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Honolulu's Nightlife Diaries

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December 23rd, 2016 · 2 Comments

woah. that was a really great birthday party.

if you were there you know. if you couldn’t make it, trust me your positive vibes were received loud and clear.

to be fair, that was not my party. i mean it was my party, but that was not executed by one person. it took the selfless participation of many others working for no other reason than to share the love. that? is what we call a community.

moana events was key and morgan and jennifer nailed it. there will never be a way to repay them so i accept their generous donation (and the It Girl All Black welcome registration) (!!!!).

you saw kamea hadar there yes that’s the pow wow kamea hadar. and that was lana lane gress and pow wow jasper wong. i am floored you guys it was wonderful to experience your artwork in action and share it with people. whoever took the white canvas jasper painted inside please message me so i can get it back.

gah, those records spinning outside by maria and nara with the food (town was grilling cheese sandwiches ahgfjkgjghajgh) and jenn brought her famous vegan mochi and poni’s food trucks and those pretty string lights but it doesn’t stop there.

i was defeated trying to figure out a way for mega-artist aaron de la cruz to come back to oahu and paint my car again. yep. art car ii. thank you kamea and pow wow for making that happen. what a special sidebar. thank you joshua for capturing that.

inside the venue was a dream. huge mahalo to tamara rigney and cristina luck for making that possible. all the greenery around the stage and the epic centerpiece with the bottles in the back. and to michael and alysia for setting up the celestial tours with their light alchemy and tarot and stones!

as for a venue i couldn’t have asked for a more effortless experience. jimbo and bubbs and their team over there are super on point. i have to say even the greatest yet. promoters, can you pls do more stuff there? i know parking is shitty but nobody drives at night really. you know what i would love to see there? weird dance music artists like ryan hemsworth or a chillwave show with petit biscuit. can someone make some calls and get that done?

hugest mahalo to my youngs family for showing up in full force (yes that was THE bonner paddock you saw by the bar) esp our president for taking care of my family’s bar tab and staying longer than he planned because i wouldn’t let him go without seeing at least ONE already sweaty song. to hugh duncan – the man who runs the craziest business and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of beverages and does it so well that he makes it look easy. i never finished college and i had a visible tattoo and was way too bubbly in my interview with him, and i know he wasn’t really interested in hiring me. becker made it happen. not only did hugh duncan come around and finally like me and believe in me, he got up on the stage and made the most heartfelt goodbye toast i’ve ever had. i hope you guys saw that. i am thankful diane caught a part of it (the best part!). to go from working systems and computers and the government service and all that to the liquor industry was a steep learning curve. these guys really taught me a lot. i am going to miss being around all that craziness.

thank you to all the bands that performed; Verses Undefined, Castle Park and Already Sweaty. MY #GirlGang that donated their musical curating talents for us to dance. Bozz for having such great chemistry when they perform together. Singer/songwriter Max Louie music. Most of all bird for managing the stage.

great seeing stylies Matt Bruening and Rance pull off yet another wonderful fashion display. his inspiration and work and THAT SHOW has always given me a lot of fire at my parties and as long as i’m doing them i’ll try to keep him involved.

MAHALO to Nella Media for the CDs (did you get one? let me know what you think), About the Goods, Roberta Oaks, Will Chen, Collete, Flash, and Roxy for the raffle prizes, Paiko for the greenery, Teresa Milton for the photo booth and airbrush tattoos, all of the Young’s suppliers for the delicious cocktails, twilight chris for donating the sound equipment and giving us a huge discount, tim lum, joshua bowlin, marie and noil for filming, and especially Moana Events for executing what is going down in my personal history as the greatest fcking night ever. love u all. video coming soon. i see some galleries going up though if you weren’t there and want to see.


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  • 1 David Hayakawa // Dec 24, 2016 at 12:29 am

    Can tell from story and pics that it was a fantastic night, although there was no doubt it would be. Was on the other side of thw world, ortherwise I would have been there. Can’t wait unti next year’s party!

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