thursday is the new HNL night at next door. HNL... you know, like the airport code for honolulu. HNL, like, you know... only local artists.

the grand opening featured the return of the princess of waimanalo, maria remos. ya, you remember her. she was on a journey around the world for the past few months. when you see her, ask her about her trip.

we missed you princess

it was also time for tancis to turn 24. it's about time. zana made the cake... LUCKY!

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy birthday

lately i've been having strange visions that my life is almost over. don't ask. but i was sitting under this fan and had to move.

sporting the kicks that only the island's most fabulous have right now.... COLINS! what!


maria's rockstar brother sean

the microsylables....

nice evening. now it's friday... remember when i told you patrick was gonna cruise out here? YA! he's here! and he brought some friends. and they're gonna skate. skate skate skate.
tonight they're gonna skate a'ala. but...

brian young was the team manager for hellrose. as in deej! act like you know.

billy and brian were also on the 9th floor at the hilton. or was it the 19th? crap i can't remember. but ya.... just saw them last week now they in MA HOOD.

i think i might have been spelling jeremy's name wrong this whole time. i think it's gereme? or geramy? or..... shit. MISTER STRENGTH!

begging it not to rain too hard.

aw bryan is so cute i could just pluck him out of the skate park and use him as a hood ornament. sorry that i couldn't get this shot too well... what was this called again? whale... something.... CRAP! i forget.

back to preparty with patrick and his buddies. greeted by billy with mister skull.

yes a demonstration is appreciated.


this is johnny and anthony. they have never been to oahu before. johnny requested some lady friends to occupy the hotel space.

i was happy to oblige. those lucky bastards got MISSY.

missy and ten of her hot squealing friends. i am in LOVE.

missy to terell: "as long as it's bigger than this"

WHY is is so necessary for them to always do this.
brian young sequence


baby i'd love to see the day you trade that thing for a martini

missy i love you. i love your friends too.

no, really


anthony has a girlfriend but he was still super cool and hung with us. AND he's on birdhouse. kudos all around.

*dying* to see brian's shots

hypnotiq. it's how we roll. what.

getting scooped by terell

time to roll this posse to the hard rock. look hard. this was an incredibly difficult shot to get. "everyone look up! and HOLD STILL!"

ha ha terell was so cute with his smiley exclamation "holy HELL we rollin so DEEP right now!"

watering the convention center


spilling into the hard rock. straight to the dance floor

hey! it's overexposed maleko!

aaron one day i'm gonna get a good shot of you honey

SJON! fucking YES. i love this man.

kalehikina. you are looking at nightlife royalty right here people.

uh oh getting scooped by BLAINE!

kanoe AND blane both had my camera accessory styles goin on tonight

meanwhile back on the dancefloor

billy's phone stance all night

keli tamra and derin have been super patient with my recent exploits. and for that, i love you. i'm SO back in your arms after LA i promise.

meanwhile back on the dance floor

ikon and mike middleton cruising outside

alex FUCK i forgot your alter ego name. but HEY! it's a hot brunette with candee! aw poor candee.

me and candee are now phone twins.

got all stoked on this girl from poland cruising outside. so stoked that she wanted a pic with me. aw!

everyone pre partied too heavy tonight. i looked around and noticed everyone was pau. back at the ala moana there was a LITTLE more schenanigans but for the most part this was probably the most tame friday night i've had in years. i guess the cali boys can blame jet lag. and their demo in the morning.

ah! the demo! everyone cruised out to mililani skatepark saturday to watch the TnC sunburn classic.

billy trying to sweat out all the beer


SO damn cute!

pat is LOVING hawaii, by the way

demo time

i don't have the best spot to see. i'm clinging to a fence with all my weight on two milimeters of my toes. ugh.

ah that's better. THANKS ROB!


aaron mcmullen has a rad photo spread in the latest heavywater mag. make sure you grab one! they've been known to run out fast.


rake and johnny had a pretty gnarly collision.

johnny caught the worst of it.

GUY SMOAK!!!!!!! act like you know!

there was a girl's division. girls. rule.

trying to keep cool.

jeff's shots are so amazing... AHHHH!

it's cool anthony.... only have about two hundred left to do

up n coming stylie monsters. rad.

nick and billy... long lost brothers?

okay okay okay. time to jet to pipeline. MAE is here! and they are fucking good. and the opening act is one of my favorites too.... pennylane... *sigh*

did u miss maka? DID YOU? i did. sarah and lucy too.

did you miss morturary chris? yes? then CALL his ass! come on! you know the number..... *1019

bamp decided to move the show to an all ages venue. bamp. is. fucking. smart.

i LOVE pennylane. seriously. they are so GOD DAMNED good. but they broke up. i was sad. but they got it together to open for mae because they love mae. now i love mae too.


kinda glad i was up here. haw.

g spot. act like you know.

VINNIE! LOOK! philip managed to get that mada business on the press wall. good job.

in case you didn't know, this is what happens in the vip area at pipeline.

maleko trying to manhandle g spot.... but i don't think he minds

time for MAE!

i have never heard these guys really. have you? OH MY GOD! they are AWESOME!. i fucking LOVED them. every song. they are super cool guys too. seriously. i heart mae i heart mae!

sooooooooooo many people there

overexposed aubrey you lucky son of a bitch

no, really

me and derin being casual-fab

i wanna see his footage

in case you were wondering, this is what happens in the vip.....


were you there?

really wanted to stay after to grab more photos of the band, etc. but i HAD to get my number one....

went by to check on the visiting boys... they were cool

nice view

brief stop at the heavywater mag party... found out it only 21 ... bummer for some of our crew... me and zana were ridiculously overdressed too.... saw grant... we all shared a cab to skyline....
at capacity by now.... bummer!

but not for us. HELLO! i AM the party. hahaha. maggie knows!

the volleyball boys are back in town! oooooo! and flash has a GOATEE!

attention, world. i. love. matthew grim.

you will never understand how much love and respect i have for this man. one day you may be lucky enough to meet him. count your blessings.

only the truest rockstars can get away with rockin shades at skyline. i am SO not one of them!

troy and pommy my favorite white boy blazer wearing skyline lurkers!

cheryl is the OG. you already know, you don't have to act :)

MILKERS! matthew grim's birthday cake.... MILKERS!

aw. suyin and malia

aw i'm so proud of pedro! he bought a booth! awwwwwww.

the guys from mae were cruising too. most of them enjoyed the party.....

IT'S RED BULL SHANE! with.... er, a bunch of red bull!

my girls. i love them.

over it. on to next door. nice crowd there too.

mikah 9! with jamal

guess who!

the night was over too soon. some of us ducked into thirtyninehotel for a wicked afterparty. YES.
hawaiian ryan with allie. RYAN! i missed you foo!

justin james. as in the rad drummer from new jass quartet. in disguise!

terren! you are SO my hero. seriously!

tonight was neverending. seriously. finally made it home around 10am. guguuguguguuguguguugugu.

made the nice long soothing drive out to ka'a'awa to kick it with zana and have a nice quiet dinner.

mieu likes to stalk us.

sunday i said goodbye to the boys and slept like rip van. it was good.

that's all...... i'm in LA this weekend people so don't go having a blast without me. like you could! hahahahahh. JUAAAAAAAAAAAAST kidding.

tomorrow we'll be at next door for the next installment of the HNL thursday. it's teddy! come play...