what?! no "HEY! how are you Christa" "Gee Christa you must be super busy because there's no updates, what's happening in your life?"

so demanding we are.

just for that i sat out for a few weeks. see how you like that.

don't worry, we'll work this out.

in the meantime, i DID have time to see the supercrew and enjoy the sneak preview of annapolis. such a delightfully cheesy and predictable flick that was! i enjoyed watching this bag a lot more than the movie

there was a-somethin happening in the wonderful land of chinatown that we all seem to frequent quite often. this time it was a fitting gala not to be ignored by this gal or any other human. CHINESE NEW YEAR my babies. took the long way with my dearest and explored th oh-so familiar hotel street. you love it.


this guy za za kind of wrote that one outkast track. act like you know! (er, like i'm doing. zana? some help?)

the terrible two. my number one with her number one at the fresh new blue thirtyninehotel.

GO TO THIRTYNINEHOTEL! they completely revamped the outside patio. richard actually handmade the new couches. GO GO.

the lanai always rules tho

quite a commotion these festivities bring...

eh, we can see it from in here. my favorite bar. my favorite person.

so, it's the year of the dog everyone. happy dog year!

for some reason i keep thinking of falcor the luck dragon

yikes! they just sneak up on you.


ok ok ok. lets check out indigo. i love indigo.

first time there in quite a while tho, shhhh. i love you g-spot and your events rock my world. esp when leftover drink tickets from previous events are still good.

PHellow PHotog

mister fab with g-spot... don't even tell me you didn't hear his "rant" on the podcast. pure genius!

miss lacy was having a good ol time. shit, we all were. this was a fuckin fun night.

leann and roger! oh shit. they're gonna kill me.

dug out to say hi to chad at bar35. didn't even know about the back area until tonight. it's so sexy. red. sexy.

then back to thirtynine for a quick drink with my number one

now pan out to thursday. chuck's birthday. and the release party for "It's 8:08" dvd.

'twas a good evening. sorry the canon didn't make it out that much. some things are meant to be sacred. but not the apb family taking swigs. that's meant to be exploited. heavily.

and mikey too. i mean, photogs are free reign, correct? ok that's my rule i just made up. i'm sticking with it tho.

i wonder what projects chris olivera has been up to

friday. first friday. arta walka timea!

random delightful street ornaments

you missed out-- the installation at thirtynine was SICK.


bar35 is always a pleasure

it's how they do

"yes yes something intellectual, blah blah"

mark's garage

turn to the left (fashion!) turn to the right

HEY! don't touch that

swing by indigo. say hi to clearchannel babies

time for Fahon! turn ot the left! fashion! (do you even know that song or am i just singing to myself here)

poor LG was thrown out of my booth a bunch of times. don't they know who HE IS?!

ah, bright green jacket says yes to me

my booth. looking kinda lonely.

JULIA! ah my ladies. maleko too.

whatchoo know about nightlife and podcast entrepeneurs

there were some people there

RAVI DRUMS is back in town bitches! ROOOOOOOOOCK on.

go ahead and tell me how much this guy rules. you know it. check out ravidrums.com if you don't know

funny, he entertains the playmates at hef's place, and i was just on maui with some. SMALL WORLD!

HEY! it's keau and gavin! wait....

awwwww babies, i missed you too.

what a fuckin rad night out. GO to fashion 45! shit is good.

i prefer the diamond lounge tho. it's just my taste, bwaahahahaa.

meanwhile outside... miss nina roxanne

our boy still at it

smart mag? SMART MAG AMY!

stevo and his new roommate... act!

HEY! ravi is on tv

amy... no YOU rule. thanks for the kudos i do it for the smart mag girls more than anyone!

elaine! how's it going?! i mean... you're looking a little green.

well lookie who's here. mister and mrs fabulous. fashionably EXTREMELY late. thanks for the appearance guys. booth was getting too lonely.

julia and jessica... JESSICA... she was just doing a little traveling. ask her about it.

NOT posers. we always make this face and stance.

geoff with arms

and geoff without arms

my favorite female of the evening...

...getting tossed out by security....

...MORE than once

andrew taking a break from SCOOPING ME!

ravi taking a break from killing it to be fabulous with the mr. and mrs.

kayce taking a break from being a computer and website genius

ravi taking a break to ... eat my head. aw!

ok ok ok . hope you enjoy i'm sorry the updates are coming so late these days. at least they are still coming my babies.
lovelovelove to you.