so since lacy's been back i've been getting some nice surprises. as in stuff to do. thursday's text was the best so far. private party for makana's pbs show.
private tho? come on guys. DEAD give away...



...up there...

well i'll be damned.

oh. HI lacy!

always manage to catch the merrie monarch festival. the olymipcs of hula. not because i have tv. but because i always happen to catch it somewhere. nice.

but the REAL reason we are here... to oogle over makana on pbs

and oogle over makana watching makana on pbs

oh. HI lacy!

best young sexy slack key guitar player known to christa.

don't worry tho i think there are quite a few that are with me on this.

lovely gathering. some scenes.

oh. HI lacy!

so he's searching for the belly that's not there anymore. and i guess i'm searching for that bicep down there.

best. hospitality. ever. and HEY! busted. we found the bachelor cabinet.

angie and lacy. LOVE these girls.

been walking everywhere that's close enough to. not necessarily by choice but sort of. actually, ya. it's kind of nice.

FRIDAY now. mos def time! special thanking goes to don fujimota (lips) who got back in touch after a loooong time to invite me down. um, HELL yes i'll go.
scenes from pipeline friday night:

haven't seen marc cooper and these guys since dan the automater.apparently, we have equally good taste in live shows.

fucks witcha boy.

katie taking a quick break from ruling the underground music scene to say hi. HI KATIE!!

in4mant style. did you notice? YAA!

THIS guy rules. he is from kauai but won the tix from the radio. said he never won anything before and he got this styled out vip package to see mos def. he was having a fuckin great time too. HEY! you rule.

oh i see. so we don't actually just share good taste in shows. um. you're actually OPENING for mos def. word.

dudes were killer. where's my cd man.

this is the view from here

and this is the view from here

man coop. i can't say enough. their group was HELLA tight. i was seriously loving them. WHEN is your next show. where is your next show. talk to me.

sorry. exploiting my new fav group for a sec.

crowd is getting hyped

wha.. oh. HEY! what's up mos def. um. hello.... i mean. um. HEY!

sorry. was stunned silent by my accidential zoomed-in shot of mos def when he walked by me. mainly? well, because my flash delayed for like a ZILLION centuries and he had to get going to the stage. the real photo i had wanted was him smiling at me with his perfect face. when the flash went off as he was going down to the stage i literally almost started crying. then i saw that it was ok after all. so um ya. if you're still reading i stepped over to chinatown after. saw maria remos and the tell-tale signs that maleko's bachelor party was still happening at indigo.

yup. got there just in time.

ah. the happy bachelor. for not much longer. and a happy steve-o. who was obsessed with breasts this evening.

gotta hand it to kevin cotton and matty boy. they had arranged the perfect bachelor party. well, more perfect than i've ever been to. ok, it's my first one but dinner and drinks and dancing at indigo followed by... well more on that later... is a very good plan. (erm. are you following me?)

so while some were dancing...

...others were romancing*



flash cam.

don't worry. it's not the only boobies we saw this night.

the hat...


...getting around.

dance dance drive? no. dance dance ride. time to pick up the REAL women and get our asses to the hotel. then lotus.

it was actually quite wholesome for MALEKO's friggin bachelor party. i mean. come on. it's maleko we are talking about. where are the strippers. where is the billy goat. where's the black lace. where are the clogs and fur coats and diamonds. where is the champagne. oh wait... this is just part one. ok. well!

check back soon for the rest. i gotta get over to dig lifestyles and say congrats on the new store locale. and meet blaine for drinks. and check out the new "addiction" themed showdown in chinatown. and and and. call me.

*just kidding maria honey! i had to rhyme that's all.

trying out imeem right now. technology is s.h.r.n.