well if i had to sum up... i'd say this was the week/weekend of super secret missions. starting tuesday. derin invited us to a super secret spot.

ok, it wasn't super secret. just hard for me to find. if he just said "the old reign" i probably would have had better luck, lol.

oooooo! new xyloh! it's got a very interesting interior.

brian took super good care. my watermelon banana martini was pretty much bottomless. and the FOOD! oh man.


fyi venue makers: mega touch is a MUST!

decompressed a bit where i'm now almost a regular....

tasting with the taster. i felt bad to say anything about my desensitized palette with the bottomless watermelon banana martini i'd been 'tasting' previously.

anonymous fashion do's: stretch poplin shirts!

oh ps: we stopped in to next door for indie tuesday. ara!

ha ha iman LOVES the band playing...

...they are called "our distance." they WERE really good. damn. i'm wondering now if vagina/jackson have these elaborate audition sessions before booking the bands....

...with, like finals and semi finals, etc. and like super harsh judges that are mean to them and make them cry if they don't make the cut. ..

i mean, they are ALL so ridiculously good. i love you, honolulu.

three guesses as to who was in front of me on my way to the sheraton waikiki!

wednesday pau hana... naturally.

three guesses as to which floor it's on! ok, two guesses......

always a lovely crowd...

thanks to amy and lia sophia for the super nice gift bag. haw haw at my name right on the front... i found out that stuart and jose gave it to their friend because they didn't know who's it was. HA! that's ok........

'cause i'm ballin! well, i mean... ONE of these items belongs to me now. can you guess which one?

ate about ten plates of chicken to soak up the zillion bottles of wine and the bottomless lychee martini that flash kept sending over.

oh ps! flash was a bit... giddy too. he was a judge for a drink making competition thing. haha.

hi friends! that's jacy remember her hat party? OH MAN! some people know how to have a good time, and sometimes it don't involve a huge crowded club of people you don't know, sir!

mrs sakara blackwell's gracious presence...

the room is soooo pretty those last few moments before sunset.

lol derin. "you DO know who i am, yes?"

haw haw flash. i LOVE random happy-medium bobby wednesdays.

i know you can't tell, but that's jacy on OPRAH!!!! it was in her camera. obviously i was freaking out slightly about this.

hahahahhahahahha maybe happy medium bobby is actually moreso fun bobby now.

yep. flashcam:

suzie's been back making rounds! guess what's opening on oahu soon? GUESS!

saturday morning early kine. checked in at mott smith to see ryan and joel. WOAH lovely centerpiece guys.

we actually walked up most of the way to the contemporary museum but ha ha the bus driver saw us and stopped. we didn't even hesitate.

...it WAS raining tho.

..but it didn't stop all of us from going. no sirrreeee!

the rising melody inside. quite amazing this was.

quite amazing THIS was. my favorite piece.

oh, so art spree is really for kids. i don't have any yet, but i still go. i love art spree. and aw. yoga for kids!

david goldberg! he was doing these rad digital imaging things where the kids could be part of the works inside. LOVED it.

every year!

ladies i gotta hand it to you. the rain didn't hinder much of anything today. NICE job. xoxoox.

this year i only drank like 5 of them. trust me, that's not a lot compared to last year.

what the! a GLITTER station?!?! oh i'm SO gonna make something....

darlene has new hair! too bad she couldn't show it-- but it was only because of the rain. it's sooo cool tho. burgandy wine!

they had some somthing performance from the tree outside! i am really sad i missed it.

teamed up with ryan at the mono print station....

...his very grown up print of a lionpigbearotter.

mine was just a design. three guesses as to what color it was!

i spent WAY too much time trying to make a drum at the musical instrument station....

...meanwhile ryan was making me a pair of glasses that i promised i'd wear no matter what no matter what.... er... HI!

caught the mermaids barely. so crowded it was! nice nice nice.

oh, the glasses in detail. radical huh!

ah! THERE's the mermaids. see em? SEE??

dreary saturday at dole theaters. did a bit of a blockbuster-preview-sesh. it was eh. got more enjoyment watching water drip here than i did inside. wait. that's not true. 1408 was pretty good until it got too scary.