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another reason why mat kubo rules

July 1st, 2008 · 2 Comments

His latest project is happening now. and unlike last time, you already know what’s happening.

This week I embarked on a new project for an exhibition coming up at The Arts at Mark’s Garage. The exhibition is entitled Eco/Logic and it will be based around Hawai’i’s particular ecological problems. I had been meeting with a panel of biologists, community organizers, ecologists, a comedian, and artists about this exhibition; what came out of these discussions was the need to develop systems of sustainability here, particularly on Oahu.

My contribution to this event will be a real time performance/experiment. I will attempt to sustain myself only on things that I can hunt, gather, glean, and barter in the Honolulu area. I will be armed with a fruit picker, knife, fishing pole, bicycle, and some other basic implements. It will be a daily struggle to gather enough calories to sustain my life. I won’t be begging or panhandling, this will be an active search to stay alive. Interactions between myself and those I encounter along this journey will be paramount to give this project life. Also important are secondary interactions with the community. You can visit my daily updated blog to see what I’m up to. Please leave me questions, comments, and suggestions.

Follow and encourage Mat at matkubo.blogspot.com

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  • 1 Selena // Jul 2, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    Wow, interesting…I wish I had his kinda will power to live like that. Miss ya…hopefully we will catch you one of these Saturday nights at Hawaiiwood with Vertical Junkies. ;o) Don’t work/play to hard…lol.

  • 2 Sky Fungus // Jul 3, 2008 at 8:08 am

    hey christa! back in nyc soakin up mainland life but its good to flip thru yur page n gettin whas up in hawaii thru your blogs like the evening news, but way kewler. word up g funk!

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