both saturday AND sunday kyle and i went to breakfast at 5am. nice!

yesterday charlie longhi treated supercrew to an artichoke for pau hana.

ahhhmmm, it wasn't all we ate

so. supercrew went to super nieman marcus for the holiday incircle party.

vodka bars, fashion lounge, maseratis, gift galleries.... and..... BARBERSHOP QUARTET! oh man i love these

i couldn't stay out of the godiva section. i even tried pretending it was the hot lava section. no use.

i even tried pretending the ladies giving out the chocolate shortbread cookies were evil wizards giving out poison cookies of death

after miss sixty i made sure to only try one of each specialty martini. um, they were also small glasses. no worries.

maseratis are pretty cool. the drinks were pretty much vodka-cran with pomegranite morsel thingies in the bottom

time for a little holiday shopping

the coffee station was super duper yummy-- i loved the chocolate covered beans. not sure why, but i haven't had those in ever

back in the godiva section. GAH! can't. stay. away...

evil wizard! with evil chocolate rasberry truffles! AHHHHHH! ps: they were SO good



this guy was having a blast

rad. more storage! i'll take two


i was pretty happy with the glitter-water everywhere...

...and the little salmon-mousse canape thingies. why does everything taste so much better with a caper on it? just curious.

i was impressed with the food situation. they had tiny little bits of this and that scattered throughout the entire department store. so people coming straight from work starving and sad that there was only cheese and crackers and then *poof* a tomato soup station near ladies dresses


ha ha look at his fingers and TELL ME it doesn't look like he's playing "heart and soul"

i mean, if the godiva section was motley crue then you could say i was a 20 year old female with ratted hair, super tight acid washed jeans and a tube top


we had a pretty damn good time

*sigh* kalei and luke

i learned my lesson with this at shoe diva

you know what kalei? fuck it. you're SO right. a man should be NOTHING but proud of his girl. i'm so glad you met luke


the combination of pre-party drinks at longhis and one of each of the special mixes here was getting dangerous...

...but thankfully this didn't come in size 10

oh! heeeeey... how YOU doin?

so don't laugh, but ever since i was little the maserati trident thing looked like a crown. i always thought of it as the girlie princess car.

i told him there was no fuckin way i was going to sit on his lap

drinking and shopping and alicia. every department store's wet dream


thanks for a fun evening, nieman marcus! and sueprcrew!

til next time.

ps: i wonder how many entries december will have this year? it's a mystery!