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a legend is now watching over all of us

October 28th, 2016 · 14 Comments


we need to give daniel’s friends and family some space right now.

i just wanted to share something.

[

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yesterday’s Sam & Ryan morning show was so, so, SO fun. watch here.

October 18th, 2016 · 1 Comment

monday was a good day. i was still reeling from the Sunday paper and got to visit the 93.9 morning show for Motivation Mondays. that was my first time using Facebook live! ps i am SO happy these two are back on the air. i will always remember driving to work so so so many years laughing out loud to Sam and Ryan in my car. sometimes they would call me if there was something techie to talk about. yesterday morning we got to talk about breast cancer though, among other things… including this film!

if you want some laughs today or just want to see how much energy i have right now, even first thing in the morning take a look:

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above the fold (!)

October 16th, 2016 · No Comments

0they say everything you do in life prepares you for this moment, right now. i am crying on my couch right now. it’s not tweaked out hormones. it’s THIS ARTICLE in today’s paper. the SUNDAY paper. mama, i made it. front page. above the fold! my head is spinning thinking about how many more people i can reach from this. if you are here because of the article please start here. then find a copy of my paper online here. these two things are the most important. oh also the TEDxHonolulu video. i’m really proud of how that came out.


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health update v 2.1.3

September 23rd, 2016 · 19 Comments

_q5a9348hi! well i made it to fall! i really REALLY love this time of year. it’s my favorite season. i figure it’s a good time to go ahead and just let everyone that might be interested what is going on with my health and well being.
i’ve been so so happy to read your notes, your cards, your texts emails messages snaps tweets. all of it. you guys you know that is the greatest gift for me at this point.
i didn’t really post too much details when the recurrence happened in may for a few reasons; one i had to process it myself. that was crazy. i’m not sure yet that i still have. my oncologist told me when breast cancer spreads to the brain that’s 6 months. she told me that in may. so, may, june, july, …… ok so that means if she was correct that my time is up come october.
process that.

[

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no pool partaaay on sunday oct 9th 2016

September 22nd, 2016 · 3 Comments

sorry guys the team is worried about a sunday event getting lit you guys. sorry not gonna do it unless it’s done right. they know what’s up. save date though for my official liquor industry retirement party. 12/21/2016. if u know me and u know the liquor events this will be the biggest goodbye she-bang honolulu city has seen since this one —->

Super CW's Best of 2011 from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

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what gig

July 22nd, 2016 · 2 Comments

when electric palms asks me first to open for an act- any act but esp a weird-like-me act like Hermitude, i don’t say no.

i should have said no.

after about a half hour playing i had to run off the stage and throw up my radiation brain dizziness. thank god Flash got Jecht to be there as my backup. what’s funny is the set is actually still not bad! i can listen to it over and over still. i remember watching the crowd grow, and all those Aussies in town for RIMPAC loving all my Flume. great energy and great night (except for having to cut it short.)

you guys see the rate of speed we’re seeing shows from electric palms, and a number of others coming up, but the fact that they are getting weirder with their artists hardly compares to the fact that THEY CALLED ME FIRST TO OPEN FOR FRJAHJFKHDJHGHG HERMITUDE.

this? is a big deal.

i know a lot of you got CDs already in the mail – sorry that i didn’t send THIS set to a lot of you. you can hear it here online :)))))

hopefully by now you watched what happened at TEDxHonolulu on July 9th.

Christa Ted Talk from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

….a day that will be burned on my soul as a huge seed planted that is growing so so gracefully and with purpose and life energy everything falling in to place so easily.

ha. get that. i can’t wait to go back to even like 2009 and read the way i wrote then. lawl. i haven’t felt this much right in my world since going to hong kong in 2010. THIS IS A BIG BREAKTHROUGH PEOPLE. on a few levels. 2010 was a spark. 2016 is as well. 2018? THAT IS GONNA BE SO WOAH. for all of us. oh wait 2008 is also a huge seed for me i started ymcoh in 08/2008. (!!!!!!!!)

i see clearly that all that work i put in to making this monster so systematically and constantly for so many years was to help heal my 40 year old self. it’s been SUCH a treat making a life here. making things happen here. good things.

just wow.

you can follow along the film here expected release 2018. sxsw.

you can search any name or thing or term (lol “jonahface”) on my site or just in your search bar “term site:supercw.com” or like “name site:supercw.com”

go ahead. try it honolulu city. nite nite i love you.

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