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[pics] first Art Walk of 2008, Nocturnal Sound Krew cd release, & that’s about it

January 9th, 2008 · 5 Comments

just call me ‘kick the powercord girl’. no really. i’m super not in to this right now. a completely completed text file of code gone. lost. because of my huge gargantuan feet. it’s actually a pretty short update but man i was being hella thorough with my links out and whatnot. i’m actually SUPER exhaused right now. and i get to start all over. yay.

ok let me try again. HI! it’s the never-complaining version of christa. hi hi! everything in life is amazing! woo!

wait. before i get in to first friday i wanted to say hi to yung jon que. YUNG JON QUE! not looking so famous in my cubicle area, but ya man. he’s been back in town for the holidays. decided to come by the station before his LAST weekend in town to say hi. HI! come back que. i mean really. vegas? how many flashing lights does a person really need? we miss you.

so anyway. first friday of january 2008! first friday of the year. art walk woah. i bet it was crazy. i mean, i was in chinatown. just not over there. i can probably tell you how it went down tho. lots of people lots of walking lots of art lots of people pau. what did you see? i saw the 50-50 art show at ong king

ha ha i’m laughing out loud at myself as i type this. i keep saving it. like i’m really gonna kick the power cord twice. when i’m prepared for it to happen. ha!

so ya, 50-50 has been around since 1996. that’s about the same time i started my website. yup we had internet then! but no, 50 50 is super hot, they have the best skate spot map of hawaii i’ve ever seen. and i don’t even skate. they just started doing video too. that’s right guys… expand! also– do more events! love, christa

lofa says!

so did you know ted and jordan have a SISTER?!? why didn’t i know this? she is friggin hotter than hot too. and obviously coming from the dioliveira bloodlines with this piece of contribution. it’s hard to really gage it with a photo, you really need to go to ong king and flip through. if it’s still there, that is.

art plus skate meant the usual suspects were there. this was actually a lot of fun.

but ya this. i was sitting across the street watching everyone who walked by it stop to appreciate. ha ha we even saw people take photos in front of it. right on.

first friday. we were the first two people to arrive at the nocturnal sound krew cd release upstairs at next door. this gear even had my name attached. handed to me by steven kanemoto himself. i was so excited. the cd is SO good, it hasn’t left my player since this night. the shirt is too big tho so if you were there and have a small or medium i’m down to trade you an XL for it….

and omg! they have bathrooms upstairs at next door now!

i seriously love watching this place evolve. kahunahana! keep it flowing man. we love it.

so did i mention we were the first two there? faces started arriving though. all of them. a ton of people that usually don’t come out even came out. it was so cool. all the in4mation guys, all the fitted guys, the whole krew, all the homeys, even yasmin dar. YASMIN DAR!

i was kind of mellow with my camera tonight. you probably know why. next time!

it was a super fun night up here tho.

ha ha yasmin’s crew took TONS of shots tho. girl! make a site already. love, christa

and omg jarold. he seriously cracks me up. it’s like blah blah blah chinatown then *POOF* jarold webb is 21, and everywhere. AND snapping photos. i love you man. serious. most of his crew just sticks around the vjs [which isn’t a bad thing! barely legals!] and never make it our way but you totally got it figured out. he even went to ACID WASH! my vote for best face of 2008 already right here.

and this one. wait. are you giving me the finger? i really don’t think so but i don’t know. i mean. i don’t exploit you but it’s hard to tell with your injury. you could just be holding your beer. oh ya, did you guys hear about kalima’s little incident!

we were stuck waiting for a trak and kid sister to come on for a long time. decided to venture around and say hi. hi frida

hi rich richardson

ps: i LOVE your brain!

hi 902. oh wait. looks like that’s all i got. sorry. we seriously gave it our all waiting for the show. waiting and waiting. we waited til like 1:15am before giving up. it was SO crowded tho. hi! i know you were there. here is a photo update or two if you really want to see. i’m sorry i didn’t come through on that one. but if it makes you feel any better i had an amazing weekend. probably the best i’ve had in a while. and if you didn’t see a wonderful night in split then you blew it. shit only played that night. next time!

well. not next time. it’s over. wait for netflix. or try to stay on top of their schedule. be careful tho. ha ha poor arthur got stuck with us during ‘on each side’ which was probably the slowest film we’ve ever seen like ever. trust me tho, art. that rarely happens. and since global lens is over we are probably going to have better odds of catching the good ones.

anyway. that’s it. thanks for looking! thanks for not having an epileptic seizure over my header image either! just bear with me on that one, ha ha. i’m literally JUST learning how to use friggin photoshop so i could be overdoing it slightly, ha ha. that program ain’t easy man. i always kinda wanted to keep that image simple but someone gave feedback that it should show more of what this site is. ya right. like, how do you put a person’s entire life and soul into a 970×140 pixel image?!?! i know it definitely involves that feathering technique…. but i could be wrong.

suggestions are welcome.

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  • 1 jonnie // Jan 9, 2008 at 3:06 am

    leave photoshop 2 tha experts! (lol)… no really, ur a super-amazing photo blogger. ur pix ‘n commments are non pareil. its a rare combo of talent that rilly sets u apart from tha average blogger… u got hella skillz gurl! nuff said.

  • 2 Atherton Bartelby // Jan 9, 2008 at 6:15 am

    As usual (and I know I tell you this all the time, but I always mean it), fantastic images in this most recent upload.

    As for your banner conundrum, I have to admit that I concur with you on your original vision for it: simple. What is beautiful about your vision, your eye, and your images, is that each one encapsulates what this site is about; there really is no need to obfuscate your vision (which, face it, is why those of us who love your work return again and again) with fancy Photoshop feathering, filters, and fonts. Just choose one image from your expansive treasure trove (or more, perhaps one image for each page), and go with it. The site (and you) will be communicated through those singular images.

    Just my two cents. :-)

    (And dude, hello, free Photoshop lessons here, too. Duh. *smile*)

  • 3 Maleko // Jan 9, 2008 at 7:52 pm

    Crazy! I saw Yasmin yesterday, and I couldn’t figure out how I recognized her (I’m bad at that)… and now I see this! I’m all duh! Yasmin Dar, hello! Anyway, great post. YJQ in town too! That was awesome.

  • 4 Maleko // Jan 9, 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Oh and for the Banner ad…. Use an animated gif that rotates the image…. and pick a few good ones with a nice panoramic spanse across the whole image. Here’s a free Gif Animator for you. http://www.download.com/Ulead-GIF-Animator/3000-2186_4-5422267.html

  • 5 CharlieBoy808 // Jan 11, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    heh i dry humped que wen i saw him hahah that was funny! ok bye bye

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