so what time did YOU head to waikiki on halloween? ten? eleven? nine?


the traffic was so damn horrible all night, but luckily i got to the wave before the time flash wanted me there...

they always go all out

i'm actually pretty freaked out by that freddie

my star babies and friends were the misfits. you know-- the "bad" band from jem and the holograms? act like you know!

seriously, group costumes are so FUCKING rad.

ha ha alex


so i wonder if there's ever something....

...that's just SO taboo that's it's ok? i really don't know.

sick beats homey


aw. i LOVE group costumes. last year they were a martini and the olive.

saw a few of these. no worries, doll. it's still a hot costume.

severe discomfort. obtained.

when i took this shot i didn't even realize this was eric! hahaha.

YES honey.

there's also one of these every year. not a bad idea tho. aw, couple costumes.

aw! another colonel! but where's....!

one of these every year too... it just never.... gets..... old.


"we are the misfits. our songs are better."

this guy won second place in the costume contest

WAIT! noooooo! miss kaleihikina is here! after two hours of traffic. poor little lamb.

so. happy. now.

(btw: i was john berger)

ha ha kalei was like "so this is just kinda like any other night except everyone else is all dressed up too."

ha ha aubrey

hey aubrey can i borrow your lady for a minute?

kayce thought my costume was super funny. shoots!

if i looked like her that's SO what i would have worn too. snaps!

hiya girls

ha ha was that on purpose

speaking of my best friend in the universe..... this is him telling me i better get different angles of the costume contest. jeeeeez flash what do you think i am? some sort of PRO?!?!

you want different angles, here's different angles

wait! hang on..... BRIAN is back!

ok ok. back to the different angles.

HA HA mako. note the abc shopping bag too. FUCKING spot on.

what. you ever see john berger try to be sexy? well! it looks like you're in for a real treat!

there's a lot of new waitresses at the wave now.

flash, what the heck it's YOUR party and you don't even get a costume?? BWAAAAAAAAAhahahahhaha

well look who has magically reappeared. aw! missed ya vince.

as previously stated... group costumes RULE.

maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad dog

well lookie here! it's cheryl's hunky brazilian man!

and the og herself! fucking YEOW, lady.

aw her friend was all "take mine too please" in this hot heavily accented voice. shoots, honey.

maleko doing his thing


this guy had a huge bag of "coke"

and now, ladies and gentlemen. the $500 cash prize winner. carrie. woot.

me and mako and kyle and mako's girl and our group effort. number one bitches.

so ya, that was my night. how was yours? don't forget you can always go to to check out my shots. sarah's too...... love you, see you at apb friday.