ok. so skyline.

my favorite dress ever.

no shit. and where is he?!?

my number one working out my details.


they have a new drummer! guess who it is....

woah! booth schenanigans are back in style!

probably the first time i've ever seen them not smiling. i'm scared. security! don't hurt me.....

would you believe the ONE shot i got of him was shitty and overexposed. BOO! hopefully i'll get him next time...

actually. this is how i feel right now too.

BUT! it's sarah honda's birthday. SK! you know her. there's no way we're not about to get seven levels above ridiculously fun in about three seconds.

molly's sexy booth schenanigan face.

ok. starting now i don't really know what's going on.

...and it looks like i'm accidentally zoomed in....

...and dancing.


yes. booth schenanigans are definitely back. thank god!

i love you guys.

JONAH?!?! i saw you??? dope dope dope. hey, you're always cruising with the loveliest lovlies. what gives! tell me your secret. or let's combine even!

ah, accessory battling again i see. looks like my lia sophia got trumped. THIS time......

ohhhhh shitttttttt....

i really hate these.

...but i really love you guys. .

GENEGABUS?!?! what the. i'm reaching now.

ya right like i would even utter the words "booth schenanigans" without having something from the original source of it.

haw HAW caught der in the middle of another "i KNOW right?"

ok. veronica is upstairs with a beer. that means it's past 1am now. the longest i've been at a skyline since the good old days. oh man. from the hundreds of photos i have from this i'm guessing that it was a superfun night.

sunday decided to dot the i. cross the t....

and wrap up the east side drive....

this time pali to waimanalo to find chris kahunahana and lacy.

uhhhhh hi busses. er. maybe doing this while driving isn't the best idea.

mike wrote to me even! it was a good feedback week.

mission failed. i got there when everyone was somewhere in the water or something. found where i thought MIGHT be them. ...

...but no them. *sigh*

saw THEM tho. hi! wait!

and back again...

full circle. east at least.

sunday evening said...


...to a spot that i've been to never.

surprised flasheee even made this one. i was getting the batphone text at 7:30am to go to the hideaway....

KIESHA! wait!!! look....

...a perfect match!

figure out who the new F&M drummer is yet??

ok. outed.

anonymous fashion dos: metallic tubes!

hula show??! no. GO-GO.

so this is what's going in place of esprit. can you see? it's gonna be like this rad fire rum bar thing. with a wall of fire. indoor and outdoor. fire.

ha ha genegabus answer your phone. it's me!

wait no. it's sarah!

there! is that enough photos for you? i'm so tired. my wrists are so tired. sorry i'm not on my a game as far as descriptions. you have no idea. i still love you though. i can't even tell you how rad it is that more of you are talking to me. approaching me. writing. i'll do whatever i can to keep you entertained. not gonna lie i'm bewildered at your loyalty. but also very very very grateful. much love. home