HI! no we didn't all die in the earthquake. but i'll get to that. right now it's time to tell you all about trying to do any pau hana on a "holiday"... not happening at bar35 thankyouverymuch!

BUT remember what i said about elaine? ELAINE!!!!

skip to tuesday. because tuesdays are very important meetings where promptness is crucial. at least... to me

ask me how much i love supercrew. just do it! you have no idea how great we're gonna make your halloween people. NO idea!

skip ahead to thursday. the contemporary museum has an annex at First Hawaiian Center... and they've had it for ten years as of today, thankyouverymuch

i was totally there.

honey look! you love him and i love you. Hey!

molly and sarah thank GOD. you two made this such a great early-evening thing for me. xoxo

john berger put his press pass on for me because i was all stoked on molly/amy's tags. it was a press extravaganza! [still no o.t.s. shot. damn!]

after the show i was supposed to go to ozomatli with supercrew. late nights have been difficult this week. thanks work! no really. at least we were there last year and it was SOFA KING fun
instead this year, i watched the "splat!" episode. oh... dear. ps: this will NEVER be me!

skip ahead to saturday. Urban Pacific much! Lacy hooked me up with Ed Muncal THE Ed Muncal to get pretty.

citywide fashion event with a runway all the way down nu'uanu much!

bad sushi. baaaaad sushi. *spank*

time to cool off inside. at the urban pac tradeshow extravaganza!

you might think...

...i'm stalking....

...julia ranoa.... and i TOTALLY am! today at least. muah muah

radha was making "tired" the new "fabulous"

man college kids dress so COOL. i totally wanna go back to school.

refreshing much!

um, kind of pretty much making shit happen in chinatown

....ps: that dude back there

'it's damn hot today' by anna lucas

'we're damn hot' by steph and lacy

DAMN me and my camera. and my picture-taking skills. otherwise you'd see one fantastic shoe

dueling watches with pab

enjoying the day, by pabannamaria

ps: there were fashion shows

totally stalking julie. i lied earlier. how can i not? i miss this hotness

AMY! ahem, the best blog site on earth in the form of jake's shirt

skinny jeans, man

bad sushi!

ps: fighting eel was totally having a trunk sale

breaking away for lunch with the princess of waimanalo and the princess of chinatown

main event. and main event photogs! elliot takane! HEY!

blair... HEY BLAIR! lance was there and he said this is for YOU

start the main event with bikinis. always start the main event with bikinis

ps: san lorenzo

what's sexier than anna lucas clothing?

....ummmm... CERINA!

ps check with rich for the real shots :)

hand-painted anna lucas for a few grand much!

dan weaver's cut n swen was a gem. it was a show-stopper-grand-finale-extravaganza!

please don't look to supercw dot com for the "real" fashion shots. these guys got it on lock

lacy you did a fantastic job making today happen. time to check u out on olelo!

ps: ok ok ok. earthquake. where were you? i was on the top floor at ala pai. we had been up for an hour. i thought we were going to die. instead we.... took the bus to waikiki. casualty of earthquake number 1: line at bakery

c.o.e. number 2: line for abc

c.o.e. number 3: NO power. like, all day. and night. that was the hardest. it was nice for qt tho.

got in to work today with tons of concerned e-mail from friends and clients. aw! i love that you care. don't worry though, it really was nothing. people who are complaining about not being able to get food all day are glad they're not complaining about that missing leg from being crushed under a building. we are lucky, people.

til next time!