so what's the deal with people? seriously.

anyway. hi! i just got back from a zip zip super fast two night stay in LA and MAN that place is interesting. PEOPLE are interesting.

but back to my little island. and back to thursday. rallied my babies to gyu kaku the best japanese bbq in the world.

this car parked outside made me SO nostalgic. mine was mint green. sea foam green, actually. white top. *sigh*

did you know they have a half price meat every night for a happy hour that's from 9:30 til last call? um ya. thursday is .... tounge

shit is good tho....

....when it's cooked

the best dessert in the world. THE WORLD!


on to the HNL. i will forever be a drooling slave for the HNL at next door.

performance tonight by ted

you don't know who this is drawing.... but you

okay okay i'll spill the beans... turns out legendary artist david choe was denied entrance in to japan for his stint in that tokyo prison... so he just WOUND UP here. on oahu. in chinatown. at next door.

he left his mark there too.

amphibious tounges are from maui

scooped by tamra! righteous.

guess who

you KNOW who

lucky and the cool kids made an appearance

HNL. what.

musicmaker ted

david choe. fucking
brilliant. oh, and he plays drums too...

zana knows

thanks for rolling out so late on a thursday keau and tamra. i mean... the rest of us are used to it but you guys actually have real jobs...

zana made me soup before i flew out to LA

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh california

met up with chuck at josh rubbs's place. REMEMBER HIM!

an ollie in honor of christa's arrival

josh's pets

josh's pet beer bong.... being demonstrated by miles

decent HOMEYZ collection

this one looks kinda like tall chad. er, a miniature tall chad

extensive pre-partying. met up with sanae. drove in to the valley to meet with BLAIR and the rest of the
fredalba guys. paul was getting married. had a drink. couldn't take pictures cause it was at a strip club. UGH. just visualize. LOVE YA BLAIR! good times.

random texts from everyone i know in hollywood. they were ALL at this joint

i noticed that people in LA dress a lot trendier than honolulu. and they aren't so excited about getting their pictures taken.

another case in point. but first. IT'S BRIAN! jeez man you've changed a LOT since like last week. notice the other dude all irritated with picture being taken. SO la.

chuck is used to it

SANAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (pronounced "san-EYE" tho, k?)

i was told the shortstop is usually a mellow dive-ish bar. tonight everyone decided to dance. that's fine with me. no, seriously.



shad? shad. SHAAAAAAAAAD!

jroy cruised up from little joy a block down. we stopped by over there but the vibe was waaaaaaaaaay eh. everybody looked like they wanted to slit their wrists. thanks for coming over kid!

justin shad lambert dot com and dj

russell went to an artshow with his sister tonight. then he was snagged by chuck. then he got drunk. yea russell!

alright alright i'll go down to little joy. i mean it IS ritchie's birthday.
greeted by the man mister gregory esquire.

kinda sucks that you can't smoke inside bars in hollywood. even the really nasty ones.

ritchie belton ladies and gentlemen. and he is finally 21 right now.

happy birthday kid. and lookie here looks like mister stink eye from previous photo has come around. they all do.

ritchie had already spewed when we got there. he kept spitting on his feet after.


that's olly todd. he's been to newquay. recognize.

that's shad. he's coming to oahu. i don't think he believes me.


gave in and decided to check out the "new" hellrose. remember the old house? ya that one. it was condemed and they had a tear it down party. now they live down the road a ways. the walls are green. and there's a pair of green duffs outside on the sidewalk. and justin has a new dog named molly.

sanae against green wall interrupted by jroy sequence!

aw. sammy. er, i think.

they are driving to vegas in the morning. poor ritchie. but yay, ritchie.

ragdoll wrote happy birthday then gave him a pillow. then they carried him to bed. aw. bros.

molly snuggled with me all night tonight. she rules.

next morning i checked in on chuck. he was working hard.

rallied the house and made them come with me to breakfast. i was starving. and notably hung over. i didn't even realize i was drunk. then i realized i had about ten crown and cokes. shit.


nostalgic from my UK days... this is seriously the best hangover breakfast tho. try it.

look at those dudes behind russell. i love LA.

the boys and girls split up after breakfast so they could skate and get ready for the premiere tonight and we could check out melrose. you know i had to.

spending $50 on a clash t shirt at a "vintage" store? SO necessary.

we need more thrift stores on oahu. k? k.

got a call from chuck. found out the projector they have at 118 isn't the right colorset for the movie. the contrast is way off. shit. called around to some places for him and generally just tried to help out however i could. while doing this.

time for the premiere. off to hollywood blvd i go. i was kind of embarrased that i only recognized one out of every TWENTY stars. like...

already a healthy amount of lurkers

guess the cops don't let them usually do this. tonight was SPECIAL!

wish i had better shots. sorry.

thanks to josh and the guys at 118 for getting everything together tonight. it came together beautifully.

nice crowd.

they have stars in the shop too. cool.

weirdos lurking outside. JUAAAAAAAAAST kidding.


remember what i said about people in LA and their picture being taken? jeesh.

ya you BETTER check his id. ha ha

plenty of alcohol for everyone

what the fuck. seriously. i haven't seen a beer bong in SERIOUSLY like ten years. now all of a sudden i've seen five in two weeks.

wait! shhhhhhhhhhh!

it's on it's on!

thanks for coming guys

i LOVED seeing this premiere again. esp in hollywood with a lot of the people didn't really know sean or russell or anton.... their reactions were cool to hear. esp the ones about russell when he was standing right there with shorter hair. nobody realized it was him. haha. oh, and sean? ya-- they all think you fuckin rule you adorable little wasteoid.
spilling out on to the bldv after.

skate in boots?

yes he can.

who remembers nate sanchez! who remembers nate sanchez!

shop rats. i love em.

tonight's crew minus two

on to the pig n whistle. the much awaited after party

if i didn't have those three mango vodka/sprites this would be a FABULOUS shot of justin

gary owens. GARY OWENS?!?! what! that guy does it all doesn't he!


chuck sequence

oahu. WHAT!

fun with keg taps

josh is the most important person in the universe at this point in time

thirty people cruising down the blvd with keg and skateboards and a paparazzi.

how fun are we

after after party


i'm SO bollixed....

spencer to justin: "so you're that guy who plays drums for the strokes!"

cheers for the after after party nate

roof. pool. sanae

thornn sanae maruzio.... three brazilians

on to the after after after party

boys. nice.

tokyo bar. i loved it. playing some sort of speed raggae. crazy ass roots music with random hard garage interludes. or something. dunno. but FUCK it was cool.

on to the after after after after party. they just watered down the blvd. it was fun to slide on.

the frolic room. DAMN IT DJ hold still when you take a picture of me and a cute asian i am talking to.

back to nates. after after after etc.

little board.


i wish. but go ahead!

they just moved to LA from new york two weeks ago.

so that was my trip. not really, actually. there was tons more this night. we all went back to josh's with the keg... and our silly little games. and we got footage. you're going to have to buy the dvd to see that tho. k? but ya people in LA are SOOOOOO funny! they all have such rad stories and interesting jobs and cool outfits on and, like, a MILLION different places to go. i heart hollywood! i heart hollywood! i'll be back soon too, ok?

checking in at lax i was tired and grumpy tho. hardly any sleep the night before. i'm texting the world to share my pain when i hear "is that thing bedazzled?" from behing me.

it's LG!

hahahhahaha. good one bro. our plane was struck by lightening so i was super delayed getting home. then too tired to go home so i just stayed with zana at chucks. LOVED the drive in to work this morning tho. the east side is THE most beautiful side.

so that's all. really.

tonight after work i'm heading to the dick jensen benefit at the wave. come too. it's a big deal and it means a lot to flash.

till next time. i love you.