i have something to tell you and you're not going to like it...

I DIDN'T DO MUCH this week.

(no seriously)

thought i wouldn't have shots? HA. you obviously don't know me very well. but look, i'm super sorry--

wait. screw you! i ain't apologizing for nothing son! i still had 300 shots to go through. so here you go.

(ps: i love you)

thanks to
BAMP i got to take kyle to swollen members in style. that's right! VIP bitches. the band they opened for was coheed and cambria. never really heard much but DAMN they were EPIC. i liked this night very much. my camera? oh ya, forgot to charge the battery. so here, my children, is the ONLY shot i got last wednesday night.

but wait. WAIT. miss pixie was there and thank god she sent me these. i mean, she hates her camera YES. proof this night existed. *sigh*
so THIS is what happens backstage at bamp concerts...

love this girl, people. and listen to her on star. or DIE.

thursday. what was thursday... OH! thanksgiving! right. try not to make these blogs political or anything like that for a reason... my political and religous beliefs are VERY strong and if i went off it wouldn't be... entertaining. i don't think. so i guess i'll *skip* my lecture on how the "holiday" of thanksgiving is very much FUCKING bullshit.
it's still nice to reflect on things your thankful though... and it's also a VERY good excuse to see family and whatnot.
made the drive over the pali to the tsutakawa family beach rental.
remember what i said before, now. this ain't nothing. we see 'em all the time here.

madness in the kitchen already. wait, that's just chuck. chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

and this is chuck's mom..... CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK's mooooooooooooom.

and THIS is zana's dad gerry and her bro kizamu. um, ya they kinda sorta rule.

two turkeys? TWO TURKEYS!

yup. two.

two tsutakawas? TWO TSUTAKAWAS!!

yup. two.

chuck and zana's mom sharing a nice hearty giggle thankyouverymuch.

gerry using my preferred angle.




GREAT evening. couldn't have spent it with better people. kc even came *sigh*
the rest of the weekend went SUPER good too... uhhhm.... but this is the only shot i have. driving. it was the beginning of greatness tho, K? OKAY?!?!? ok.

i call this shot: power lines. and i wonder who's on that plane.

i call this shot: power lines. with a blueish tint.

ok ok ok. i guess you can tell i'm using a lot of shots i normally wouldn't. trust me! it was an action packed week. SERIOUSLY! how about that wednesday when larry, the chad, shaymus, germ, kyle, wyland and tim CLOSED DOWN that korean karaoke joint! remember that guys! what a great night that was......

okay back to what "officially" happened...
sunday was a nice drive too.
i call this shot: driving to the north shore.

freesurf mag had an awards banquet for all the lovely surfers in town for triple crown action at waimea falls... super elitist invite only vip bullshit. it was..... grand.

have you been to waimea falls? me neither. i wish it was light out so you could see. but HEY! lanterns...

KEPA!? i didn't even know you played the guitar bro.

thank god maka was there with me. phelony what!

i call this: boring shot of nothing in paticular

i call this shot: hmmmmm

i call this shot: it doesn't matter how big of a surf GOD you are, everyone gets stoked on free food

i'll take my fajitas with a side of hot-girl-in-black-dress-serving-it, please

i heart free food, you know this.


i call this shot: hmmmm and HEY! there's the pipeline superstars back there!

governor linda lingle presented the first award*

*this was actually a dude dressed up as her and the only way most of us could tell was because "she" was proclaiming all these funny laws about surfing. ex: surf etiquitte classes for foreigners would be mandatory and taught by the wolf pack

ok ok ok. nice evening.
monday we said hello to kalei at mai tai bar. and it's A'A's BIRTHDAY. AWWWWW! A'A!!

ran into jess. JESSSSS!!!

so now we're up to last night. tuesday. natural vibrations at the mai tai bar OAHU! you know i just flew out to LA to see them in long beach. i was STOKED back then because the mai tai bar is fuckin rad. unfortunately, it doesn't even come close to topping the one here. especially now that they have the second walkway across the mall. when we cruised up the entire bar AND all the surrounding walkways were completely packed. YES

the view from across the way...

well look who we have here! mister shane abraham just cruising outside! eh! SHAKA.

leimomi is celebrating her birthday tonight. twenty eleven. i hear that's the BEST ONE.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww the best dude ever. kalei knows

crowded much?

the mall side

HEY! I KNOW! let's do a kalei sequence!

ladies and gentlemen. this is my old friend christain. he's in ho'onua. that's kind of a big deal. act like you know!

blah blah waiting for show to start.. HEY! there's KONA!

were you there? did you hear tati give me that shout out? i'm gonna go ahead and say right now that that girl FUCKING rules. and i'm also going to go ahead and admit that i haven't been anywhere recently where someone was on a mic (or megaphone) and NOT gotten one. aw, hawaii!! I LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOOOOO!
aw! kyle says my energy level is the same as jamals. i don't know how to take that :)


can you see how crowded the place is?

and the surrounding mall?

oh wait, before they went on, ALL NATURO won the battle of the bands. they had a crazy amount of supporters there and the energy level was at a ridiculous high.



awwwwwww. best dude ever? ABSOLUTELY!

natural vibrations killing it sequence

let me put my flash on for a sec so you can see those faces. SEE THOSE FACES?!?!? smiles and skanking....

hey! troy! TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROY! are you wasted?


uncle joe is in a new band... check em out at

just to make SURE you understand how packed mai tais was.... here's some more:

and how about this angle? mmmmm?

from across the way

can't come to mai tai bar and NOT see aimee....

AWWWWWWWWW aimee.... love this girl

and HEY! it's RAAAAPH! aw.

my babies

maybe one day you'll be lucky enough?

ok. look. i'm sorry. no, really. i mean, i just spaced out on charging my battery. you know how we say "if christa didn't photograph it, it didn't happen"? well, i guess i better tell you now.... IT'S SOOOOO NOT TRUE!

more soon. it's going to start getting VERY crazy. no more job. seriously. i am full time with phelony at the moment.

(unless you want to hire me?)


daniel honey you would have loved this show sooooo much. it was fuh-king sick.