what ever happened to hardcore weekends? you know, like just solid two nights and two days of doing shit. nonstop. where, when it's sunday at like 8:30pm you're finally walking in to your room and looking around at the last week of outfits strewn all over and realizing you should have done your laundry friday night?


I'LL GIVE EM TO YOU my children.

but i'm starting with tuesday. cause tuesday is bowling night for the chuck-ster. and it's also anton's last night in town for a while. and seana-pete reilly is still here. and and...

WHATCHOOOOO know about bowling in paradise?

JOSH RUUBS is in town with his foxy lady. minus foxy lady tonight. poor jen. get better.

aw. one look at those baby blues and you totally understand why his website is "cutefriendanton"

random thought. how dope would it be to have a supercw appearance in the next shitty kids production. just wondering...

two antons on my chest


in the zana-reilly stand off... who can lay their shit down first.

my money was on my number one

proof the boss man ACTUALLY scored a 69

wednesday.. what's so funny? the FUCKIN PODCASTS people. now the whole world gets to hear how funny and creative my fuckin friends are.
act like you don't know.

whatchoooo know about special guest appearances

THURSDAY was the start of SEEING-PEOPLE-I-HAVEN'T-SEEN-IN-AGES marathon. starting with the party goddess and miss tamera.

been to the new blue tropix yet? don't be scared! shit is pretty tight. seriously. i wouldn't lie to you about a venue. BUT! i will warn you that when i was there it was for a private party. BUT! i hear they are never going to have outside promoters or cover charge and keep it on the chillout tip.

my purpose today? the all american rejects are here. time to spread some aloha.

you hawaii radioheads may know who morturary chris and fernando the love machine are... but did you know they look THIS dead sexy?

no more monkeys in cages behind the bar. i still can't believe they had that shit. i never saw it in person.

bridge to the sushi area? so hot right now.

there's ACTUALLY koi at "koi". SO glad they didn't name it "monkey".

strategically place animal print cubes around a room and you will have super cw all over it.

there's some people out there that are VERY stoked on this band. girls were actually screaming. aw!

these dudes came for autographs but cruised at the bar by the nachos all night. me likey.

later that evening.... nothing like a little art and cafe, no?

the vibe has certainly been stepped up since i was there last

the place was packed. but in a comfy, sitting in the front room watching tv on your couch kind of way.

the princess of waimanalo with photog shaun, who i just so happened to see on the plane coming back from san diego today. WHAT UP!

the sound this girl makes will make your insides float around in your body like one of those snow globes. (in a GOOD way).

mamasan will charge you if you try to be fashionably late. this spot aint right for that, children. justin james gets by ONLY because he's the hottest jazz drummer around. you know.

so. friday was lovely too but i don't have those shots. just imagine.

saturday was rick gerard's birthday. you know rick-- that dude that has the most fabulous girlfriend on the island miss love kitten malia. and the fabulous company downtown that i just so happen to be a part of as of recently? oh yes. you KNOW! and continuing on with the SEEING-PEOPLE-I-HAVEN'T-SEEN-IN-AGES marathon, it's aukai reynolds! (AUKAI you DO know that's not grey goose, right?)

malia put together the most wicked photo collage book for him. it was beyond dope.

i would call it the grand finale of the SEEING-PEOPLE-I-HAVEN'T-SEEN-IN-AGES marathon only because there were so many in one swoop. but this was really the start.... vincent jennifer and jonah

karaoke hut will forever be my favorte pre-party spot. FOREVER. if you haven't been lucky enough to be there when i'm performing, well.....

the hula dancer and mister kimura

i'm guessing that's a reaction to my stellar performance

vincent got TONS of shots. and might i just say now that's the biggest digi cam i've seen these days, haha.

aukai who were the girls you invited. they RULED! send them my way i loved them. SO much fun. and the first people i saw that actually lei'd rick too.

rick just might be the luckiest man alive.

mission to pre-party: accomplished. chinatown: arrived.

ktc inroduced me to the OTHER ktc! YES there's two. what, you really thought the other one was doing all that stuff with heavywater?

well let's just pause to recognize some fuckin talented ass people eh? maria and angrywoebot!

ha i think that's one of the ktcs behind the lens. see?! it's HARD to get good shots with my shit, yo! so ease up!

blackaliscous blackaliscous. i have NEVER seen it this crazy at next door. shit was actually sold out tonight.

funny, i just saw this at the contemporary

this? another richard methinks. thirtyninehotel's part two of richard, if i'm not mistaken.


NEVER have i seen it this crazy, people.

blackaliscous blackaliscous blackaliscous

actually was a bit too crazy. made out way to the back where there was a bit more air.

whatwho?!?! FLASH?!??! no way. no WAY! i love it. oh, and yes i wore that hat all night. i was saving it to give to ikon later.

mister fabulous too? WHAT! seriously... this was the SEEING-PEOPLE-I-HAVEN'T-SEEN-IN-AGES anthem weekend.

brett and flash kinda know each other

ok ok ok. let's keep this shit going. took boy to the remanants of diesel boy.

not so stoked on the music, but it was IKON's birthday. must give love.

the wave was pretty crazy too

jeremy strentgh will only pose like this for me. aw. horkiller.


crazy crazy

i would recognize that shake ANYWHERE. my nina baby! another SEEING-PEOPLE-I-HAVEN'T-SEEN-IN-AGES encounter.

WAIT! WAIT! matty and flash are drunk!

how can i tell? oh i don't know...

of all the people i haven't seen in ages, FUN BOBBY is at the very very tippy top of that list.

a very wasted matty and ... someone with blonde hair

some say sarah is a kickass punk rock surfer chick that can kick your ass in a new york minute. i, myself prefer not to label people unless it's with a nickname.
i like to call sarah saRAWRa.



THE most fun guy ever. never stop drinking, fun bobby.

can't tell but i think it's jimmy beach there

a scene so common with a night out at this venue that it's almost ridiculous not to capture it

sunday was north shore day with one of the ktcs. i'll let you guess which one? :) you MUST try this new tortilla-wrapped tostada thingie they have at taco bell. it is SO good.

kahala chris was celebrating his 30th at a ridiculous sunset beach rental house with about 500 of his closest friends. we made our way up only to have about a hundred detours. blame. the. greenery.

have you been to waimea falls? that freesurf party was my first time. LOVE it. these things are everywhere.

how fabulous that they have those zebra-print likE feathers. i kinda made this one mad. sorry, animal print bird thing.

remember the swamps of sadness? this ain't it.

you think fun tree to climb. i think OUCH! that would hurt if it fell on me.

this is a canonball tree. it's from africa i think. they have every species of tree there is here. shit's dope.

made it to the house slightly before sunset. to a totally new network of the ringleader's posse that i haven't ever seen before, to the point where we thought we might have waltzed into the wrong house party. i killed my battery so no proof. JUST BELIEVE ME! managed to get this shot and close up this week's SEEING-PEOPLE-I-HAVEN'T-SEEN-IN-AGES update with miss erin. i still have that redbull from thailand!


well most of you know i just got back from ASR in san diego. did a little of this, a little of that. it should be up by the end of the week. good times, DUH.

WAIT! you MUST check out my homeboy jason's new site he's working on. if you're here, you absolutely should be THERE.
here here

and check out my guest appearance on the club 301 podcast too, if you like. it's here and other places too. you'll laugh. i'm sure.

(ps: I KNOW those birds are called peacocks...)