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first february | honolulu's nightlife diaries

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first february

February 1st, 2008 · 1 Comment

happy weekend. i don’t know what’s going on. wait. i have an idea.

julio_bateria.jpgFirst Fridaaay-Haaaaay.
Ong King here i come! nah, i’m also pretty excited to see the new lois jaichackers phantom sightings at thirtyninehotel. but don’t miss ong knig– mike romano has new stuff up there. i also hear the loft is going to have some stuff. stretch thems legs!

Los Jaichackers’ Hawai`i installation will feature a “behind the scenes” look at their process, a freeze-frame of globalism. Like migrant workers pausing to make a bit of the roadside into home, Los Jaichackers will turn thirtyninehotel into a wild fusion of cultural laboratory and informal club, all enhanced with the various artifacts and visual expressions of their respective practices: vinyl records with painted surfaces, dissected album covers, collages, vinyl cut-outs, expanses of etched mirror, video projections, and even a live A/V performance on the opening night of the exhibition.


bfast.jpg Today’s KUMU 94.7 Live Breakfast
yay breakfast. i’ll be rolling out of bed and over to the ala moana hotel saturday morning. woo. listen live between 10am – 11:30am and hear the one and only Yvonne Elliman! yes! that’s right, she’s from hawaii and is going to be joining us at the plantation cafe.

after the breakfast i’ll be making rounds through all the sales to find some furniture. leigh mentioned something about a $99 sale at pacific home. what the! looks like i’ll be having dinner parties before you know it.

coolkailuanights2.jpgsaturday i was thinking about cooling off in kailua at their block party. it sounds like a nice evening of activities and stuff, and danielle from the social wahines put it together so we should support our fellow lady.

saturday night is devoted to kaimuki. i wish i could tell you more. it’s a secret though. well, secret from the internet. call me up and i’ll tell you. it’s good!

There’s some other stuff too. i just heard a zillion girls screaming in the hallway. chris brown concert. the after party for that is at zanzibar. hide your camera if you try to go to that tho– they aren’t allowing them. oh ya, superbowl is on sunday. yawn.

enjoy your weekend. oh hey! did you watch lost? weird huh. who are the oceanic 6? are those the survivors? i wonder who they all are… we know three of em. eh. check ryan’s podcast for the best recaps everrr.

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