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[pics] what it’s like at HOME and on a movie set. Also APARTM3NT grand opening.

August 4th, 2009 · 11 Comments

WHAT is with the sky lately? god, last friday was the nicest sunset ever. i guess maybe climate changes? or … shoot, i could probably just google it. well anyway, it was a superrad sunset just in time for pecha kuchaat the academy last friday. you can bet i was there early to get a good seat. i LOVE these!

i thought i was all sneaky and stuff but i got peeped by my fellow pirate  ryan chun. aaaaaa! busted. he was there to hear matt yeedo his piece on letterforms and graffiti.

dubs was there too. OMG! he’s soooo low-pro that he spent an entire saturday with ckaweeksand kaweeks didn’t even know it.

god it was a beautiful night. and if you happened to see my column in the weekly you know all about this event now too, cause i blabbed the crap out of it. i just love them. 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide and that’s IT!! that’s all you got, so you better keep up, damn it. good stuff… i was stoked on everyone who talked, they were all so brilliant and creative and funny and smart. can’t wait for the next one.

i tried to get shots of the speakers but kinda blew it. that’s matt yee tho. he was describing his earlier letterforms as “mind-fuckish” to a bunch of museum people. sooooo dope.

that tree is pretty nice too, which reminds me: wear bug spray if you go ok? you don’t want to be all distracted scratching your ankles the entire time someone is talking about stuff you really wanted to listen to.

later i just couldn’t believe it…. me and darieus legg are….. SUN GLASSES TWINS! and i just happened to have them in my bag to prove it. i hardly ever even have these at night for fear they might get smooshed in my bag or taken. i even followed in sarah honda’s footsteps and bought a back-up pair just in case. but yes…. these are the in4mation wayfarer sunnies. super duper hot shit, basically.

ok, i might have let bargenius christain self take them for a test drive. i mean, the checkerboard is on the inside.

i spent some time at thirtyninehotel and lurked britany sussman’s going away 80’s party for a while. those chicks rock.

she got crowned prom queen. no special reason. just because. see? they rock.

then she left honolulu. just like that. star in a film then leave. fine, go. *sobs*

oooooo you can see richard’s studioacross the way from thirtynine, complete with him slaving away. i was lurking it for a while. it was so cool. like new york or something.

speaking of soho, i’m pretty sure daniel was the first to get in on that new bubble vodka craze. we went over there for shots before the w.
BUBBLE GUM SHOTS! oh god. do i need to say more? just aaaaaa….

i was appropriately delusional by the time we got over to the lotus for HOME. hi ladies! bwaaudkflkajfdkljfa;kjdhh

nah, i’m not that bad. ps: veronica! you work out?

i’m cool with the decision to keep this. i like looking at it when i come in. there’s a million other things that could take up this space and make it a more practical setting for an upscaley boutiquey hotel lobby, but seeing this sexy bed before you walk in to a club atmosphere definitely gets the mood right. time to prrrrowl…

prrrrrr FLASH! wait. you’re taken. i think? flash?

prrrrr RAVI. nope. married.  new baby even. mike too. gah.

it’s cool, guys. i’m not really on the prowl anyway. just messing around. oh hai!

wait a sec – let me get a proper one of me and ravi drums. we kinda go back a long way damn it. AAAAAAAAA.

well it’s a good thing i had my camera. i probably wouldn’t have even gotten in. nah nah nah.

prrrrr CHARLIE! what’s that you got there a new camera? um. finally.

um, flash. i don’t think he takes requests.



ravi bangin away as he does. have you ever googled him, by the way? crazy stuff this one. he was the first, like, non-business sorta person i ever recommended on linkedin.com

mike goldberg, mike goldbergin

this guy was dancing his face off. and actually now that i look at him, i think it’s the same kid i met on set for ecila the following sunday. john? jon? is that you?

summer jensen was still in town. in a suit even. i was like “horseshit. i know you dance. let’s DANCE”

saw this guy on the dancefloor fanning out on ravi drums. so rad.


flashcam! ooo like this one

flashcam! haha making sure you see the F&M on the floor tom

flashcam! i’m in that crowd somewhere. dancing my face off.

flashcam! haaaaank!

ooo i like this one. did i take it? crap i don’t even know anymore. but love eskae and ravi together. they were seriously making it impossible not to dance tonight. i don’t get over to the w as much as i want to on fridays, but every time i do DAMN IT if it’s the most fun everr. ever ever.

drink up, friends! you got a lot of catching up to do.

oh wait, TOTALLY still flashcam. i would never do something like this to a married man.




flashcam! hey! alan yang!

hey guys. been working out?


kristi was sooo there too. it was her BIRTHDAY.

love it, love you girlfriend. anyone who gets LINCOLN JACOBE for their birthday is damn straight proper in anyone’s book of “who’s the most awesome person around”

wait what am i even talking about. i’m totally babbling. it’s like gene park here can already read what i’m writing and saying “um, christa, that’s not even a proper sentence *wince*”

yeah guys, sorry about that. bubble gum shots. BUT YEEEEE KRISTI BDAY!

thanks for taking all the pics flash. i love it it totally gave me a break to dancedancedancedance

matty boy and ryan golden child

oh wait! this is still flashcam! FLASHCAM!

haha yup. FLASHCAM!



hahah matty profile. by FLASHCAM!

oooo summer, where do you get your brows done. FLASHCAM!

hi charles, i mean chip. i mean charles. i mean chip. FLASHCAM!

bwaaaaaaaaa party friday party party party wooo

i better get a nice one of gene park. for the ladies.

meanwhile. dancedancedance party wooo. AND! i just saw that fighting eel dress on some celebrity in some celebrity stalker pub as tweeted by nadine kam. i can’t remember who now , but wooo famous dress.

that following saturday it took me pretty much the whole day to recover. bar 35 turned 4 and had a party about it, at a VERY EARLY 6pm which actually went well with the booze still sloshing around in my head. i tried to get the awesome vanilla sky-ish looking chinatown here but blew it. sorry.

it was a super special evening i was hyped. bar 35 making all of us feel all old…. it’s really been FOUR years???

aja was doing cool hot-chick dancie stuff on a pedistal in the corner. i lurked her for kind of a long time.

wait, what! that’s all i have from bar 35?? crap. well it’s not like we’ve all been there a bunch of times. this was just that, only with free booze. so, superfun. this is another shot time at soho, only it’s the sweet tea we just got. bubble and sweet tea. so hot right now. i was a vodka shooting fool this weekend.

daniel’s sister was in town from kauai. i like it when they make moke jokes to each other all the time. and i also like it when he wears that t-shirt with my face on it.

apartm3nt was having their OFFICIAL grand opening party tonight. it was pretty much nuts. hi jami.

ok nuts isn’t the right word just yet. classy…

classy classy….

hi jami

oh! i just finally saw what you were doing  online today. nice work. rat packy.

lan had a rat packy hair ribbon too. super went with the place. i loved it.

so classic. love these faces.

fireside chats.

talk about classic. kaleihikinaladygaga akaka. classy classy rat packy.

hank, you’re on

the beautiful people. they were all there. classy classy rat packy.

security too.

classy classy

aw, kyler. it’s been like eight years since i seen you. wedding biz must be totally it. that’s cool. *love* good to see you in the nightlife.  where are your pics from tonight? i gotta seeee.

this one. aaaaaaa! *death by cute*

veronica. aaaaaa! *death by fit*

giselle and heidi. aaaaaaa *death by hot*

wait wait. you can’t kill me anymore. i just died three times. aaaaaaa. andi and her boyfriend. *death by indie*

the bathroom is from another land. classy classy rat packy.

with a nod to the only after party most of us will ever need to know

chris hughes your favorite morning show radio host. one of your favorite morning show radio hosts, i mean.

becker is probably DM’ing.

saw this on my 3rd trip to the bathroom. alysia marlow……… hothothot

it was her birthday. and she had those shoes i keep seeing. so stylie, these models.

yeah, tonight was nutso. things got crazy. classy classy to crazy crazy.

i have no idea. (marry me tho?)

classy to crazy


ana you wasting your time girlfriend, there’s a lanyard around your neck. we know it’s you.

you’re on, hank. part 2. part crazy.

no really. i LOVE it when people wear my face on their chest. more people should do it in real life. hawhaw. ok, never mind that was kinda weird…

hey didn’t i just see you friday? partymonster.

hey kera. can i see some id. aw, juaaaaskiddnaaaa!


this isn’t when things got crazy, by the way….

….it was way later. when the animals showed up. yes, the animals. i think i stayed until the very very end too. not a usual for this one. ps: sarah honda do you still have both pairs of in4 shades?

this was an accidental shot but rad, you can totally see maria’s tattoo. i love it.

oh god sunday. i promised robert that i would be an extra in ecila, and he went and gave my number to some casting person who called “on Robert Campbell’s behalf” to make sure i was there at 10am sharp and then got ANOTHER call from Director Darieus Legg to be sure sure i was there. i hadto get out of bed. so here i am. on set. kinda dying. aaaaaaa.

it didn’t take long to adjust, thanks to xanadu, and just the general stoked-ed-ness i was having to be around a real movie set.

much much later in the day we got a visit from travis and beats. you can’t tell here, but beats has the gnarliest orange, like orange ORANGE slippers ever. i saw him walk up from way across the capitol.

the building is so giant and majestic, by the way. i always walked by it, never kicked it all day around it.

the sky was still doing some majorly cool shite too. super high ripplie clouds and stuff. i could probably google the name of them. eh.

so yeah. real movie.

with real actors that tell real stories

lens envy

aaron mcmullen was here

i’m talent

robert half-hazardly tossed me a hat today. i don’t think he realized how much it meant. i was showing everyone in the world and haven’t taken it off since he gave it to me. well, for work and stuff i have, but i pretty much wear it nightly to bed. SO excited about this. i’m official. ecila family. for LIFE.

oh, i was also making the crew listen to passion pit. that’s brandon spencer, who is fcking awesome, by the way. even darieus when he came over to check the sound or something. i made him listen to the entire cresendo in Folds in Your Hands when i’m pretty sure he had, like a lot of other stuff to do.

the sound guy’s rig. kinda epic.

actually, all the equipment was epic. i’m totally a film-maker nerd now.

the props? epic.

director’s kicks? epic.

aaron mcmullen? EPICCCC.

seriously guys. how did you get all this stuff anyway? you’re so legit. aaaaa hurry up and edit this MOVIE.

it was cool to be able to see my house from here too.

ryan miyashiro eventually strolled through. he’s a movie-extra regular.

a lot of the crew is working on chuck’s film. ANOTHER one that i’m way way way hyped to see. damn you guys. just keep being awesome k.

this is me taking a break from my acting role. i have a small part: girl in line excited to get book signed. can’t remember if i took off my sunglasses or not for the part. guess you’ll have to watch the movie to see.

my fellow cast members. they played the role of boys in line excited to get book signed. this is them. in character.

darieus directing over there

darieus directing up there

margot seeto. am i the only one crushing on her? doubt it.

i remember in boot camp when we had to hold our paperwork all high over our head until everyone was finished filling it out. it used to really piss me off. i had the longest name out of everyone and i would always finish first and had to hold my arms up forever. tactics.

ps: look how many people it took to get this shot. this is just one side of the set too.

lancifer came! he wanted to go surf really bad but hung out with Ito instead. love him.

the lucero brothers got my back. watch your mouth.

brett and kahunahana taking a break from their roles as people excited to get their book signed by the author. well, actually brett is still pretty excited.

THIS guy. is this the same guy? he rolled right up to me and aaron mcmullen and introduced himself and was all stoked to be making a creative-collabo at UH. they had an event at ong king last friday. jon? john? was that you at the w dancing your face off to ravi drums? well anyway. he’s really rad. super funny and friendly and energetic. call me dude, i want to know more about this collective you’re making at school.

and this might be the last take. ever. like, the last take of a film they’ve been shooting for over a year. could it? is it?

YEP!!! PAU! omg. wrap wrappity wrap. it’s a print guys. get that shit to POST! we got ourselves a feature film. aaaaaaaaaaa.

so happy for them. that was the coolest day ever too, hanging around all day on set. i can’t believe i don’t have any shots of mike pooley as the agent dude either… i must have watched him walk through the state capital like a hundred times. oh well, guess we’ll all just have to wait for the movie…..



ok what next. tuesday. oh! i’m going to preview the new late night shokudo happy hour tonight. kinda gonna try one of EVERYTHING! probably after party at kaleidoscope since that’s back then diamond tuesdays since the v lounge is my boyfriend. see you somewhere….

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  • 1 Bruce McIntire // Aug 4, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Well said

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  • 4 CharlieBoy808.com // Aug 4, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    YAY!! I love you Christa! your the best!! lol and yup new camera and new outlook on life which is don’t trust that people won’t steal your precious equipment. Hold on to it always!!!

    Great times as always and i’ll be sure to have my camera the next time i see ya! YAY! lol

  • 5 @ESKAE // Aug 4, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Ravi and I murked it. Shame on you if you weren’t there. PS:


  • 6 Daniel from SoHo // Aug 4, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    def not enough SoHo action in this one. jus sayin.

  • 7 kera // Aug 4, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    bahaha Christalove! thanks for the pic. LOL-ing at the caption. but, comeeonnnn. i mean, close enough!

  • 8 race // Aug 4, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    I can’t wait for Ecila. A screen still is being considered for our next cover. Shhhhhhhh.

  • 9 Kristi // Aug 5, 2009 at 10:14 am

    LOL, Christa!! I <3 <3 <3 your blogs!!

    Your captions are hilarious!! And LOL about what I “got” for my birthday!! ;) You are the CUTEST, Doll!!

    See you on the town soon (I’m sure!), kris. :)

  • 10 Veronica // Aug 5, 2009 at 11:35 am

    I agree with Kristi! I laughed my a@# off at your comments!
    Glad I got to see you multiple times recently! Life is way more colorful when you’re around ;)

  • 11 Christa // Aug 5, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    don’t worry race. i won’t tell a soul.

    and i LOVE THE WORD MURK! murk. murk murk. aaaaaa.

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