'm not some dumb woman you can try to enslave with your money. I could care less about your pungent money, I make three times as much at my LEGITAMITE company I’m so angry because. I’ve worked too hard and I’ve dealt with too many issues STANDING BEHIND your company since day one to be treated, or should I say, BULLIED in this manner.

This is the most corrupt organization I have ever allowed my name to be associated with.

Money doesn't get you as far as you think, and I'm not scared by your attempts to intimidate me or LIE to try and tarnish my good name.

That e-mail you send to my boss? The one trying to sound so official by “notifying the authorities” and with all the TYPOS? Yeah, he thinks you're RIDICULOUS as will anyone else you try to badmouth me to.

People like me because I'm HONEST, and hard-working. Maybe it's why I was trusted with a top secret clearance for ELEVEN YEARS. The only thing people have ever said about YOU was that you're shady, intimidating and just a plain jerk. Good luck building this operation while trying to step on people.

 It only goes so far, ESPECIALLY here.


And I believe your attempts to bully me and push me around gives me every right to voice my opinion.