so everyone said i was in rare form last night. i actually got calls from friends today. i NEVER get calls from friends. unless there's something very specific to address. everyone just wanted to know i was alive. aw! people, just because i'm never drunk doesn't mean i don't know HOW to be drunk. i danced that ish off at 80s night like you wouldn't believe. by the time i got home (at a very reasonable 1am) i was sober. it's that simple.
so let's see how yesterday progressed. it started out simple enough. with me snap snapping away in the convention center. i LOVE our convention center by the way. i wish WE had like a magic or asr or something. how fun would that be.

our convention center is also the airport in LOST. did you know THAT?!

well what do you know. a trade show of our own. no magic. no asr. just alcohol. beat that!

oh dear. the beginning of my demise....

...and i wasn't even invited.

...and i'm not even sure i was supposed to be shooting photos

but i really liked the green martini

and oh my god the little roast beef sandwiches. i should have had more than one.

instead of...

this is a chai liquor something. it was really good. i don't even like chai.

this is a bloody mary.

next door had a presence

more tasting....

ps: i love hawaii. totally know ALL of the spokesmodels. it was actually really fun to see everyone. i'm totally going to do whatever it takes to get invited to these. open a bar? roger.


ok starting now i am not even going to try to act like i'm doing anything but lurkhustling. hardcore.

flash and matty presence


WHAT the! people were spitting out WHITE RUSSIANS?? omg. actually i guess i should have been doing more spitting too

hi friends! hows my behavior!

cass what the! the wine guy drinking beer.

candee. please excuse my behavior

dusty and kelii were there.

duh elaine was there. ELAINE!

OMGLOLWTF!! vertical junkies had a presence. kanoe and blaine. don't believe me?

tiki's had a presence!

i like saying double-o spot rather than g spot. but ya, he had a presence too.

ok now i'm totally just going by what the photos reveal. so. um. looks like i got a ride to hanohano room with flash and matty.

yup. that's what happened.

WHY did i keep taking pictures of their shoes? there must be something significant here people. i'm leaving this in. i don't care if i have 180 photos this time, these MUST stay.

aw. not skyline bitches llc?

hello view.

woah. HELLO surf. looks like i wasn't the only one having a really good wednesday.

ok i've had $5 in my wallet all day and it's still there so i know i didn't buy this drink. so thanks to... ?

AH! i made it. already in rare form. this should be fun.

patrick and dawn i don't even remember seeing you. i'm really scared now. hopefully i was just snapping all these and running away. that's what i usually do after drinks anyway.


omg. SO typical that the first person i see inside is the effing MAYOR. oh dear. well it seems like he was amused in any case.

WHAT THE!!! haw haw i can't even believe i got this.

it was already banging when i got there. very easy to blend in. thank god!

i love my job. you know this. that's mina and drew from 102.7 the bomb. and you already know kumu mandy suganuma.


aw jack law. it's so good to see you. everyone loves jack.


i know right! you probably already saw genegabus's shots but tell me these aren't the cutest.

ivan and drew.

hi you guys! hope you had a good night?

ok i have NO idea who i did this with.

oh wait! maybe you? HEY SARAH!

the staff at senior frog's rehearsed for weeks before the opening to keep all of the customers entertained with this hella fun dance number thing. they are so cute. i really had a good time here.


weee! omg.

this is like the main mc guy. i remember him from when we came on sunday too. what up!


aw. aw.

what's going on...

oh! it's john berger! EH!!! sarah and jose too.

hahah oh so loving blaine and the vjs. i think i was following blaine around a lot to camoflouge my drunky drunkerson state.

haw haw

laka! it's only been since when. lauren hill!


i wonder what duane was all talking about.

oh yay! it looks like some of the pros may have caught it

so remember when poor duane chapman was arrested and taken out of his home before they let him put his hair extansions in? SO messed up man. i mean, ya be all dramatic and charge a family man's home for some b.s. about taking a RAPIST into custody illegaly or whatever but let a man get his weave on for christ's sake.

woah FUN! what's this about?

it looks like everyone was doing it tho

this what christa saw.

suzy omg. do you know how to throw a party or WHAT. love til infinity.

ok.... appears..... be...

OH YAY!!!! it appears to be a congo line. i totally was in a conga line! omg how fun... and HAW HAW see cedric back there? HEY!


this isn't a regular conga line. it's a tequlia conga line!


ah yes. a tequlia conga line alright.

PAGE TWO and don't EVEN think this is the best it got people.....