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oh no i did not just post two weekly updates in two days (oh yes i did)

December 15th, 2008 · 14 Comments

so here. how about i just keep going since i have like 3 hours to kill before driving from work to aiea bowl for that industry bowling night. those are so fun, and i always wind up with hundreds of funny shotsthat make me feel all overwhelmed to chisel down to a hundred so i might as well start fresh. well, not TOTALLY fresh… i mean, you can’t even see that this is (it’s bar35 this past thursday)

thanks to @hi_jami i got the inside scoop to crash the UH marketing department’s christmas party or something. i didn’t realize how many people i knew in college. made for some serious bar sessions. and even more serious watch duels.

since i was downtown on a weeknight (like the old days. hey!) i figured i’d stop by loft and get a shot of daniel’s busted up lip. ha ha i got so many calls and gossips about that too, by the way. the FIRST thing pretty much anyone asked me on thursday last week was “oh hey! did you hear about that fight at loft??” 

i was kinda glad i went over there. it was dueling fashion show nights between bar35 and loft. this one had break dancers tho. +5 points.

and la cutie takin shots. +10 points

and my favorite bar drink ever but that for some reason nobody has yet. PEOPLE! get this!! hahaha, it’s so yum. sparkling flavored sake damn it.

so anyway. the fashion show at loft was pretty wicked. i was digging the floral lined runway.

and kinda missing getting anything good of the models. er. sorry you can’t really tell what’s up. you know me.

ok i’ll just say it. colleen is a knockout in bed. look at her. she has to be. i mean, no i don’t know personally (i like men) but i mean, she’s so damn confidant and fit. i bet she has taught some very lucky men a thing or two about how to get it right. colleen! can i date some of your leftovers?

saw miko! not like you can really tell it’s him tho. ugh. just look at anna’s stuff if you want, like, real runway photos n stuff.

scooted back over to bar35. college fashion show vs. sex fashion show. saw justin the artist slash barback.

saw the nocturnal sound krew

saw tyler wolff. former rock star. future college graduate. ok, i guess you’re taking the right route. but i’m still pissed you haven’t started a new BAND. you used to rock, man.

he said he’s moving back to london. in fact, i heard more than one “i’m moving to…” in the room tonight. what, you kids can’t get all brilliant and just stay HERE? no, that’s fine. i mean, i understand. i got the hell abroad when i was your age too. actually, now that i think about it, i never came back. i wound up….. here.

alan is so funny. he totally allowed me to be a drunken nightmare to him at level 4 one night and has never once told me that i’m ridiculous/belligerent/silly/dumb/typical blonde. ALAN! i think i love you.

man, bar 35 was wicked packed tonight. who are all these people! what do you usually do! i never see you! HEY!

the college fashion show

woah. cute!!

the cuteyface i met.

oh that reminds me, jami and the krew have been blogging. like, on the regular. not, like, starting to blog and getting me all excited then kinda dwindling and eventually calling it quits. oh no. they blogging so hard i can barely keep up. love it. thank you so much, guys.

can someone please tell me what this was about. i was seriously so lost at this point. she literally had red paint running down her legs. i’ll spare you that shot.

but ya. nice party. i’m not sure i’ve ever seen bar35 this packed. mind you i don’t go near there on first fridays…

but come on. young people are just so rad to be around. tragically hip, never scared to work out some killer ensembles. i’m not sure if this scarf look is so hot right now, but it probably is. shit all i know is black, grey and more black.

friday i was early for the contrast magazine party so was heading to mercury for sailor jerry n cokes. when i happened on bethel street and had to do two double takes. a tattoo shop AND a new irish bar. like that. jeez, where the hell have i been.

jj dolan’s huh! well, hello there. i’m christa. i like guinness. and pizza. hahaha loved james cruising at the pizza bar when i wandered in. i wanted to get a beer and stand there too.

THIS is the actual bar. so cozy in there! i felt like i was actually back in ireland. wait, no. not true. the ceiling would have to be about 8 feet lower for that to happen.

this place is right on bethel across from the old rRed elephant (r.i.p.). it’s like RIGHT there. where we all hang. and guess what. i saw like seventeen people i know in the time it took to kill two beers and a slice of pizza. not kidding. look! there’s kahunahana.

and you’ll never guess who’s got this metro-fab blackberry. i’ll give you a hint: she’s mega turbo smoking hot.

CRAP! my photo didn’t turn out so clear. but woof, yasmin dar. hot hot hot hot.

i just learned from landon that she was also president of the speech and debate club in school. YASMIN!! i love how nerdy we are.

so anyway. ya. i was pretty much the first person at the contrast magazine launch party thing.

i was irritating the crap out of race and zen trying to get a nice photo of them outside their nice party. blew it. sorry guys. but woah. i’m seriously fanning out. your stuff is looking so proper. seriously well done.

hahah lofaknows better. he holds pose for like seven shots. i love you lofa.

i haven’t got to spend quality time with rice in so long that i have taken to trying to look like her. rice hasn’t gotten to see me in so long that she actually let me take a photo with her. this is us. joyfully elated.

and this is thirtyninehotel at 8pm.

seeing aaron yoshino when i’m out is like taking a huge deep breath. cause i know that someone who knows what the hell they are doingis capturing what i pretty much miss every time. shoots aaron. i love you so much you have no idea. i heard dopo was there too.

so woah. were you there? what am i asking, of course you were. the entire ISLAND was there. no that’s not true, i knew like 1/3 of this crowd. the rest i was shamelessly drooling over. such a brilliant sea of arty t-shirts and fitted hats and grown out hair and cardigan sweaters. i was crushing on the entire room by 9:30pm

meanwhile outside i realized it was already so crowded so early because pacific basin was having their holiday cocktail sesh. hence, the youn. man, jacy i remember when we used to stay out til dawn then head straight to the hideaway for dirty martinis and mega touch. oh wait. that was just the dream i had about you. hey jacy! when are we gonna stay out til dawn then go to the hideaway and play megatouch?! i want to impress you with how freakishly good i am at the wheel of fortune one.

ps, your girl gets two. cause i need to see those eyes!

meanwhile back inside. *crush, crush crush*

ktc was playing music and stuff

and they were showing all the pages of the mag on the wall. cause, um. the mag isn’t out yet. nope. not gonna lie i was pretty bummed about it. but maybe you guys should just, you know, have another party when it’s actually ready. i’m pretty sure there’s about 38509723502840 people that couldn’t get in once 39 hit capacity that night that would love to help you celebrate….

you would never know it was at capacity if you were inside tho. hence, all the blank space by party chris. ps: chris oliveria is back in the scene! he lied and said his brother john was on his way. who remembers these guys!

selena was running things tonight. gave g and anne and whoever else manages the place the night off. she was cooler than school too, and hopefully not mad that i figured out her shirt was see-through with my flash. *drools*

eskae was also runing things. like, the event itself. damn boy. that was the most spun i ever seen you. hahahah remember when we were outside and you were super stressed and i was able to get a giggle out of you anyway. then you went inside and played music and we all danced and danced.

lani was working the door, which is why all of you got in for free. ahem, she made it like at 11 or something. and WOAH FARLEY!!! i missed you kid.

araface came through. actually, her band played. i heard that it was their second to last show. so not true you guys! come on. really?! nah….

didn’t catch this on the way in. i think it was because i actually beat the set up people there tho. but woah. aaron! *fanning out*

made the mistake of going downstairs to get some air. this is the last shot i got from the party…. *sobs*

aw. joe philipson mentioned to me that he has fun but doesn’t really know anybody. aw. joe is like the coolest guy ever — he gets all excited about stuff and is always happy and positive. and he’s a kickass photographer. everyone, meet joe.

so ya. i made the mistake of going outside to get some air. then farley and i went to have a drink at loft. then that was it. a line til forever to get back in to thirtyninehotel. their capacity is like 129 people, you guys. i mean really. we were never gonna get back in – the fire marshall was there, there were people who hadn’t even been up yet. farley was like “just come!” but i saw awesome kalima there and was like nah… let someone else up there.

speaking of awesome kalima, did you readthe interview contrast did with him? i did. i was pretty disappointed in it too. don’t get me wrong, race is a brilliant writer/interviewer but he only asked him like 5 questions. RACE?!?! you were talking to chris KALIMA and you only asked him FIVE questions?!?!!?!?! seriously?!?! he’s like the most interesting person alive but whatever. *sigh* next time let a girl do it.

glasses twins, part two. part woes! me and aaron. aw. *cuddles*

saturday i was still at thirtynine. just kidding. i was back there tho. loving the coziness…

…and the bloody marys with my non-bf

it’s rock shop you guys! and forget i ever said it, cause i’ve been scoring like a mofo at these things. this time i got a gravis bag and two vestal watches for $40.

and god, if you think christain self knows a thing or two about happy hour cocktails just wait until you try his homemade bloody mary mix that he brings in all special from home.

it was the most romantic morning ever, actually. all the rain and all the cocktails and all the shopping.

and OH GOD. i tried the most amazing thing ever. of course i totally forgot what was in it even though he told us twice…

it was like this calpico sorta tasting lightly ginger coconut drink that made my mouth feel like the cleanest, sweetest most beautiful place ever. of course, now i can’t remember what it’s called at all. i’m gonna just ask for the milky thing with toasted coconut.

oh woah, ha ha i just noticed that i was capitalizing random letters in the watermarker thingie for this last round. it’s totally because i was chatting with noah and he typed “ground UP + sUPerCW” and i just loved it. that’s totally gonna be how i do it now. k?

saturday night i know, ok? I KNOW. bad brains, the super ferry, hapa, q-tip, etc etc etc. ok, damn it i know. i was kinda busy making sure people got their cocktails at the academy. after this i was so exhausted i literally collapsed in my apartment and didn’t get up until just now. so sorry ok? i heard aaron was there tho. thank god!!!! let’s see those shots babe!!!!

oh WHAT! all caught up?!?!! sick.

see you tonight if you’re bowling suckas!
love, cw

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  • 1 DANCEONPARTYON.COM // Dec 15, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    I guess I’ll put my pixx up 2 haha. I didn’t take that many =/

  • 2 Daniel // Dec 16, 2008 at 12:49 am

    LAWL look at my sexy busted lip. wooooo and mad props to Adam from Urban Jungle for my sexy v-neck in that pic.

    ?? I heard Rock Shop won’t be at 39 anymore ??


  • 3 Christa // Dec 16, 2008 at 12:55 am

    oh YA, crap! crap crap crap.

    guess you’re gonna have to actually make this bloody mary thing you been saying you’re so good at…

  • 4 DANCEONPARTYON.COM // Dec 16, 2008 at 1:07 am

    hey supercw can you use the danceon links insted of the old url luvs yah


  • 5 aaronvb // Dec 16, 2008 at 2:41 am

    there are too many aaron’s…

  • 6 CharlieBoy808.com // Dec 16, 2008 at 11:16 am

    YAY!! ALL CAUGHT UP!! My turn coming up soon hehe but i did post up something on mine from like almost a month ago on sunday hahaha. i love the grey goose ice sculpture. that is freakin sweet!

    i must make a note to me self… next place i move into will be in the middle of town so i can just walk to all these hot spots haha


  • 7 Race // Dec 16, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    Thanks for all the words CW. So fun.
    Sad you left. Zenny was all buss later, cardigans and rum.

  • 8 landon // Dec 16, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    should ask yas to do her duo-interp shit. but by herself.

  • 9 rob // Dec 18, 2008 at 11:55 pm

    there was definitely a mark becker look alike in there, can you guess which one?!?! haha

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  • 13 Joe Philipson // Dec 24, 2008 at 10:40 am

    rice! and JJ Dolans! and Daniel! man, I look like I’m sick in that photo! blech. heh. ;-)

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