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a weekend of sorts

December 28th, 2007 · 2 Comments

i’m sorry. it does NOT feel like the holidays happened here. don’t get me wrong. nothing beats listening to the mannheim steamroller’s american christmas, smelling like cinnamon and candles and eating dim sum in chinatown on a tuesday instead of working. NOTHING. especially when ventures out are bike vs. skateboard and not so far that my butt doesn’t start to hurt. but when i think about the things happening this weekend, i’m like… WOAH. THIS is the weekend of all weekends. but i mean, only if you’re not me. because my holiday weekend was pretty much the best ever.

so now that i’ve completely confused whoever is still reading, i’ll go ahead and tell you the most amazing once-in-a-lifetime type events that you really REALLY shouldn’t miss this weekend:


Grand Spectacular Opening of Rum Fire at Sheraton Waikiki…. $100

Ya I realize this might not be an option for some who are still working out New Year’s plans but don’t worry one bit i’ll be there lurking the entire thing so you can see this new venue where the old esprit was. i remember all the blueprints up at the esprit closing party thinking this place was gonna be HOT! if it’s anything like the hype it should be good. i heard a rumor miss cyndi lauper WILL be in attendance so let’s see if i can finally squash my celebrity lurking squeemishness…

daveyshindigrelease.jpg Davey Shindig’s CD Release Party at the LOFT… $10

After two years of practiced dedication to the creation of mash-ups that sexy people will really want to hear, Davey “Shindig” is releasing The Vertigo LP, and throwing a big party, to boot. Ya i totally got that previous sentence from the press release but i’m listening to the CD right now and shit, i’ve been to the enterprise. i know how that dance floor gets after after. that’s because of DAVEY man. nobody can stop moving. and the party going on at the new LOFT (115 hotel st) means there’s more room to move. woah– this mash up i’m listening to now has iron and wine’s eyes wide open… is there a sweeter song…

oxycottontail.jpgRoxy Oxy Cottontail… rsvp to steve@djeskae.com NOW!

Oxy aka the female flash. I saw her at the Natural Koncepts video premiere in gold hi tops looking all kinds of blonde and brooklyn and way cooler than any of us can ever be gear wise since style steeze is obviously a no-brainer for her. Steve aka ESKAE is putting this thing on and it’s at Thirtyninehotel. I’m not sure there’s much else i need to say to get you equally as hyped.

tstruggle-flyer.pnghe struggle. a’ala park boardshop’s third video premiere at rRed Elephant… free.

what can i say that hasn’t been said. people have been waiting to see this thing for years. you don’t have to be hyped on skate videos to appreciate what will probably be considered one of the most memorable works this generation has ever seen. a true work of art. the time and effort and TIME spent putting this particular APB video together has more blood, sweat, skin, parking tickets, puberty, and genuine brotherly love than probably any piece of work you will have seen in 2007. i’ve been down with apb for years and was even there for some of that big island footage. i’ll tell you right now nobody works harder than chad when it comes to putting together something like this. it will definitely be a memorable evening. if you don’t know then eh. if you do know then ah! i’ll see you there.

thenextmovement.jpg The Next Movement at thirtyninehotel…. $10

mr the snake from the friday night mixdown, previously jake the snake from the genuinehi show, and now currently jake miyasato the hardest working new young promoter in town works triple time yet again to keep his new monthly fresh. this time it runs at thirtyninehotel but expect to see some hot ass fashion jj enos, ron s kayano, and split obsession (YA they got more than toys foo) and some hot ass live music from the deadbeats and some down ass people with ZERO pretentiousness.



122907.jpg Wild West Burlesque at Next Door… $10 if you’re western

can you please just make sure you wear that plaid shirt in the back of your closet when you step out the door saturday night? you might wind up at next door, since it’s the failsafe option any night you’re out. never a dress code, sometimes a wait, but always a good time and familiar faces and THIS particular night there’s a burlesque show from the only group i know of that has this thing down. wild!

if none of this tickles your fancy there’s always chinatown dim sum. or beach. BEACH, man. it is hawaii. depending on who you roll with it could be the best stuff ever.




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  • 1 JG // Dec 28, 2007 at 6:49 pm

    Exclusive video interview with Roxy Cottontail is up on my blog:


  • 2 Jason // Dec 30, 2007 at 2:38 am

    Christa , it was so nice to hang out with you at RumFire! We were so glad you went. It’s not a party unless you’re there. Next time we go, let’s sip cocktails again on the AstroTurf! Have a great New Year’s Eve :)

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