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health update v.3

May 12th, 2017 · 2 Comments

Hello, friends. It’s been awhile since my last post and some of you might not know how I’m doing today.

There’s a lot to tell and it’s all good things.

Whatever I’m doing – and however you are helping – it’s working. IT’S WORKING!

Those of you who have bumped into me out and about or at a gig already see the drastic physical improvements from December’s birthday event. My hair is finally growing back. My skin is pretty healthy from all the vitamins and vegetables. I’ve got some (SOME) energy. It’s truly inspiring, even to me.

As far as my health I’ve had two brain scans already in 2017. One showed three spots which we couldn’t tell if they were new or from the old batch of 40. The next scan showed those three spots shrinking, so doc thinks they are just stubborn ones from the first batch. So basically I responded very well to the whole brain radiation. Liver, lungs, breast- all gone. They have now marked me as “stable, no signs of disease.”


Don’t think the magnitude of this feat isn’t lost on me. I wake up every day almost in tears with gratitude for a chance to keep living. I’m not sure what it is about this time of year (May) but the past two years it’s been very bad for me. I am more edgy and down in the dumps, which could very clearly be why I had the initial diagnosis and recurrence.

With the Erickson family in October. They have been so supportive the whole time. I was in the hospital with neutropenia which is a common side effect of my current meds.

This year I really made a point to stay as positive as possible. There were definitely some bumps in the road but I’ve learned to roll with those punches and thankfully I’ve reached the other end. I have more scans in June to make sure I’m still showing no signs of disease and will have to repeat this process until the fall. Two years from now I will be able to say I am “in remission” even though my cancer is “chronic” and “incurable” but who cares about labels anymore. I have NO. SIGNS. OF. DISEASE.

I’ll take that.

What’s next for me? Well this is very very important, please keep reading. Most of you know I’ve been working on a film for the past two years. I’m happy to tell you that we have finished shooting and have begun the tedious efforts of post-production. By the grace of my own prayers producer Gerard Elmore has actively entered the project and has generously already donated tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and time to get me to this point.

After a MindLab retreat I’ve decided to take their advice and start a Kickstarter to not only raise the money we need to finish this film, but to raise awareness about the project. I need to be very clear that this money I’m about to raise is just for the film, not me or my own treatments. With my savings and disability checks (and whatever side gigs I can get) (hire me!) (buy my merch!) I am good for now, especially since my health is stable. This, I’m sure, is not a coincidence. Nothing happens by chance and the timing for everything since I was first diagnosed two years ago has been incredibly favorable.

That means this film was meant to happen. It’s happening. We are all going to make it happen.

So I am not good at asking for help (still) but getting better at it. I really need your help. A donation of any amount is huge but most importantly I need your help SHARING the project. We all need to get this in front of as many eyes as possible. My friends especially in the entertainment industry: have I ever asked you for anything? Please, today I am asking.

Please take a moment to share this project with your trusted colleagues. Same goes for the rest of you. You have to know that we are going to be able to help so so so many people with this film. I know this because I am still sending my Plan of Attack out at least 5-8 times a week. While I am sad to hear about so many people being diagnosed I am so so honored to be able to offer even a little bit of hope, and have already seen some follow the paper and find their cancer has also resolved.

Here is the video plea we will be using for the campaign to get your eyes nice and soggy. I’ve heard that if you get a lot of attention those first few days it can get the attention of people who decide what is featured. WE ALL HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

Thank you so much for everything you have done. Your messages, letters, organic produce, prayers, all of that. It’s definitely working. Now I’m going to pay it forward. Love you.

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  • 2 flo // May 21, 2017 at 6:51 am


    by chance I googled my way into your LA trip (2011?) and just want to say all the best and glad to see it turned out lucky!

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