woah. so this is what i get for spacing out on watering the plants all week?
giagantic awesome orange blooms poppiung literally out of nowhere?
rad. i can't wait to see what happens after leaving the country for a while. stay tuned.

back to my saturday thing.

ok so i already spoiled the surprise with the intro thumbnail. so i'll just give you the initial whale sequence. this was literally seconds after the sails were up and we were just exiting the harbor.... then this.

zoomed in a bit. we were actually pretty close to it/them. it was incredible. they just kept breaching over and over again like they were showing off for us.

we were screaming like little babies.

i've only been out three times but i can pretty much move on to something else now that i've seen what i've been waiting for.
actually, scratch that. saturdays on scott's boat is pretty much the best ever...

...especially when ben brings chicken.

ryan and jimmy have quickly graduated to my two most favorite men ever ever ever. when you see them ask them about Laos.

jason works at lewers lounge. enough reason for me to give it another try.

hey ryan...

we DID drop the fishing line out. more on that later. this line isn't for fish. um. it's for men?

real sailor people know about bird piles. that's where all the fish are. we dropped line and got our asses over to this one with a quickness.

it's not the first time we did this but it's the most birds i've ever seen in one place on the ocean. the shots didn't work out as i'd hoped but just imagine in your head us being totally surrounded by thousands of birds. i bet you're good at that?

sailing, ha ha.

ben was telling the story about when he accidentally called someone and they heard an entire conversation from his pocket.

so howard got a newer, lighter, faster boat.

scott being the salty sailor that he is was down to race even though his keel weighed more than howard's entire boat

the guys were working overtime

got the main sail all the way up after a bit. i'll tell you that a wrench and lots of elbow grease was involved with that.

we caught up.
and eventually beat him. WINNERS!

portrait time. joe.





ha ha jimmy. man, he's gonna kill me.

totally earning an A for effort with the upside down pole dance attempt.

lovely day.

spent the remainder of the evening lurking at my new favorite place.

they were having some kind of event at roosevelt. like a band playing. it sounded good from up here.

fresh herbs from their new rooftop herb garden. it was divine.

looks like we got a bit of sun today.

so when you finally come to terms with the fact that your boyfriend is a lying cheating bastard the only thing left to do is celebrate in the kitchen. right? k good.

being around positive male influences is thankfully keeping me from turning into a straight up man-hater right now.

and westerns? ok.

it was the best bbq ever after the best sailing everrr.

joel showed us the video he took at cromwells. did you hear about that? there was TOTALLY a huge monk seal in the pool below doris duke's house. see it over there by the wall?

there it is swimming around. it's the first time anyone has seen one swimming around in the water. lol, the background sound on this video is everyone totally freaking out in pidgin.

it finally came up and slept over on the beach part. crazy! there's only like how many of them in the world?

k that's all. later.