just want to take a sec to say thanks for looking. spikes used to scare me but whatever, man. i lurk just as hard as anyone so i know the deal. appreciate the e-mails tho so thanks :)
tuesday was mellow day. nice quiet pau hana drink at thirtyninehotel...

they use fresh fruit for their drinks too. this was a kiwi with pear grey goose. i'm not even gonna tell you how good it was. oh man.

it was trisha's birthday!

the quiet tuesday pau hana was about to get pretty damn loud over at pipeline.

so pennylane. hey guys! i remember when i first saw you. you won the battle of the bands like 3 years ago. i'll link that blog for the rest of you to see but fair warning: i was a LOT younger and a lot crazier back then. just a warning.

they still rock it.

the main act was a band called under oath.

for as many shows as i've seen here this one definitely had the most crazy energy i've ever seen. like ever. i'm serious this time.

hey mike. part 1.

hey mike. part 2.

HEY MIKE! part 3.

hazmatt is back in biz!

so is g spot. killing us with shots.

so look. i appreciate the effort but dan murphy's dog will kick the shit out of any puma and i'm not even kidding.

not sure what shaun is on about-- i was the one having major lens envy. did you SEE my shots? ugh.

hey mike. part 4.

i KNOW right. it was damn hot. take a break dude. you killed it up there.

meanwhile. in chinatown...

hey mike. part 5. and CHRIS! hello.....

duffs. DUFFS!

iman is super nice. he's always buying everyone drinks and just generally appreciating people. don't think i don't notice dude.

ross jackson totally deserves all that appreciation tho now that i think about it.


kalima scooped me and dan. thank god. i mean, i was getting no love from the lighting in there. his take on tonight was A+. as usual.

g's take on my sticker.

at sea played. and they are a VERy nice band to listen to.

at this point i'm gonna say that anton has 'extreme dancing' trademarked

jamie will speak to you in french but only if you're not a douche, k?

ctrl alt del played too. i used to tell everyone that. ctrl alt del. it was what fixed like 85 percent of my trouble calls.

nice to see matty liu out.

as in waima.

"I think it more a meritorious reflection on the quality and spirit of the company I keep that photos seem unforced and to accurately capture some of the pleasures and moods of these parties I've (apparently) been wedded to these past years."

over at ward warehouse on thursday. you can totally learn how to hula.

i would have. but i had some pau hana'n to do.

yes. a zone event. thursday pau hanas. live music. half price THIS.

note the fish lolipop. that's a scallop wrapped in salmon.

i'm gonna stop here. the weekend shots will be up soon. last night was very fun. tonight should be too. it's time to get classy!
oh, ps: if you're under 21 or under 18 go to coffee talk tonight! you can see anton and some others play and hang out and talk about how rad it is to be young. i love u guys.