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Honolulu's Nightlife Diaries

let it load: the first/longest running independent nightlife blog in honolulu city. its worth it.

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[pics] ooo fancy at nobu, bye randy, ground up at cupola, little level 4, graham funke at skyline

July 22nd, 2008 · 24 Comments

so last week i had the funniest comment from someone that wouldn’t tell me who they are. they said anyone that knows anything would be at level 4 and because i anticipated that it would be a cluttery hell of ick that i don’t know anything. hm. i wonder what they would say now. cause, i know all i been hearing is …. well let’s just say that someone who commented may have been proven wrong. don’t get me wrong– that place has a LOT of promise. i’m just thinking some organization just needs to enter the equation.
but eh! i’m not here to preach. i’m here to show you how lucky i am that i get to see andrew sato, former american idol hopeful, every single day.

ooo and how’s his new hair! just in time for his debut as a vip host at the biggest media head game of ’08.

thursday i intercepted shana peete’s post work tunnel vision.

cause i was having nobu withdrawls

depending on what day of the week or what week of the month it is [ahem, third thursday] nobu is so so so fantastic! special martinis that are priced extremely reasonable [ahem, free] and a special menu of their famous food that i can actually afford. not sure why leslie and shana care if it’s that special thursday tho. i’m sure they both can handle this place any night.

chris hughes is like a celebrity AND he moved here from los angeles. so i’m sure he can handle too. not just on the nights where i corner him in the hall and say “HEY! you’re GOING with me to nobu. NOW!”

shana and i have equally overstuffed [or what i would like to call fat] wallets. most of my stuff is discount cards. hers is probably cash. lol!

speaking of hot ballah ballah. got to see jonahface. with a ridiculously cute chick as usual. this is moani.

north shore jimmy moved to town! BIANCA! north shore jimmy! remember him!?! circa ’03?

their signature dish. we all got one. it was yum.

so if you’re looking for the mod lux girls i’ll just tell you: they’re at nobu

oh! and congrats to you buddy moore! new publisher.

jade batteling it out with moani.

i was going to all this trouble to do the math and cursing out my mobi phone because the calculator has like this “permanent error” and even though figuring a tip only involves moving a decimal point or something i still have major trouble working out the amount, ok? but then i realized. they totally just include it for you. cause they’re that hot. i actually loved this. LOVED it.

love these faces

haha i love chris hughes’s “forced” smile. he really did have fun. i think? ugh.

oh you! can you make my pau hana experience ANY better? jeez! move here from new york and totally figure out how to make things work why don’t you!

friday’s pau hana experience was kind of the best ever

there’s a really yummy thai place on beritania st. and a lot of people were there drinking and eating

but there was a reason besides pau hana. cutie pie randy face is leaving. back to long beach.

jasmine and thomas knew how to counteract that decision

so i was like “sure! i’ll have a beer” and couldn’t open it so randy opened his wallet. i was like “woah! you can open a beer with your credit card? wicked!” and he handed me this. ohhhhhh!

there was some spicy food ordering happening. that’s drew’s tahi-hot face.

and that’s everyone’s “how randy eats with a fork” impersonation.

and that’s randy’s thai hot face.

thai hot is supposed to be the hottest hot hot you can possibly go. i was impressed with my ability to eat it. but you do see the milk there. it wasn’t easy.

this kid is all proud of his thai hot eating ability. i’m wondering when the after effects set in. there’s got to be some. right?

more of this.

willie is randy’s brother boyfriend bff here on oahu. his little speech was too cute. he was like “randy what can i say. i’ve known you for two months and we’ve been arrested together three times.”

the cuteness was too cute. but i had to get over to the design center. the ground up was at the cupola! and holy woah how is this spread! those nails belong to christina, by the way.

ooo and how’s the cupola! so versatile. i love the full sensory overload of a ground up event. this place fits their aesthetic perfectly.


ooo juando! you know her? INTRODUCE!

hi sweetheart! remember me?

ooo juando you know her? INTRODUCE!

i love the jps school always donating their time for shows like this

and i love krista for being so hot donating her time for shows like this


this show was different from the usual ground up shows only in that it only displayed photography.

this face was kind of the main reason i came through tonight.

she’s no joke.

i was kind of over dosing on the hotness

but ya, that’s kera the new superduperhotfemale vertical junkie and alana with brooke.

and please excuse me for a minute while i continue to o.d. on the hotness of these girls. they seriously rule, but i was intimidated to take photos of such a talented young photographer.

i mean. LOOK at this watch. totally my style, girlfriend.

aaron martin came through. hey! did i tell you i’m going to seattle this weekend? yup. i was saying to someone that i haven’t even left yet and i already miss hawaii. heh.

hugette and her lucky husband were outside wining at amuse. i wish you could see what she had on. it was like this perfect carrie bradshaw ensemble with all different colors and prints. only like 5 people on earth can have that sort of personal style.

juando! you know her! INTRODUCE! nah nah nah, it’s christina! exclusive what!

juando! you know angela keen? I KNOW ANGELA KEEN!

nicole came through with payne-in-pain. i think he’s just kidding here. photo face.

aaron face.

juando! you dj??! nah nah nah…

he actually tears it up.

on the sneak-out i was bumping in to all the honolulu faces on their way in. one day i’m going to actually show up fashionably late to something. never mind. ! omg. my heart actually started beating faster just typing it out in a blog.

shana peete and johnny on their way in too. god! this right here almost made me go right back in. i was so tired tho.

saturday was an early morning. sergio’s memorial. it was THE most beautiful experience. nobody could have wished for a better send off. i saw some photos and even a report on channel 8. it wasn’t easy at first but i’m sure everyone there was able to find some peace. at least i hope so.

saturday night i showed up to level 4 at the time they told me to.

right on time

it was only a mild frenzy at that point

but i got to witness the blessing

and the pre show

and the media blitz

and the uberness of miss kellie peterson

and matty liu

alvin was like: ‘sup lion! no table? wait over there.

just kidding!

but ya. the waiting. it’s the hardest part.

was briefly distracted by vince face. VINCE! holy shit kid it’s been what, 30 years? I MISS YOU!

the crowd continued to grow, and i continued to wait. until it got too hot. and i got too squished. it was cool to see everyone but after a while i started to get a bit claustrophobic.

holly said i was golden and glowey. i think she meant sweaty and aggravated . but golden and glowey sounds nicer.

but OH! look at drew! talk about an uber vip host. we were all so proud to see our famous co-worker there on the red carpet. not letting anyone in.

so i’m sorry everyone. i just couldn’t play their game and wait forever. there was no special treatment for anyone, which at least was fair. i would have run away crying if they just let a few people in and kept us standing there. at least we ALL were stuck outside like that. even the people with tables.

but ya. i have a hard time buying into this sort of manufactured hype. it’s way more fun to be hyped on hype than get tricked in to hype. a scene like this does nothing for me. it will definitely do something for tourists when they’re here tho. hmmmm… maybe level 4 should just employ “line standers” to act as people waiting to get in all night? $20/hour to make it uber. oooooo!

speaking of deliciously welcoming nightlife people. skyline was literally thirty steps away.

chris hughes face!

omg. cedric even came over. and you all know cedric duarte hardly ever goes out anymore. it’s all about chilling for this guy now. so seeing him at skyline and not youknowwhere for the youknowwhat is definitely telling me i was right about the clutterly hell of ick.

spent some qt with my old friend graham. got outed by blaze on twitter about it. he was asked to go n unusually early, like at 10:30 or something. but oh my god…

…as soon as he did people were essentially, how you say: dancing their asses off

i made more rounds. elaine!

kiesha! er, kiesha’s glitterchest!


derin had his table but i didn’t see derin.

oh wait! here he is! fashionably a bit early for derin too. awwwwwwwwwww.

lukeface lukehair!

flash was like “wait, hang on”

“okay now!”

then he was like “wait! get this”

“me and graham funke”

i turned around and totally thought this was john cho. hey, it was dark in there!

it started to get kinda nuts after that

did a cameraattack tour around the room. accidentally zoomed in on rocko tho.

lg attack!

alex attack!

goldenchild attack!

juaquin attack!

omg. so no shameless sponsor plugs or anything, but rob just got here with a large size red bull. i gotta take a break from this for now. stay tuned!

oh wait. you don’t even notice if i take a break. never mind! but i’m back! that was a pretty epic mixed plate monday night. omg. next week’s blog is gonna be dirty!

meanwhile. ara and aly came to skyline! upping the coolness factor by about a thousand.

speaking of upping the coolness factor. i HAd to get to strangefruit! my boyfriend the deadbeats were playing at mercury. their first time?

i sat back waiting for the chinatown people to start falling in love

and yup. they did.

saw mish from cherry blossom cabaret and brett shimabuku aka biku aka the rising melody.

and aw ryan!

so mercury. you been there? i been bummed cause they have no happy hour but i can’t stop loving them because it’s just one of the best places in chinatown. i love that i still have to tell people where it is too.

also– this is the first time the deadbeats played here. the stage was WAY too small for them but it actually worked really good. the show was hella intimate. exactly what you want with these guys. !

thanks for booking them shelly! i feel like it was like some favor personally for me. i mean, i know it’s not but that’s what it felt like. smilie face.

so tried to do my trademark sneak-out but it didn’t work out so well because i couldn’t find my keys. realized they were in my ignition. in my haste and anticipation to see the deadbeats i jumped out of my car and locked it. gina stole borrowed mark’s truck to come to the rescue.

all that coffee at the hanohano room made this possible. ps: we’re at the living room and it’s 2:30am.

but aw look! ryan and ara made it over.

swagger saturdays! it’s free to drink here if you come at like 9pm.

just kidding about that shot. we were straight water and red bull.

it keeps the energy up

i couldn’t reach jami to give him a kiss hello so i kissed his hand. i think i made his girlfriend mad. jami’s girlfriend, if you’re reading this i’m sorry! sorry sorry sorry.

it’s so weird to be out this late

cause. i mean. when i was ara’s age it was this late at least 3 times a week. i realized i actually don’t really like drunk people in a room anymore. fun people in a room is ok tho. so there’s a really fine line.

didn’t make sunday morning so easy.

but mikey helped. he told me all about the dark night. . he’s a really smart articulate kid, you guys.

remember how i just mentioned that the academy all said goodbye to randy? well today was really his last day.

i have a feeling they do this after work every sunday. but this one felt special. for randy!

thomas wanted me to get a photo of this clown, but i kinda blew it.

this reminded me of groundup. baby groundup!

monday morning water cooler was all about the hypemachine saturday night. ritchie aqui even gave the VJs a detailed presentation on the layout. those seats that retract back to reveal a dancefloor? go back about 10 feet.

anyway. gotta run! oh wait! wanna go to seattle with me this weekend? yes? ok cool! get packed, we leave thursday.

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24 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Drew // Jul 22, 2008 at 12:02 pm

    Wow…I got to kick off this blog with a picture of me, thanks! And just one thing…it wasn’t me that wasn’t letting anyone in. If I had my way, I’d let it anyone and everyone! But I don’t…

  • 2 Juando // Jul 22, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    I LOVE YOU CWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see how excited I was when I saw you??!! LOL!!

    That first lovely girl you took a pic of, that’s Salem. I just recently met her a few weeks ago at one of Kavet’s Beat competition events.

    The other lovely girl is Lauren aka Dj Roarin’ I met her either last year or the year before at a Groundup BBQ event. I believe she’s moving to Japan to some bigger and brighter things. I’m so proud of that girl like she was my baby sister.

    Angela Keen is my former co-worker at KHNL. I worked with her for a few morning newscasts. It was great to see her.

    Christina/Exclusive is one of my homegirls that I love so much. I met her this past March when she saw me spin at Rred Elephant. She liked what I played so she asked Jake the Snake to hire me to spin at The Next Movement in March.

    LOL! Oh my, you caught photos of me spinning! Hilarious!!!!!!!!

    Overall it was so Great to see you!!!!



  • 3 Christa // Jul 22, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    don’t be silly drew. EVERYONE in town knows you’re the biggest sweetheart. never need to worry about that!

    i’m thinking….. it wasn’t really anyone’s fault. i mean, it’s probably everyone who bought in to the hype’s fault. all of us. i knew what it was going to be so i wasn’t too bitter or angry, just impatient.

  • 4 Brooklyn // Jul 22, 2008 at 3:06 pm

    DANG girl, you are the best blogger around.
    talk about dedication!!!

    thanks a heap for blogging the show! you made it look so much more fantastic than it was and you made me look much hotter than i’ll ever be!! but i do have ridiculous friends, no doubt.

    <33333 cheers girl, see you at another something something this weekend i’m sure!!

  • 5 juando // Jul 22, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    whoa, i thought i left a comment on this?


  • 6 juando // Jul 22, 2008 at 3:32 pm

    oooohhhh, comments are moderated! i hope my previous one wasn’t x-rated, hahaha! CWO!

  • 7 Christa // Jul 22, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    oh! sorry juando. i usually just allow everything but i was all pissed at “club king” last week for being an ass.

    this is MY site not some public forum for idiots, lol.

  • 8 Juando // Jul 22, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    oh no worries CWO! all love!



  • 9 J.BONER // Jul 22, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    NOBU NOBU NOBU…drinks for CHEAP [ahem FREE] ahahaha. that really saved us, i swear, if it wasn’t for that our bill maybe woulda been $89342238153208360

    so thank you CHEF NOBU MATSUHISA, for the rounds on you.

    and thank you C-DUB, for always knowing where the HOTTEST SPOTS are for EVERY NIGHT of the week.


  • 10 Aly // Jul 22, 2008 at 4:30 pm

    Man, I still can’t get over those photos of Flash! Hahahaha

    So…dancing again this weekend?

  • 11 christina // Jul 22, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    christa!!!!! it’s always a pleasure to see you!! I should of took your camera and snapped shots of you helping me eat all my food! haha, could you tell i was hungry :) hope to see you soon xoxo

  • 12 Veronica // Jul 22, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Heehee lovelovelove that you came to see us on Saturday!
    And I lovelovelove the photo of the purple heels at The Living Room! Hothothot! ;)

  • 13 Christa // Jul 22, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    lol veronica– those are gina’s. she saved my ass saturday night.

  • 14 rando // Jul 22, 2008 at 6:28 pm

    my first comment. whoa. thanks for coming out last friday. i already miss hawaii. i’ll def be visiting soon.

  • 15 Alana // Jul 22, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    CW! love love loved the blog. have to say my fav part was obvi the part featuring my AWESOME friend B! but hi, can i be you for a week? cause the pics say it all and it looks like you lead a pretty wonderful life!! i’m sure i’ll see you soon…enjoy Seattle!

  • 16 Rob // Jul 22, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    i ended up flaking on level and looks like i made the right choice…….more christa goodness, love it

  • 17 CharlieBoy808.com // Jul 23, 2008 at 9:55 am

    i have one question though… who was the girl at skyline in the pink… omg drop dead gorgeous! i must get to know her…

    ps. funny thing… you know the gratuity thing that they include on checks… i still add more tip sometimes haha.. cuz if its really good i’ll add a lil bit more haha

  • 18 Race // Jul 25, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    Good Job Christa on not believing the hypebeast :)

  • 19 juando // Jul 27, 2008 at 11:23 am

    CWO! I hope you are doing good up in Seatown! Anyhoot, I just read some of todays Sunday Advertiser and it has your top 10 IPOD songs or something! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They even wrote the link to your blog! WHUT!

  • 20 der // Jul 30, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    how bad is it that i don’t even remember that pic : )
    see you at HAWAIIWOOD on Sats 4 Kanoe’s bday. OH… Justin Nozuka, Aug. 29th @ Pipe… i know you love the asians!

  • 21 lady luck // Aug 3, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Fyi…Iam a local female and was at sky line but also went to level 4, but notice there was an abudance of guys at skyline and I sorted felt like I was in a meat market, its validated from your pictures that were taken at sky line that there are no pretty women there, dont get me wrong Im not a lesbian but it felt like an all male club…however level 4 had a very good looking crowd and the entertainment was definitely over the top! Christa come on, you know we go way back, I dont have to explain who I am! Im just saying Level 4 tops the charts

  • 22 Christa // Aug 3, 2008 at 11:22 am

    i’ve been going to skyline regularly for the past 3 years and the male to female ratio usually isn’t skewed to any particular gender. if you need to look back to see what i mean you should.

    the other reviews of level validate my disinterest with the place but i have to say it’s nice that you had a good time.

    i mean. that’s what it’s about in the end.

  • 23 flash // Aug 7, 2008 at 5:01 pm


    in response to lady luck, pretty much everyone at skyline that night came from level 4 first so that answers that question.

  • 24 goagoVoktex // Nov 26, 2008 at 6:28 am

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    I made with photoshop anime myspace pics.
    have a look at them:
    Thank you for your website :) xoxoxo

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