derin didn't talk to me for, like, three DAYS because i missed his crazy birthday limo strip club house party diesel boy madness last weekend. sorry der. good thing he takes an entire month to get all his birthday celebrations handled or i'd be bumming.

caught up with him for brew moon pau hana

tamra porter. TAMRA PORTER!


race mentioned something about fall or the wind temperature and how it's affecting the sunsets and sunrises. i remember last year... and the year before... that this time of year makes the best ones

wednesday i found myself in nuuanu at the smart house. SMART HOUSE!

smart house knows about water plants

nametags were part of the party......

....but i'm not telling much because it's coming out for their february issue and i don't want to spoil it.

ps: magazines always do stuff SO FAR in advance... i wonder...

...if skinny jeans.....

...will still be the hottest thing around by then? ps: i love them

didn't get to stay too long because PAUL OGATA is on the moon

gerard elsinore is doing stuff with nascar so he's been crazy all over the US with that-- but he's back to premiere his latest talents at HIFF. paul is back to be funny and stuff. hey!

i think his name was sean. funny guy

poor paul. i didn't bring my nice camera because i was running around all day so i had the lame lame lame one. hence, no good pics. i didn't have the heart to tell him that... especially after....

he paused in this position for, like, 15 seconds so i could get a good shot. i was honored! i love paul ogata! i love paul ogata!

skip to thursday. ANOTHER night of birthday for derin. and i am getting closer and closer to being out of the doghouse. right on time. as usual. *sigh*

skip ahean one hour. HI!

the bampers gift

RAENA IS BAAaAAACK! um, but she just left again. *sigh*

if seems like we eat at gyu-kaku a lot, ah, we DO. i can't explain how much i love this place. thank god all these people feel the same about it. i could eat there pretty much every night and not worry about it one bit. i'd just, you know, alternate a bit. garlic shrimp and salad tuesday... miso steak monday and thursday... etc.

raena's onion tower.

friday night was BOMB people. just bomb. dan the automater! he was here last year!. i have those shots but i'm gonna put all that together with the rest of the HIFF stuff. oh, HIFF! it's in full swing. kyle and i watched, like, three and a half movies on saturday and there's a ton more. not to mention the parties. *sigh* that will be the next blog. instead let's skip to sunday.....sunday green-screen day. what else!

hawaii media is right next to the mauna loa shipping place. hence, yummy nuts everywhere

kahunahana working out his vision with joe and chris kalima. three great minds right here people

i think they do a lot of yoga. *jealous*

oh, ps: this is for the cinema paradise trailer. what iff? oh man!

oh my GOD! i saw this and was all "holy shit the camera adds like 30lbs!" but they kindly informed me that the monitor was extra wide. extra wide.


what i did for 2 of the 3 and a half hours i was there. hey!

it's gotta be yoga. or that super cool dance mixed with fight stuff. kapuera? did i spell that right? these ladies were so flexible and beautiful and peaceful. i'm going to take yoga starting tomorrow i swear.



thanks for looking. next week will be fabulous and fantastic. there's some good stuff happening right now. shit's about to blow up.
and watch out now... all of a sudden it will be halloween then all of a sudden it's new year's. enjoy your days people