last tuesday after work i cruised with jimmy for a substantial about of time. we uploaded all those sandbar pics and talked story and drank champagne.

celebrating... tuesday. woot.

jimmy's roommate also made me a rootbeer float. SHOOOOOTS!

wednesday i was an hour early meeting jamal and the godfather of hip hop at clearchannel so i roamed around the offices saying hello to everyone.
jose makin copies. copy copy the papers. cop-a-rooni.

hoooooooang is the looooooonliest number that you ever kneeeeew

well lookie here. it's clearchannel derin. at..... clearchanel... workin.

miss tamra too! sorry i was shakey from all the coffee this morning.

in case you didn't know what dj jimmy taco looks like

and in case you didn't remember what dj kool herc looks like

sitting in on the interview. lucky fuckin ME! trying my best not to cough. hard!

peep the biceps! clive campbell was nicknamed "hercules" in school because he spent a lot of time in the weight room. he moved from kingston to the bronx when he was twelve and singlehandedly invented the "break" beat. what.

time to go to next door.

peepin it out early style. the skate dawgs are there too. rad.

gerard. i love you.

not sure if you noticed jeremy's shirt. but it rules.

ran into davie outside telling me about a slight accident he had today

bumbs and scrapes

and overexposed bandaged hands. aw. poor dave.

blaze! look everyone it's jason genegebus. i knew he wouldn't miss this shit.

gary owens is a certified hip hop boyeeee

poor lacy wound up making drinks for everyone most of the evening

how ya feelin art!?

FANTASTIC 10.0 appearance by the one and only party goddess

christa loves kaleihikina

overexposed zana belly. my FAVORITE!



my girls LOVE to dance. i love to love them.
dance sequence

SO many people out tonight. on a wednesday. i love you, crowd.

as crowded as is was there was a phat break dance circle all night. rad.


kool herc is WAY too cool for any of us. god bless him.

the colonel's shoes

gerard with genegebus.

hip hop daaaaaaaaaaaaaaavey

i heart zana

jef hartsel is og too. act like you know.

lacy and jamal

herc and tancis

TOO fuckin cool

aw. lacy.


let that hair down

herc doin a little dancing himself



don't see nina out enough




mikah9 saturday people. act like you know!

zana herc sequence

cruised to living room after. decided to power thorugh the entire night before my 7am flight to california the next morning....... so glad i did... i was missing a certain mai tai girl...

that's all. don't forget to add next door as your friend. they deserve to be your friend, don't they?

AND! check out the princess of waimanalo's triumphant return from traveling the world this thursday night

crawling through the ASR shots now.... blog up tomorrow probably. it will be a long one :)