first: make sure you check out the prom photos from halloween. they are hilarious. if you want to rate them click to add a comment and it will allow you to give it starts. you should do that though, the winners get stuff. just saying. the link is here

on halloween we lurked the courtyard's halloween parade from our office. funny that the tree that i love looking at is totally in the way of seeing anything today.

i'll admit now that i didn't get much on halloween. some of my favorite lurk subjects got that on lock tho.
here on oahu i checked out waikiki with dharuma

i knew someone would do it. oh cameron!

had to check out the sony expo. tamra! not really seeing the hype about the playstation 3 but you know i was there to make sure

he's playing loco roco!

ya ya ya next year we'll all have three of these

skipped over to the convention center for..... the COIN SHOW!

get this. they "don't allow" photos at the coin show. i guess so you don't take a picture of the coins then photoshop some of your own? hum. the water plants were blooming tho. hey!

where are we now. OH! panya bistro! my new favorite place on earth. we had one of every martini they had while everyone else was eating breakfast. i love us.

sunday was kama'aina sunday at iolani palace. that means free, mister. except... you can only go in the basement unless you're there early enough. like, 7am early enough. we went to the basement.

not the best but just letting you know i'm still here. i'll be around the island independant film festival all weekend to check out the LIVE SCORED trailer that c.k. and c.k. and j.p. worked so hard on. i'm excited to see that. some of the films seem interesting too.