hello hello! i need to unload from last tuesday. tuesday wine club day.

it's really a nice way to get through the week now.

i'm going to be a wine genius if i keep lurking in on these. i can't wait!

cass and his empire. like it's not a coincidence. hey, work with what you got man.

ha ha you SEE the multiple choice options right? HAW! love it. LOOK at number 5!!

nice not so quiet after party at nice quiet du vin.

maybe one day i'll totally be able to tell you all about ...um, this.

mmmm last wednesday! man, this was the week of yummy. this is that reuben sannie at mac 24/7. molly got eggs benedict. triple yum! and shit! i guess it's time to get back online at fitday.net.

i was the only one that ate the peanut butter cupcake. hey. winter's coming....

meanwhile back at work....

ooo! i wish i was around for this one.

elaine! kind of never going to stop lurking you.

eh. hows bumps waikiki.

the weather has been iffy all week. never crazy downpours or anything. just like a light dusting of water here and there. rad. summer.

ps: the view on wednesdays are so rad from the hanohano room. cocktails!

oh, by the way. this is becky. she's working at the hanohano room for the summer. she is from england. ask her about it you'll just die. WHY are accents sooooo adorable? or maybe it's just becky. either way.

did you go to HAB on thursday morning? no? blew it man. serious.

jason knows.

i love it there. zanachuck!

what hey! messed up on my way to a'ala park board shop.

colt in the door. colt for everyone. it's a book party. the guy from skinema! he's compiled!

can't think of a better reason to get colt to sponsor with 40s eh chris. books rule.

he has a website too. it's what entertaining people do. also some not so entertaining people... but this guy is not one of them. serious.

people who have like this writing technique that speaks to me pretty much ease my mind on so many levels. mainly, that they are able to make a living from it. it's why i love vice magazine. pretty much all of their writers are on that level. did you know that we also have one here locally? TOTALLY. Larry Warnken. a.k.a. Skate Nazi. he writes for both hirolling and apb. pure genius. don't believe me? whatever. i totally linked to his verbal smackdown with nate sherwood a few blogs back. keep up?

oh ps: apb has moved. i know right. i'm like, ten years late on mentioning that but come on. like i go there every day.

SO how was Art After Dark on Friday eh! crazy crowded as usual. great performance... i heard. i actually got distracted in the galleries by perfection and wound up here. the BEST film tho! don't go see it if you're like super ADD though, because it will force you into a quiet that you might not be prepared to handle. i'll just say tho... if i can watch and love it. anyone can. Into Great Silence. I told u details on my daily.

saturday. good morning! rotisserie anyone?

nah, it's my new job! one of my stations [ahem, today's kumu 94.7] does a live broadcast too people. pay attention! it was nice...

kind of bummed that summer is almost over. no more interns. sad face.

mandy. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy!

Frank B Schaner sequence. He's a pretty funny guy.

ernie cruz jr! he was good.

you guys remember cedric right? MAN. he works hard... i love that i can say i work with him now. ced! ced! i'm your CO WORKER! :)

raiatea helm! oh MAN. lucky us man. you she's a master i mean come on. a grammy nomination? she's like the first female vocalist to get one of those. so amazing this one.

have you heard her jazz piece? yes i said jazz. crystal clear. so lovely!

oh. hey, mayor.

saturday south pacific day.

"good evening. absolutely no video or still photography, with or without flash, will be allowed during this evening's performance of south pacific." shit!

well, just trust. it was nice. more musical than opera but whatareyagonnado. that's why it's called hawaii opera Theater. HOT! but ya, you gotta check it out. TIANA is in it! she's so cute too. i love that she was doing this totally rad musical then running over to chai's to
compete in russell's beautiful model competition thingie. HOT.

on to the honolulu party at bar 35....

what the!

well mister justin james....

what the!

ah, mister flash hansen

stevo is engaged!

i spent a lot of time lurking jacy. she was there! jacy! jacy! over heeeeeere.

honolulu at bar 35!

watch duel with luke. what did i tell you about that! you will never beat him. BUST!

aw. don't even act like i haven't seen you ALLLL week boo.

oooo! feather on justin james: purely unintentional.


ok ok that's it. thanks to cass for the added support. it's been a good week. thank you.