some random hellos are in order, apparently there's people looking at this, and apparently, they wern't so hyped on the dead fish. my bad!
unfortunately i don't have much to give you yet. but HEY! this ain't some lame-ass website. no-sireee! if i don't have anything super exciting to share i'll just unload my camera phone.
oh, the fun!

saw the new larry clark movie. we give it 4 stars.

jacquie was in print. again!

ha ha this was something i sent back to kyle when he asked if i wanted to do something
i forgot what it was exactly, but as you can see, hanging with the ktomc is pretty damn exciting

outside buntin.
we're having a lotus flower month, folks. and it's okay-- you don't have to try to understand.
just trust me on this one

this is rick's dog roo. he has been sick a lot lately because he is old. rick brought him to work and left him in his car then we all went out to lunch.
roo and i are best friends

the new stuff in our building.

i'm digging the smaller jars.

i'm really, like, really freakishly good at solving these puzzles.

[little house on the prarie dog, but i got it after there were only T's]

right after kinau bump

he really loves me now. we are getting along super duper. don't tell roo, but i might be starting to like cats.

i call this shot: 5am

see, this is why jacquie and i are BFF. literally 5 inches away she is

mat kubo

walk by it every day. twice!

okay, thanks for staying faithful. it's nice to know you care. xoxoxo!

ps: this blog is dedicated to cat's blogs. because she thinks i do fun stuff.

ps again: check out radar if you want a quick place to upload your cameraphone shots and hotlink em