saturday at aloha tower

there is a[nother] new surf/skate shop over there called pipe dreams (hey, isn't that name taken?) that decided to spend a lot of money on their opening

i was curious to see the deal though. there was talk that they built a massive 20 thousand dollar street course.

ya, it was pretty impressive.

they brought out some of the DC team to help celebrate with a demo. that's devine calloway over there.

been seeing a lot of russ and blaine lately. translation: been having a lot of fun lately.

oh hey, whatcho doin up there

maleks was hired to come out and host but had a pretty chill day doing it. nice job man!

sean malto was 11 last year and now he's probably old enough to get into a vertical junkies event. damn they grow up so fast.

lance was bumming on the rock slide up on the north shore. i kind of prefer the h3 route tho, it's so lovely. but ya, longer.

tim jackson was there landing pretty much everything.

more than one person saw my camera and was like: "get in there girl" and i was like "nah" but the truth was i was kind of scared

case in point. devine totally gave the filmer a temple tumor when his board flipped out. i decided to keep a comfortable non-temple-tumor-causing distance.

oh hey! chris kays. whatchoo doin up there.

impressing pretty much everyone there it seems

standing between the ramps and seeing him fly over my head between them was pretty cool. and scary. but more cool than anything.

nabahe was there with another super underground mad talented type. oh hey, anyone wanna check out hawaiihiphop dot com? they got it.

then the lights went down and there were go go dancers. just kidding. first saturday people. SKYLINE.

so. a few years ago i was bringing some computers online at the fbi building and thinking how rad it would be to work in that detail. the jic has people there on like special awesome assignment things. well! ERIN is there now! lucky lucky lucky lucky.

star miranda from the plaza club. and my blogs.

dishannon?! twice in one week too? woah.

haven't seen tim hazelgrove in a while. he admits he hasn't been doing much.

hi friends!

molly was drunk molly tonight. i was slightly drunk christa. pounded 4 drinks then sipped red bull. it made things pretty damn fun tho. and ps: it makes me feel better to know that when i hand my camera to someone else they also have a hard time with it.

that's eugene hopkins dot com. he does weddings and moonlights at events. check the midweek eh.

maleko twice in one day.

hi monica!

yes i'm not sober but it's only been like three times this year. what.

hi erin!

hi aubrey! oh, while i'm thinking about it-- they booked jared leto's band! they will be here like next week or something. check bamp dot come because i can't remember

terren pommy sequence.

ya noelani is the vip host. lucky YOU.

i remember seeing these guys and asking them if they were from "not america" and they all laughed. they are from sweeden.

hi erin!


remember that spaceship sighting here? i think you can see the video on youtube. there's sightings from the hanohano room too.

nick is getting above average exposure since he lives in fucking hong kong right now.

vince lives in hong kong now too. they live together. nice. vincent kept telling me how i have have have to go there and visit. from the guy who was in thailand the same time i was. man, we really need to coordinate better, vince honey.

not a usual sight at skyline. but something i couldn't stand there and... not appreciate on some level.



jason and charlie!

believe it or not the alcohol wore off. rather, i danced it off. i also got busted oogling a girl with a super low cut top and huge huge fake boobies and she was mean to me about it. if i was even a little bit more drunk i would have fought her. how FUN! the first thing i would have done was pull that damn top off. hey, girls with huge fake boobies? be nice, man. it's no disrespect. they are just hard not... to... look at. xoxo

oh ps: this is totally the pommy blog. ha ha. he is in like every shot i have from this evening.

against my better judgement i went to pearl

not regretting it so much. CANDEEEEE!!! i miss you honey

so pearl...

do you go here after 2am? i dunno. i mean. at least there's parking.

we LOVE this man. he is always out and super smiley, says der. he said he is going to be him when he is 60 too.

you know, eh. this place. eh. it made me really miss the wave.

it was funny seeing sean. he was pretty hammered.

and raena!! i think she was hammered too. who isn't at 3am. well, besides me.

THIS made me miss the wave too. just let them IN already.

k then. time for easter stuff. starting with coffee. strong coffee. oh man i don't think i'll ever be able to top last year's egg hunt