been too long since i had some wayne time. he's totally in love now by the way. how can you tell? a lot of "no" display names in his phone.

HEY! what doing!!!!

oh. ok.

hello, daytime chinatown.

daytime monday i know where there is a happy hour that goes all night....

...and it looks like some extremely dope people know this.


ok so i only JUST found out that the lambic comes in green apple and peach too. like, just now. i know.

skip ahead a few hours and several drinks.


oh. so it's matty hazelgrove's birthday again. it happens every year!

celebrating with 20 or so of his closest friends

we love him

and of course tim hazelgrove. changes his look every so often. this time i wasn't able to get a clear shot but it's a nice look.

haw haw maleko's shirt.

philip always gives the best gifts.

tuesday. first tuesday of the month. GREEN DRINKS!

woah. look at that drink! that's a pretty cool accident.

spoiler alert! i'm with kahunahana and laciukalani.

and some others

what! ELAINE!!

later at indigo i discovered that lacy and i are phone twins now. oh yes, say hello to phone number 9 people.

the tuesday night entertainment is .... be still my beating heart. serious.

wednesday discovering and a quick stop through at bluelava.

lorenz gave me the BEST treat i've had in a long time. anything banana flavored and i'm yours forever by the way.

skipping ahead a few hours. fresh ahi with cucumber is always a nice one too....

congratulations daniel! the new real estate sales director for optimum realty.

sakara's taste is exquisite. just LOOK at what she's done with her new nikon!!

hey byron......

i don't know when i took this. i mean, i know when i took this-- after sakara's party-- but i don't remember taking it

woke up about 5 hours later. oh my god! i almost totally missed sarah's birthday party. got there just in time.

this is bj everyone. butigroove bj. thanks to him i met nina. who i love. and miss. sad face.

and finally it was yesterday.

i'm atop the ala moana hotel

at aaron's

for a celebatory drink. i closed my first major account. *sigh* the world looks so peaceful from up here.

the beginning of two years at next door. a celebration!

went straight upstairs to dan. attack of cute!

cute attaaaaaaaaaaack!

she likes my new belt

back downstairs batteling

with amanda and jonah

i saw kayko. I SAW KAYKO. that matters. like, a LOT. kaaaaaaaaaayko.

i saw aubrey and philip too. since the b in bamp is silent now it's amp. but since matty didn't make it out it's ap. AP!

what the. why am i so distracted here...


angie too. remember ANGIE!?!? xoxoxoxo

it's ron! basics. NO! bay vi. i used to actually call basics "bay vee eye". cause i'm a retard. i totally get it now.

dan weaver's new pieces...

i made my way to the back totally forgetting about how they bring out everyone at the end of the show. i'm crossing my fingers that someone else got this shot

don't forget to check out ron's gig cause it involves one young mister kays. mm!


kahunahana is either using his sexy face or angry with me

hai! i know you! we bowled. i can NOT get enough of that little dog thing. she was so adorable. little dog little dog. you could totally hold her in one hand and she would curl up and get all comfy. in your HAND. aw.

catwings's boyfriend. he wasn't too hyped that i flashattacked her. i didn't mean it! i hate my flash too trust.

that's all for now. enjoy your weekend.