wednesday. same week. differwent week, that is.

why not! it's not as easy and fun as roller skating... but being cold is soooo much fun.

this happened last time dan went ice skating. aw!

hi mitchell.

hi grownups

shit! you can't tell because i'm not a good photog...

...but nikki is totally pro!


ok ok i promised no more artist's renditions. but come on! it's all three of us. lurkariffic.

aly and anton performed right there on the ice. with wireless microphones that actually had a really good sound. it was actually quite cool

like me, aly isn't a good ice skater. but she's a really good singer.

kalei won the constume contest. duh!

nikki taught us how to do that fast twirlie thing. mine was quite slow, and thank god cameras aren't allowed on the ice. ps i didn't fall once. but right now i can't even lift my legs to cross them.

the photo booth is probably the funnest part about ice palace. serious.

thursday of different week at du vin. i know but hey! regulars at di vin we were not. so now, we are. different!

cass brought this to show me. haw haw what he didn't know was that we had all just read it ten minutes earlier. libra huh!

someone mentioned to derin that my blogs make it look like he's always on the phone. interesting.

cass brought us to soundhouse

photo hunt with derin

epicly heavy metal band. do you recognize that bassist from mariposa?! double life huh!

omni is about to do something tonight

they didn't run out of stella tonight. thank god!

oh. hey, omni.

the rest is lacycam. thank u so much honey. i was tired.

friday go day

supercrew island hopping. guess who was the last one to get on the plane.


note, stylishly hip black turtleneck in the safety brief.

to kauai to kauai

it's been a hard week. mainly because of heartmessing. it feels good at first. til you know the whole truth.

a bit of a drive. sometimes the wrong way. it meant a late arrival to the point but we got there just as it was getting good.

the line was good if it's your party. bad if you're in it.

still the line.

still the line. i was starting to feel bad about cruising to the front...

...but you gotta understand that flying over for this means a privelage or two. right flash?

...but i'll see you inside!

the point is right on the ocean. and the moon was soooo out. it was lovely tonight.

lol at how many times flash and matty said "we're not drunk"

so kauai! the people here rule, man. all of em.

what the! kalei! HOW did you manage such a fashionably late appearance? we were on the SAME FLIGHT.

ah. such is kalei.

fashionably. late.

outerislands = inwithhair

ticking off how many red bulls and energy packs he consumed.

the girls here don't want to fight you if you get busted staring. i love kauai.

what! caught derin smack dab in the middle of a "i KNOW right?"

just noticed matty's jacket. nod to mister leto?

i love us

i love kauaippl

still a line at 12:45am

the after party

with a brilliant view. too bad i spent the rest of the night in cell war. GAH.

woke up to this!

unfortunately for me, had to get back to oahu. but woah! TREE tunnel! oh man. you know me. trees.

so if you want to see my SUPER old school site [and me 40 pounds ago], you can see my last trip to kauai back back back in the day. don't get lost! i'm not finished tho. i'm coming back for you

breakfast with raena and steve a.k.a. sk. nocturnal sound crew!

sorry... in a hurry. still got beer olympics to get through. maybe tomorrow. everyone is down at flavors of honolulu. maybe i should join. gah.