does it seem like time is just flying by or is it just me? FUCK YOU halloween. you do this every year. all of a sudden it's january. ugh.

well before i forget or don't get a chance... happy holidays everyone! cheeeehee!

last week i cruised around chinatown with my favorite human. we wound up at detox too. that place is super shabby. so... it ain't too shabby! i love it.

tonight was "micronesean night". everyone got up and danced too. aw!

saw this on my way home. bah, don't get too excited. we see these all the time. in fact, never mind.

friday was the first friday of the month. that's right. art walk bitches! got a nice early start and met up with chuck and my favorite human at a'ala where their show was in full swing.

let me tell you now... pardon me. i noticed my blogs show up on google so starting now i'm gonna be a name dropping son of a bitch. deal, ok? hey, website traffic is website traffic.
rob carlyon with chuck mitsui. roooooooooob! chuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

my numba one's got some nice new denim. yeow.

NOT looking at m.f.h.? what's my problem. there must be free food in that direction.

i am very proud to say that i am the last person on oahu that would ever call vince krause "wolverine".... even when he does stuff like this.......

kekoa still isn't legal. damn kid. hurry up.

haw haw kenny

jeremy strength with a rare kenny's hair debut.

saturday i got a call from andrew matheson. he was showing some photos somewhere in diamond head. spot ON babe, i love your work.

aw honey. maybe if you can figure out how to stop lying you won't have to hide.

oh! nice nice...

so it was isis's crib! just remodeled and super "art show" friendly and the event went off beautifully. thanks so much!
this kid growing out of the plant kept me and kyle occupied with makers for most of the evening.

so yes yes, blah blah blah, something intellectual about art, blah blah... HEY THERE'S MATT SIKE!

blah blah, something intellectual about..... boobies.

dug out to waste time with mako ozaki. one of my favorite human's favorite humans. see how it works?

vince's dog... humping my leg. aw!

remember the grand opening of next door? when they had cinema paradise? remember the flier sequences? fucking brilliant!

probably my second favorite thing to do while wasting time. wait, maybe my third. actually, fourth. fuck it, never mind.

wasting time for roman to turn 21... we're taking his ass out to rock za! for my non-honolulu friends, that's a strip club. so no photos. sorry. we had a fuckin BLAST though. actually stayed til the lights came on. mako's lady even came! awwwww. i love you, random night out to strip club.

way too much fun to be trying to get on an 8am flight to la. uuuuuuuuuugh.

got off the plane... got my car... got my ass to hollywood.
i'm actually proud of the crew i assembled in hollywood to take with me to long beach.
i met chill bulatao when he came out with the lakers last month. and you remember nate sanchez, the cherub-esque hollywood kid from oahu, from the last time i was here... right?

jenn is josh's super ridiculously sexy lady. josh and jenn are from kailua. remember josh organized chuck's movie premiere at 118 boardshop? he rules

and you know daniel shimizu. he just plain rules. period.

justin roy may scare people because he's somewhat hesh and rode for hellrose but i'm telling you now, he's brilliant. and always down for a good time. i love this kid.

chill is actually from kaneohe. he left oahu a month before i got there and knows all my number one homeys. flash... wayne... etc. i was stunned at how small this damn world is.

ok ok ok time to get this shit on the road. can't go to long beach without stopping by my favorite long beach crib yo! TUAN NGUYEN! what's up homey!!

aw! the first time i've seen brian molinar completely free of any injuries. seriously!

yikes... be careful honey.

dylan. DYLAN!!! aw! DYLAN RIEDER! such a sweet angel this one. i was stunned to see him cruising but i just learned that he lives right up the road. you lucky sonofabitch!

quite the mix tonight. somewhat bummed that dave is in texas with dyson. aw. next time.

ha ha jroy.

everyone is cracking up..... a photo tuan has of chad tim tim and brian with the same sweater. unplanned.

ok ok ok let's get this shit going already. i was WAY too bus to drive. haw haw thanks jenn.

i wanna see josh's pics. he was taking CHOKE pics before he got completely wasted

nate sanchez the navigator. pretty much cause he was the only one left that could still talk.

wheeeeee. where are weeeeeeee.

FUCK the mai tai bar in long beach. seriously. they are nothing like the one on oahu. they have a stupid dress code that even CHICKS can't wear hats. and they were giving jroy a hard time because his CHEST HAIR was showing through his v-neck. daniel was nice enough to let him wear his [two HUNDRED dollar WESC] jacket. aw! bros....

you know what you get when you have a douchebag dress code? douche bags in your fuckin bar. i was super bummed. thank god it wasn't too bad though. most of the people there tonight knew the vibes were vibing and came out, er, dressed properly.

daniel was the first person to dub wayne "the best dude ever". aw this smile was on his face most of the night.

natural vibrations. you know they are my most favorite band to see in the world. the WORLD! worth flying to la for one day. seriously.


most of the hawaii peeps had been living in california too damn long. not nearly as much smiles and skanking at first. this kid tho.... he didn't give a fuck. aw. i love you, random hawaiian smiling and skanking kid.

look! it's overexposed sanae! don't ask about my hair, there was a bleaching... "incident"

best. dude. ever.

the venue was UGH. they must not have been expecting so many people to be there. they had this unrealistic tiny little area for people to see the band and dance. it kind of felt like we were watching a concert in prison.

but fuck that! you know it's IMPOSSIBLE to see natural vibes and not have fun.

this is an ACTUAL shot of daniel ACTUALLY dancing. sorry it's not that good, i was literally paralized in shock.

haw haw i told him it was our little secret.

kahili is from kailua. she was one of my first myspace friends from hawaii living in california. AW HONEY! muah.

didn't take long for everyone in there to remember how to skank and smile.

even raymond loved them. aw!

raymond molinar knows matt costa. that's kind of rad.

it was SO cold tonight. like 60 degrees, i swear. it was kind of cool, except when you had to smoke outside.

are you wondering what happened to josh rubbs? me too. this is the last place he was seen...... oh dear.

aw. look at this motley fuckin crew.

so the show was fantastic. i knew it would be. stoked on everyone coming too. love you guys. love you too wayne... forever!
ok ok ok time to check out the best spot in long beach.

wheeeeeeere are we

ah! the red room. of course. and i'll tell you right now... tuan is SO the mayor of the red room.


red sanae red jenn

red john red raymond

red jenn. damn jenn..... you're pretty fuckin hot.

aw tuan. thanks for such a good night homey.

i like to call this ray's patented emo face. aw.

...and daniel just plain rules. you know this.

stayed til the lights came on. of course. i love it! tuan is super funny and obnoxious and calls it out as the "ugly light". they even have another spotlight-type light that comes on after. the "UGLY ugly light" haw haw.
time to get this crew back to hollwood.

although it was hard, i restrained from staying elsewhere tonight. thanks daniel.

this is shimizu's cat adolf. he calls him that because of his 'stache. actually, you should read what he
wrote about him. it's cute.

pretty stoked on my...

...wall props

aw! this was SUCH a fun day...

second day in a row i'm setting my alarm for 6am at 4am. uuuuuuugh.

daniel saved my life with a bowl of tuna and rice. ahhhh.

so woke up.... at 6:30. FUCK! adolf decided against cuddling with daniel like he usually does. he opted to play with all sorts of small noisy trinkets all over the floor around my head. including my rental car keys. which i could NOT find. and i was already late. shoots, cat.

finally found them. maybe still have time to catch my 8am flight. MAYBE. except... went on the 101 for about thirty minutes in the wrong direction.

uuuuugh. it is now 8:30 and i'm still in traffic. the last time i missed a flight i wound up in central america. no shit. ask me the story some day....
thank god there was room on the 10am flight. still barely made that one. uuuugh. but thank you, hawaiian airlines. i love you, hawaiian airlines.

ahhhhhhh oahu. i love you too.

so that's it for now. this week has some pretty epic events tho.

sexy little lacy is having a birthday. she's celebrating with an extravagant gala at next door this thursday. i highly reccommend getting
tickets and come dressed ready... for PROM BITCHES! yup. it's a pretty damn fun theme if you ask me.

and my best friend and number one slutwhorebitch flash is also celebrating something pretty damn extravagant. the TWENTY FIFTH anniversary of the wave waikiki! yup! that's older than some of you! it's no secret why that place has been around that long tho, you'd know if you've been there. i LOVE the wave! if you don't know the deal and maybe want to
research a little i'm sure you'll find tons of articles and photos relating. it's kind of a super huge deal.

so the weekend i'm working but only til 10pm.... but i feel a cold coming on.... we'll see.

love you kyle, missed u too.