well my brother chris is leaving again. he sold his house with a quickness and now san francisco is the next lucky city to have him. but not before we do a little martini madness.

martini. madness.

aliya showed up too.

and i finally got to meet her man. she is in crazy love with him. it's cute.

oh, it's first friday. arta-walka.

zana, if you're listening: matt wedgewood is trying to reach you. he is moving to san francisco (to be a java architect!) in less than a week.

richard leong take three.

a more grounded book in richard's series. not quite earth-bound but the waves were around. make sure you check it out, you'll be glad you stopped by.

and glad for stopping by i was. jimmy beach was around!

met his girl lynette, although i'm still claiming we've met before. i'm almost sure of it. by the way, jimmy gives the best introductions everrr

damn richard has a longer name than anyone i know. and mine is damn long too.

ben and ryan.

so chris. it was taking him almost two hours to leave indigo. hence, my thirtynine interlude before meeting him at bar35. bumped into hot stephanie and her man.
oh ps: this really is stephanie, not like hot christina who i had been calling hot stephanie for months.

ran into hot malia too. always with the statement tank tops :)

time for saturday morning cribs. jimmy beach edition. they just pained the place red. hey! i just dyed my hair red. red is s.h.r.n.

the kitchen. the red.

i was going to show you the lovely lanai but i totally crashed face-first in to it. have you ever done that? i totally have heard about people running through screen doors but i never thought it would happen to me. um, ouch.

tell me this doesn't look like the best breakfast sandwith everrrr. yes-- that's a blueberry ego, friends.

a severely backlit ryan re-enacting my little, um, accident.

aw, look at the lovely view of diamond head. and ya ya ya ok we get it ryan.

so anyway, time to do what we set out to do this morning. sailing! with... RUM!

lucy came. she's super fun to have around.

nga made it too. yumm-yumma-nga.

lynette made it too. and she's here to tell you...

...that your water wings ain't shit.

that's scotty. jimmys intro for him mentioned that he is the number one animal conservationist in the world. i told you. impressive introductions that one.


so just go with it, because i know you really can't tell... but there was a WHALE, like, RIGHT THERE.

that's the whale diving. swear to god. ok, just trust. it was super rad. we were all pretty much screaming like little children when we saw this.

sailing, ha ha.

hey! there i am! all red-headed and oiled up. um.

so the boat tips pretty far over when you sail. did you know that? maybe once or twice i got nervous we'd capsize. but i didn't act scared. i mean, i used to sail. swear.

oh, hey waikiki. 'sup.

oh, hey horizion. 'sup.

hey, sky.

hey, water. there. now you have the full picture of the day.

man, chris is moving away again. you might not realize, but you probably do... i mean... it's a sad day for those of us here on oahu.

so ya.... happy winter. love, honolulu.

happy winter. love, diamond head.

so i wondered aloud about the boat capsizing. i mean, we were totally sideways. the sailor of the boat laughed at me for not knowing that this was normal. hey, i KNOW it's normal. it's still... freaking sideways.

hey! there i am. red. red. red.

aw. lucy and chris.

hey! can you see the bleachers of the waikiki natatorium? sadly... not for long. so they say.

time to anchor and swim.

oh! also checked out the carnival with colonel this weekend. we had SUPER sleepy sunday with a superbowl interlude but saturday there was a hint of punahou carnival. just a hint.

so you people who invented the carnival script system? ah! you are very smart. we totally got all these...

then totally gave up on using them for anything. the lines around the entire punahou campus for any and everything won. and we bought as many cheeseburgers as we could with them then bailed. sorry, carnival. next time maybe we'll try going first thing in the morning. oh, and hey, malasada line-waiters. leonards is pretty good too. just saying.

oh-- music note: thanks to ktomc for figuring out how to download all these albums off the internet. i'm totally going to embed music now. better mute from now on if you check from work, or turn up the sound if you check from home!

noteworthy this week? why, swollen members!