i forgot to put these up. this is actually a late post. late post! late post!
don't overlook lulus for pau hana people. parking is NOT a problem at the zoo at 5pm and getting in to waikiki isn't as bad as getting... other places

just like dukes!

at lulus you might even bump into kevin cotton

you might remember star and rene from the previous blog. well, as it turns out i bumped into them here when i was early to meet derin (early. always so damn early) and the three of us all talked ourselves into going out to skyline. we actually got pretty hyped about it too

ya i know pretty much anyone can get a better sunset shot from lulus. hey, sometimes i don't want to be like everyone else

the food at lulus is SO good. the tofu poke... oh my god. and they have this martini with pineapple juice and chamboard. oh my god.

hey! i got a new old camera. it's the same powershot a20 i started out with back in the day. i love it though. not as hip and small and fab as the other one but also not as bulky as the 20d for bringing out. nevermind. HEY! STAR!

so the reason i'm out on a thursday is to celebrate the wave's 25th anniversary. yes, i realize the place has been torn down but i think it was hard for a lot of people to see. and since jack has this other little spot still why not just have the damn party anyway, i mean, it wasn't COMPLETELY gone until the middle of this year. and such a great spot it was. i'll be waiting for a new venue. meanwhile, there was a lot of proof that "the wave" can still be recreated. case in point. cool lurkers

i wasn't on the list. this was somewhat disappointing. then i saw the list. it was two hand scibbled names by keoki. at this point derin had to remind me that it WAS hulas. very different.

wave mourners celebrating

byron the furr. wave staple.

they even had the same bartenders working. aw!

if anyone ever got a photo of the post-wave sea monster thing PLEASE e-mail me i'll do pretty much anything for a copy of that photo.

say hello to lucy. MISS gay pride thankyouverymuch.

veronica neider.....er. wave staple.

maleko finally rolled in. with LOADS of old drink tickets. and hey! they worked!

claire. wave staple

and how about my "wave pose" just for old times sake.

i have a feeling this isn't the last time we'll see that wall

hey derin! wave pose!

pimpbot. wave staple.

missing dave missing the wave. hey!

derin's text to flash

hotness. wave staple.

so i just happened to still have my vib card. it was actually just tucked away in an old wallet that i had to ressurect after the purse theft but MAN what a night to have that old thing! me and maleko are new-og. (i would say og but that club is 25 years old, man)

THIS is og. they were doing super fun slideshows on the monitors with every photo of the wave that anyone had. it was SO good.

case in point

and in the grand tradition of christa i even did the "i'll be right back!" slip away. bye bye wave!

it was a great place but i doubt it's gone for good. at least i hope not.

OH! thanks for all the e-mail. i appreciate your comments. i'm thinking about printing out some and making a kite to fly high in the sky in a small metaphorical statement about life and love. not kidding. i love you.