links to see, according to... er, me

my friends throw some pretty happenin parties

i spend a lot of my time here

podcasting is the new blogging

the partyrazzi will always know what's in the mix

East Coast addiction and the West Coast addiction

kyle collns. the colonel. my love. and

the girls at smart magazine kinda rule

stylie entrepeneurs. so hot right now. colin kicks

the advertiser used my shots. but seth jones was mean to me.

mikendo is a lot like me. only cooler.

hawaii skateboarding
family. and it IS a family.

mike rusczyk continues to blow me away

real photos. real art. real stories.

candy bandits is a rad site and you know it

chinatown is the
best spot in honolulu

who doesn't love dick

every and any blogger who's anyone in hawaii is here