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cw killed cancer

September 17th, 2015 · 5 Comments

hi. i shouldn’t be writing this as my phone is blowing up next to me and i’m just worried about letting the close-close people who have been helping me daily know before they find out through social media or anything…. but holy crap you guys…. we completely beat the cancer.

nothing is showing up on the scans.

from my first announcement to my other couple posts… that’s all there is!

my sister was with me at the oncology office tuesday and the doctor hadn’t previously reviewed it so i got to sit there and watch their doctor-reactions which was PRICELESS. nothing in the lungs. nothing in the lymph. nothing in the liver, pancreas, ovaries, colon, breasts, blood…. NOTHING! there was a blip on the head portion of the pep scan on my frontal left lobe which was scary since it was my left neck lymph swollen and i definitely felt the electric pain pulses going up my neck in the beginning so i had to run over to MRI real quick (which i still have a headache from – those rays are loud and you can feel them going through your brain). if anyone reading this has had an MRI they know. holding that still for 45 minutes is a mind fck. you better know how to meditate. good thing i taught myself that during all of this. i love those last two little attempts at the evil to take me back over though. ha. nice try.

there are too many miracles that happened to list here but know that from here on out especially now i believe. i believe in god i believe in the power of positive intentions, positive thoughts and beyond all that i believe that you can put your mind to anything you want in life.

you have to know this.

please be good to each other. if there is anything i want you guys to learn from my experience is be mindful of how you treat each other. you never know when you may need to rely on the support of others to save a life. i pray that nobody has to go through that mental horror of thinking your life is over or of wanting it to be over.

more on that soon. here is a cute recap video of my performance before the Hawaii Five-0 premiere in Waikiki! it’s not my first time with them but i was pretty hyped when my friend asked me to come as her guest – she is kind of a big deal! it was such a magical night from beginning to end. there’s photos of us all over the internet and i’ll have my snap story in my massive story that I’ve been saving down through this entire thing – a cute snippet way to go from stave iv to cancer free in four months =)


book will happen. please wish me luck those things are hard.

cancer playlist is already out there but i’ll make you guys CDs too. no more freebees though you gotta pay at least $1 to daniel gray’s fight for them.

me and grace at the premiere =) best date ever if you like/want some celebrity treatment ! stoked that i made #2 in the event’s highlights over at Honolulu Magazine. gracie was on the list too tho!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.52.39 AM

there’s a LOT more obviously but i am running out the door. i have quite a bit to handle with my health still. the open wound they left from my emergency port removal is still looking at me. it’s funny because wound care has been the worst part of all of this. i always say though if that’s the worst part then it’s the best part :) it’s definitely the most painful and yucky part.

just not completely 100% out of the woods yet. after i heal this wound i have 3 cycles of chemo left to complete. i’ll be continuing my high dose vitamin c and hyperbaric oxygen therapies until then.

then of course the final thing is the major surgery. my sister thinks since i’m a hormone positive her2 negative cancer that i can just remove my ovaries instead of my fun bags. we might need to do all three. i love my bb’s but said goodbye to them a while ago. i’m ok to lose whatever i need to do. that’s the next decision.

looking for support through the rest of this in all of you! please keep your positive energy and prayers coming this way !

this post is dedicated to everyone still fighting. it might not be cancer it could be any other demon or evil. just know in the power you have in yourself. it’s there. like me you might need a little extra help getting through it all but know that it’s possible.

everything happens for a reason.

love you, cw

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  • 1 Charlieboy // Sep 17, 2015 at 12:51 pm

    This is the best news I’ve heard all year. I’m so so so so happy for you. I’m keeping the positive vibes flowing for you!!!!

  • 2 Tasha // Sep 17, 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Congratulations!!! So so so happy for you and hopeful for all friends still battling this evil disease. Good luck and positive thoughts towards the last steps of this difficult journey, and towards the first steps of the new adventures you get to begin. Much love!

  • 3 Michelle V // Sep 17, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    there are not enough words for how awesome this is!!! I hope one day to get to Hawaii as I would love to meet up with you.

  • 4 McPhee // Sep 17, 2015 at 10:16 pm

    Christa you are an inspiration to everyone out there this blog brought me to tears I’m going through the same thing of the c word with somebody close to me. Cancer does suck and it hurts your heart terribly. What I have read from you for the past 4 months and your amazing news made me happy I’m soo happy for you. The long road is almost over and good luck with the final treatments and the big surgery will be thinking of you. Congrats to you and the CW strong family *hugs*

  • 5 Nick Kuchar // Sep 22, 2015 at 11:43 am

    Congrats Christa! We were praying for you. So awesome that you’re cancer free.

    Take care,
    Nick and Rachel Kuchar

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