noticing that i've been having a lot of 100 pic blogs lately. sorry. it's been getting harder and harder to pick the best ones out of the thousands i took.

i'll just have to stop taking so many pictures.

juaaaaaaaaaaaast kidding!

but ya, so last thursday was super mellow. so mellow, in fact, that it was sepia.
cruised to lanikai to hang with miss nina

and play fetch with chewbie


product of horkiller. act like you know!

got a call from the bedpan. a couple beers at magoos, STAT.

thursday is the super packed night. used to LOVE it was there religously. but lately, eh.

sjon-- mahalos for da heiney

ok ok time to get to next door. it's paula fuga's first ever live performance and if you know me you KNOW that i'm super stoked.
already a decent crowd by ten. what i love to see.

kupa'aina representing the HNL thursday

it was also sergio goes's birthday.

miss paula fuga with some friends and her producer spencer

more results of mister david choe's denied entrance into japan. lucky US.

bottle one of, like, ten

i wonder if they had any idea...

...just how amazing her set was gonna be

bedpan. boys. brickwall.

lucas is the mastermind behind 100 lothing. act like you know!

that girl in the yellow has some damn nice kicks...

i LOVE these girls

i LOVE this man

thanks so much for coming tonight everyone. standby for paula's cd release party.... she's gonna blow everyone away.

what's with the fuckin weather lately? hurricaine warnings for oahu? jeez.
friday at 2:15pm

friday at 2:40pm

friday night i was treated to a visit from chris. and marial n missy.

pre partying got chris wasted. strange, i remember making you TWO drinks, kid. anyway... here's your intro to missy.

hmmm. what's this all about you ask? well! i'll tell you. mister applenuts decided to get wasted beyond belief and this guy was sitting here when we got back to the car. there was no way he was gonna drive so i took the keys. then made "an illegal left turn". then "failed the field sobriety test" then "blew over the legal limit" by like .009. fuckers. so i got to "get arrested" and "go to jail" and it "fucking sucked". but if chris tried to drive they would have taken his car AND kept his ass there all night and taken his license and made him go to court. since i blew under at the station they let me go. but FUCK that shit. nobody is worth getting put in handcuffs for. not even when they bullshit that they're gonna hook me up with boys i like. YOU HEAR ME BOY?!

but our equal hatred for psycho stalker hobbit weirdos means we are homeys for life.

note the double up on kays. rad.

remember chicken? chicken from duffs? duffs the ONLY shoe? um ya, he's here!

so are candee and alex!


rockstar friday's thanks to the man

nice ratio you got there, bro

i agree

remember hot maka? hot goldie locks maka? um ya, now he's just hot maka.

did you see the stone groove family's ad? it's sick!

hard rock, ha ha.


hpu surf team... and marial

oh! well hello...

sarah and lucy looking especiall sexy tonight for... some....... reason

after my stint in jail i get driven back to the wave. shoots, officer. just in time to meet ron jeremy. wasn't super stoked on him grabbing me but whatever, right? NO! then the fucker lifted down my shirt and showed everyone my chest. i wanted to kill him. FUCK YOU ron jeremy.
but hey... you gotta get the photo op, right? i mean...

elektra made me a drink on saturday

by the way, bar35 has like a THOUSAND different beers

so time to go next door. not TO next door, but next door to thirtyninehotel... after all, tonight they are A YEAR OLD!
celebrating with rad middle eastern food.

and rad champagne...

and rad red bull. shoots richard!


i LOVE RYAN AND JACKIE! yo, have you checked out their
show yet?

dis n dat doing a piece on the thirtyninehotel. SWEET. that means brandon time. mmmm brandon. oh, hi amber and reed!

god it doesn't seem like it's only been a year. maybe that's because we were there solidly every week for about 9 months in a row.

elektra's lucky new man

ah richard! you're lucky too

and now a piece i like to call "photo sequence"

make sure to watch dis n dat


hottie summer looking like something's missing...


dj mark chittom. act like you know!

the princess of waimanalo, everyone. everyone, look.

i highly reccommend ryan for ANYTHING. esp dancing.

aw arthur you're SO much more fun to hang with when you're not having painkiller-vodka cocktails.

dj nicky siano from studio 54. act like you know!

okay okay okay. happy anniversary richard and galareh. but i'm hosting a pornstar party and i gotta jet!
ah chris, getting in the porn star spirit. and pablo. looking like doorman numba one.

jeremy with the leg. learn to love the leg.

already packed at ten thirty. i'm gonna take some credit for that.

congratulations on yet another successful party g-spot and mister grim. i LOVE you guys.


jason's got a hottie new lady.

heavy hitters with the leg. learn to love the leg.

*sigh* i LOVE theme parties

GARY OWENS! i was all stoked to tell him about his star in hollywood but he already knew. ugh. of COURSE he already knew.

well lookie what we have here. a sexy lil miss thing.

with a sexy sexy sarah too. RAWR.

chad tried to claim her but i saw her first

ricky ricky ricky

hey! over here!

ha ha komo low always a charachter

got mister kays out too. they grow up so fast right gary?

scott from scotland looked just like matthew grim on the flier. did you see?

aw. my party babies.

caught honolulu's IT COUPLE lurking outside...

well time to start the show

recruiting more girls

you'd be surprised what a had been crackhead porn star can get a bunch of drunk ladies to do

or maybe you wouldn't

i think the girl who fakes the best orgasm should be the LOSER. not the winner. i mean, that's not something you're supposed to be good at, ladies. come on.



poor girls got molested

kyle collins called this the money shot. *sigh* kyle collins...

a bunch of white girls doing a booty contest. *yawn*

THIS girl won for a reason. were you there? then you know.

overexposed joey!

apb family finally made it down from the north shore. thank god! the leg...

alyssa looking perfect as usual

ron learned to love the leg

i LOVE theme parties

boston and his brother. BROS!

skyline's over! the wave is where security likes to kick back and cruise.

vip hosts too

cruised to wailana's with chad n kyle. chad was STOKED to see the potato pancakes he loves so much on the menu

er... served only til midnight.

well that's all i got. let me know if you ever have a problem with all the shots downloading and i'll maybe start doing these twice a week or something. shoots!

til next time. love you guys.