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monday art

December 1st, 2008 · 2 Comments

ok, wait a second. HOW did i miss this?!?! i mean, ok ok ok i know i’ve been busy with this new job but are you FRIGGING KIDDING ME?!?! contrast is live, so live that it just blew me out of my chair just now browsing through it. i been wondering what ever happened to one of my main blog-stalking victims race. looks like he’s been busy co-founding the coolest thing i’ve seen hit the streets since dryfck.

JEEZ guys, way to make me proud. like, beyond proud. a little browse-through and all see are names that i love. kavet, travis, race, juando. bonus points for covering kalima

i’ll get back to my work now. after i’m done reading every inch of your friggin superblowmeawaycool site that is. apologies in advance to anyone waiting for something from me. i’m slobbering all over my keyboard right now…

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