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[pics] catching up. pink pub crawlin, project runway pearl lurkin…

December 14th, 2008 · 19 Comments

we have a bet going right now at work. i can’t reveal this new bar we’re at yet until we can all get in a room with nina. but yes, there’s a new bar open somewhere that i got to peep with the boys club.

ps don’t ever leave your phone around pat. he’s a device genius and tylerface background will happen no matter what kind of phone you have the second you go to the bathroom.

later that week i wasn’t really that hungry anymore at bonsai

and later later that week i was camera envying ac from metromix at bar 35

she has THE best bar toys

we were drinking alize martinis all over chinatown. this is the infamous geisha at bar 35. if you ever hear the commercial for bar 35 you hear those two chicks talking on the phone and one is freaking out about the geisha….. um, ya. that’s me.

when becker shows up it’s always a party. not kidding. i am still trying to figure out how i never met him before this job. but ya, we were pink pub crawling so he brought us all kinds of pink paraphernalia. fun.

party becker!

me in my uniform t-shirt i got at rock shop a few weeks ago. gah! i don’t know, but since last year i’ve been on this major uniform trip where i find a shirt i love and wear it pretty much every day til i’m over it. then get a new one. not sure how stylish that is but damn i’m comfortable.

pink girlies getting giddy on the metromix bar toys. there were seriously fun. glowey-plastic ball-thingies that you could squish around like tumors in a ball sack. trust me. fun.

glowey ball sack tumors = fun. alize martinis = classy.

security was playing along too. damn guys actually look kinda good in pink.

work friends.

non-work friends. we got infiltrated by aloha stadium. i was beyond hyped about this.

derin popped over. it’s so cool that he lives right up the road now as opposed to aiea. much easier to pop.

you can’t see travis but he’s the one responsible for getting aloha stadium over.

aw, there. kind of. look up! jeez kid you already got more points than maka at this point. i am pretty sure the only time he was able to motivate the boys was when i bought them a bottle at skyline.

loves ya!

daniel lee soon. i know his name because he rsvp’s for every link i ever put on myopenbar.com. if myopenbar had p1 readers like radio stations have p1 listeners then daniel is definintely that. awesome, dude. thanks for always supporting the nightlife.

beets beats

keoki and mike millerpinktiki made it over from the scotch tasting on the superferry. i wanted to check it out but i was still on my plane coming back from maui. straight from meeting to terminal to bar for me. no superferry pit stops. but i loved that they kept their name tags on. sooo something i would have done.

so ya. we were stoking everyone out on pink martinis. they are actually super good. kinda dangerous actually. i mean, all i taste is pink. no alcohol. just fruit. so delicious.

the boys were digging them too.

speaking of pink, how’s the classics battle. i have officially lost my dan murphys. SO pissed. i know it’s in a gym bag somewhere. ugh.


karaface. SURPRISE!


meanwhile at the end of the bar. my boy treats were throwing back pink martinis like green bottles.

pink pub crawling over to LOFT

saw the OMG! WTF! guy getting next door ready for first friday on the way over.

oh YEAH. duh. it’s the thursday before first friday. thanks to everyone that thought coming to chinatown two nights in a row ain’t no thing. i mean, it really isn’t. i come here like 4 times a week. but ya, i guess i’m not everyone.

meanwhile. LOFT totally opened their doors all special like just for us. they aren’t even friggin open the thursday before first friday. i kinda like that, actually. then i can drag daniel to random fancy party event things and he can steal all my pictures and write better recaps than me.

nice touch. shoots! oh ps: ask daniel for his supersecret yummy drink that he makes with that pink alize. it will bring you frighteningly close to have zero discretion’s whatsoever.

did you hear about that major fight that broke out at totally 80’s the other night? i wasn’t there, but that’s why daniel’s lip is split open. two girls started fighting then their boyfriends started fighting so he jumped over the bar to break it up and some douche came up behind daniel and cheap shoted him. hahhahah i guess it got much worse before it got better, so chris here grabbed the beverage gun and started spraying everyone down with water. he totally drenched the girl who started the whole thing too. hahaha, nice bro!

tonight we were all very good. no fighting. it was all pink drinks and bar toys and smiles.

and fun to be at our own private little party.

with boy treats

and party favors!

open your eyes juice. god DAMN.

the bar toys were so fun. the “kiss kiss” was like made for me. you know me.

the boys brought me a treat

ya, maka. kinda pretty much blew it. next time i invite you to something and say “pls pls pls pls come, it’s for work and i’ll pretty much die if i don’t see your face brighten up the joint” do NOT stay at home, damn it.


daniel was happy. thank god. i know it’s not the most fun to come in to work when you were expecting not to. but i mean, we were a lot of fun and he likes fun people.

awwwww honey. you get two.

by the time we got to our last stop the pink was definitely taking effect.

good thing kevin had them lined up and ready.

more faces that popped in on the crawl. BEAU BASSETT!

everyone had a different yummy concoction for the pink so we were actually never sick of them. god, it worked out beautifully. actually, by this time i couldn’t even really taste what i was drinking anymore. i think these were actually just the alize rose with sprite, haw haw.

i’m just posting this one so daniel can steal it and write something funny. i have to tell you his blogs are way friggin funnier than mine. he holds back like zilch.

ooooooo i can’t wait! do it now now now!!

later that week i was at hipster barn

ok, no i wasn’t. but speaking of! since american apparel has finally opened in waikiki i have been seeing SOO many deep-vees. not on pomai and aaron, they probably got theirs online like two years ago, i’m talkng about normal mandudebros cruising at places like pearl trading their ed hardy shirts for the deep-vee. it’s so strange. i’m not sure what to think about it.

i bet ross jackson has something articulate to say about it tho. that’s like the only stuff that comes out of his mouth.

anna was wearing the pants i wanted so bad from exclusive but they only had like 0 and 00 and -000 in stock. it might be for the best, actually. anything bigger than those sizes might look kinda ridiculous.

michael paul is one of the funniest facebook guys i have the pleasure of reading. every time i see his status updates i actually laugh out loud. funny guy mike.

oh ps!!! i saw all these cool cats in one spot and you’ll NEVER guess where!

we are totaly at pearl. actually that’s not true. we’re at candy bar. candy bar > pearl. it’s a special one too. the fashion one – they brought in some fashion guy to judge a bunch of local designers and stuff. we couldn’t not go.

the fashion expert was some guy who didn’t win project runway.

dan weaver is also some fashion guy who didn’t win project runway, but i don’t see him with no director’s chair and goose bottle service. awwwww, you know what you gotta be to make it on that show hon? gay. flamboyantly gay. sorry, but i think that’s the hot ticket. that pink shirt isn’t fooling anyone either – we’ve all seen your hot girlfriend.

the infamous scary as hell “runway” at pearl. where pretty much any time i’m here watching a fashion show i’m biting my lip and secretly praying that the models get out of there alive. that’s a long way down.

my runway shots were hellish. if i was any good you would see krista alvarez blowing your mind in andy south tho.

try two. yup. blew it.

she was seriously marvelous. like, head to toe marvelous. i was SO scared for her on the runway tho. like freaking out scared. her boots on that bar were just asking for it.

then she did this super confidant drop-the-coat thing with all this attitude and we all wanted to die. andy south won it right then and there.

well, not RIGHT then and there. i mean, everyone else had to show their stuff too. but i knew andy had it in the bag at this point. there was no way anyone could beat that. not even with futuristic cruella deville gowns.

saw kimberly maxwell tho! remember her from when we were with all the playboy playmates on maui? well guess what she is also a designer. and THIS tall that she was head and shoulders over everyone in there.

dan weaver went on a limb and showed one of his more intricate pieces. he was going more for quality but forgot that we were at pearl. i mean candy bar. well, whatever. i mean, it’s not going to be about quality here, hon. it’s about over the top cheesiness flair.

kimberly maxwell. my fellow tall white girl sister blonde girlfriend.

oh, and that’s kimberly’s design. looks comfy.

oooo. HI!

bryce was there. all giddy.

and that’s sheronita putting my number in her phone

i know right! LUCKY MEEEE!!!

that’s leandro, looking all kinds of tall. and me not cutting his head off for once.

got caught sneaking out by david silva. always looking like a dime piece when he goes out. i like the trendy stuff too boy what a man in a suit does to me. just YEAH!

speaking of dime pieces. miss ara laylo.

THIS close to sneaking out. got talked out of it by a one-more-drink sarah honda. glad i stayed. i saw aja. a.k.a. violetta baretta.

hahahah i was loving the dollface poses.

and even more hyped on elaine’s accidental style twin.

so ya. andy south won this thing. like that. there’s no question he deserved it. hahaha, i remember his show at the waterpark where he had all his models wearing those scary mouth guard thingies like from silence of the lambs. so hot.

caught up with eskae my right hand man. loving his nod to the jacket style too. MAN! can you guys all just try this once? i bet you’ll be hooked on all the girl attention you’ll get. maybe you’ll do it, like, all the time.

maleko does it. but he kinda goes beyond it.

maria does the opposite of it. which is what all girls should be doing, actually. let’s just all go out one night and/or bartend one night in a bikini. just because. fun huh?

ooo or i know! let’s throw a men-in-suits/girls-in-nothing party. and make the men all wear too much cologne. i’ll bet that everyone in the room would get laid. we could call it the nightlife party.
ok. too much coffee. back to this. there’s brandon ching, photog to the stars, with the dude from project runway. blane walsh. sorry, i didn’t get to see it after the first season. i bet it’s still fun tho.

that’s nadine from fashion tribe. she’s delightfully anonymous. she’s also where you should be looking if you wanted to see, like, real footage from tonight’s event.

our footage was more of the friend variety

girls girls girls

goose goose goose

dance dance dance

THIS GUY on the right was my favorite. he was a dancing machine and looked super hot in the scarf. tonight i almost felt like i wasn’t at pearl thanks to guys like this.

even had myself a little fun…

which prompted an immediate poutyface from dave hisaka. who i’ve crushed on for friggin SEVEN years and never got anywhere. NOW all of a sudden when i find a nice boy he’s back in there with the flirttexts. come on kid, are you really the kind that needs games to be interested???

international hotties

dave stewart popped in. always floating about with his signature glass of red.

dareface saving my ass every time i turned around. if it wasn’t some crazy methhead trying to steal my bottle of goose it was the same guy trying to steal my camera. i’ll admit i wasn’t in the most responsible level of soberness tho. goose.

shane curtis growing out the facial hair, which is never a bad thing.

him and his radical artist friends. HI!

the F&M dancers had the night off tonight, which was actually better. real girl go-gos are more fun to watch sometimes. esp if you’re a guy. cause you know you’re getting some that night.

we aren’t opposed to dancing either, you know.

dave was still pouting. and chris hughes was coming out of his shell a bit. goose?

ps: it was brendan’s birthday. he’s a Sagittarius too! we all are! i think tamra is as well as kalei and olena and zana. and me! december babiessss!

goose = fun wherever you are. like, where EVER.

aw. us.

eskae wasn’t down to stay and party with us. which made me sad. but not everyone gets a SARAH HONDA to go home to. so we totally forgive you forever. in fact, why do you leave your house at all ever?



hugette was looking major city stylish as usual. i was in no state for photos with anyone but couldn’t say no to this one. ps: her magazine has officially gone global. give her a thumbs up if you see her!

HAHHAHAH! that’s everyone putting my new number in their phone. oh ps: i have a new number. if the one you have for me has 723 in it, it’s wrong. get at me.

saturday i was down to be mellow.

which was perfect timing cause crystal thornberg and dave homcy had an art show at town.

he let my new 3-date bf use his awesome holga to take a photo. i was super jealous!

ps: i LOVE town. everything there is so fresh fresh wholesome recycled fresh. even the holiday deco.

and the photos and art was amazing. duh. we stayed a while.

after the weekend i was chilling about three hours too early for maka’s 24k mondays.

and noticing the roof in daniel’s office is actually pretty friggin awesome.

the boys eventually all filtered in, cruising at loft like it’s someone’s larger than normal living room with louder than usual music and more expensive than free drinks.

i totally slept and missed the hurley party at loft the night before. i even got a personal phone call invite a few weeks out and was all excited for it. SHIT! daniel was rubbing it in with all their awesome gear they aquired. jerks. not one “where are you” text. ugh.

they made up for it with all the left over sushi, which was gone seconds after he put it out.

day old sushi is actually still damn good if it’s good sushi

meanwhhile the boys were being boys

and i was overeating sushi as an excuse to lurk the sushi chef.

yup. i totally blew it.

but the leftovers were still amazing. melt in your mouth amazing. i guess the sushi is always this good at loft. you probably wouldn’t know because you never order it. i do sometimes when i remember to. it’s so yum.

speaking of yum, hahah i was kidding in my myspace bulletin about calling dibs on russell. he’s so cute but i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to seriously consider any member of aloha stadium. those boys do much more damage fun when they’re single

so anyway. thanks for letting me hang at your extended living room spot, maks! hahahahah daniel is gonna kill me for posting this retarded shot of him

that’s all i have. no it’s not. but i’ll do more soon. we’re about to kick some industry ass tomorrow at aiea bowl. and tonight i’ll be lurking the rastas at loft. i hear it’s 50% off your tab for any sort of industry if you have a red blue or yellow card OR a business card. um, that’s pretty much all of us. let’s have some cheap drinks!

sidenote: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKDOSJDGLKSDJGKDSJFKS to charlieboy for helping me get my stupd photoshop back to work with the batch edits. you can imagine how nonfun it was watermarking all of my stuff by hand. it’s kinda why i was taking too long with the weekly updates.

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  • 1 maka v // Dec 14, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    ok so im fired. but i dont even know when that night was? i think i was on maui during that… cause i never heard about it from any of the boys even… when is the next time i need to bring the ruckus? tell me know so i can pencil it on the calender. scratch that. spray paint it on my calender… i owe you times 40. k thats all

  • 2 russell mugatu // Dec 14, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    woooooooo supercw rocks my socks!

  • 3 Christa // Dec 14, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    russell? really?

    ok cool, cause… i take back what i said about not wanting to date you. !!

  • 4 aaronvb // Dec 14, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    just to be clear! i wasn’t wearing american apparel! that was a gap deep v shirt :)

  • 5 CharlieBoy808.com // Dec 14, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    No Problem Christa!! I’m glad to have been some help. It’s because of you that I started blogging in the first place. Just having a Photo Gallery is no fun. It’s so much better to blog it all!


  • 6 randi // Dec 14, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    hey! i know tyler, pat and nicky. but you know everybody!

  • 7 Bryce // Dec 14, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    Great night at Pearl, and I especially appreciate the absolutely unflattering pictures of me… huge forehead, tounge out, etc… the best one is actually where the Grey Goose bottle is covering my face.

    Mahalo nui loa!


  • 8 Sheronita // Dec 14, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    Hey Christa,
    It was awesome seeing you at Pearl, we just missed you at the Pub Crawl and at Skyline!!

    Love reading your posts!!

  • 9 jonahface. // Dec 15, 2008 at 1:28 am

    pearl looked fun. sorry i never came out..i’ll just blame it on the rain..yeah thats it the ferocious rain ;)

    see you soonish

  • 10 dave hisaka // Dec 15, 2008 at 6:02 am

    bleh.. you know i’m just playing around, so i’m not working the whole month of jan then i’ll be out like everynight!

  • 11 jonnie austen // Dec 15, 2008 at 8:38 am

    yo ceedub, wut up! i totally concur w/you @ kim maxwell being a v.v. talented designer. i’ve actually seen her work and it truly rawks! hopin’ 2 do some collabo w/kim m. when my 3 streetwear brands launch this spring/summer (fingers crossed).

    also, mucho kudos to you for your awesome blog. its the first (and really only) place i go to stay up on what’s really goin’ down in the hnl.

    jonnie austen (aka ill_threadz)
    808 reprazent

  • 12 dan dubs // Dec 15, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    HAHAHA why am I always looking at the ground, I need a fucking tan. Thanks for the kind words CDUB


  • 13 ~Shane // Dec 15, 2008 at 5:56 pm

    Love always seeing you out with your blingin’ camera! Thanks for the dope pics. ; ) Saw you for a sec at the Contrast Mag launch party @ 39, that place got packed. Still haven’t figured out how you make it to so many places in so little time!

  • 14 Christa // Dec 15, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    shane. i have no idea either. serious.

  • 15 Daniel // Dec 15, 2008 at 11:48 pm

    Bryce is a fucking kick-ass salsa dancer. I had no idea. I’m taking lessons from him starting tomorrow night to add yet another layer of pimp to my pimpness.

    great blog, non-gf!

  • 16 der // Dec 16, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    pearl that night was fun! glad i could help keep an eye on your prized posesh.

  • 17 Sheronita // Dec 19, 2008 at 7:57 pm


    No – Lucky MEEE!! :) Totally looking forward more fun nights, but I’m going to be MIA from the Honolulu night scene for a while.

    Going to Snowy Seattle for X-mas. Have an awesome Holiday CW (I love that doz, I’m from the UW!)


  • 18 Nadine // Dec 20, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Hey woman, how come you take my pictcha and no say Hi! :)

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