sorry for skipping over the weekend, but i wanted to post my shots from the matt costa show at next door last night. shit was unreal. thank you so much matty and aubry and phillip and everyone else. i had a great time.
no time for small talk. i gotta get back to work. i'll sort through this when i'm back. ciao!

(had nice dinner with anton to say "good luck at school these next few months! say hello to new york for us! ta ta! we miss you already!"

i NEVER see this one anymore

people were outside lined up hoping to get in until the show was over. it was crazy. matt definitely has a hawaii following. (come back!)

a bunch of people had their cars towed. including ryan chun. so sad. i hate the nuuanu/beritania lot at night. you have to go to this super secret hidden taxi cab stand at arts at marks or they call the tow truck on you. fuckers.