just got back from my little trip to san diego, and these shots from jimmy have been waiting for me all weekend. i feel SO bad that i've neglected to do this but i was too busy having the TIME of my LIFE with my homeys on the mainland. you'll see... SOON!

so ya, labor day weekend was pretty stacked, as you saw from my previous entry. these shots are alllllllll from sunday.

thanks to THIS GUY. everyone give jimmy beech kisses when you see him please.

the girls on the ride out. woaapa.

such a beautiful day.


over here!


eric happy to see sarah

remember this bike thing? shit was funny.

yes. this is where i live. LIVE.

ha ha maggie

flash and eddie

get used to this


jimmy drank pretty much an entire bottle of rum



blaine! when i was at the tradeshow someone asked me if i knew "mel's boyfriend blaine" hahah. YA i do. jeesh.


derin was fabulous. duh.

mai tai girls. MAI TAI GIRLS. act like you know.

monica was SO much fun today. elysa too. so hot.

ha ha. how YOU doing there buddy.

started out with a decent crowd

andy is so fucking hot. act like you know.

these two won sandbar king n queen

aw. lynch vibing.

danielle's friend heather from LA was still here. aw! *muah*



my mouth looks like this in every shot i'm in. not sure what i was doing. wasn't even wasted. just .... having fun?

it had to be done

crowd grew steadily...

neken is SO the official soundtrack of the sandbar. seriously. LOVE them.


didn't know this was brent evans and summer til like FOREVER. they are SO in disguise!


ok now it's crowded. rad.

troy and pommy made it out.

too fabulous for this shit. thanks for coming anyway!

uh oh. SCOOPED!

as if you wouldn't

YES< ladies. fucking yes.

*sigh* love love

it had to be done

who is the douchebag that's still fuckin dressed. GAWD.

oh elysa. my darling elysa.....

my favorite mattyboy


the white boys

awwwww sarah

rockstar drummer in the house, er, on the bar

alex and her honi girls


see, there were boys there

honolulu's it couple!

wait--- who the hell is running shit at the wave waikiki


get used to it. FUCK.


ha ha

the brains behind blue magazine. mister andrew.

yes it's a trampoline

yes it's jack daniels. unfortunately, this is about a half hour before i left. the few gulps got me warm... but alas, i was sober.

not too sure how flash was feeling


so ya, a great day... came back to NO CAR. i was the only one they towed. and since it was a sunday? $270. right before i was leaving for california. i wonder if i will ever be able to enjoy a day at the sandbar with a HAPPY ending? hahaha.

ya, shit was good. thanks so much to RUSS and vertical junkies crew for the boats and the barge and getting REEF to throw in some shit too. i fuckin love hawaii.

now just wait til i show you the whole KOOL HERC and my weekend at ASR. ...