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[pics] More Film Festivaling, Lion King Cabaret show and cosmos at Washington Place | honolulu's nightlife diaries

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[pics] More Film Festivaling, Lion King Cabaret show and cosmos at Washington Place

October 29th, 2007 · 4 Comments

hi hi hi just so you know, i’m not stiffing you on anything i got. there is one more blog coming after this one then we’re all caught up k? OKAY!
so, um, we gotta go back now. like a week. to sunday. sunday at tiki’s in waikiki for Hiff’s meet the filmmakers party

making friends. gerard. a film maker. hi! um, i already know you tho. ok. roman cortez. HI!. i would check him out if i were you.

hey anderson! whatcha eatin!

this is mericia palma. she does PR for gerard among other things. has an iphone too.

ok, i’m a bum. not much happening at meet the filmmakers. mellow i’m guessing because everyone was actually at the movies. i broke out to check pipeline for the shiny toy guns show.

i’m not gonna lie. i only came to this show to talk to justin. and you three. HI!

moe and aly ishikuni. i mean aly gator.

my favorite band on oahu opened. ctrl alt del. i was hyped! hey guys!

ctrl alt del featuring aly gator. yup! history in the making right here folks. thems are some song writin fools!

maleko fox head.

shout out notes. i see stella!

that’s mark’s brother that was visiting on the right. he didn’t know me at the time of this picture. probably thought i was a bit of a freak. etc.

oh ya– national product is back. they are a long way from when we first saw them. i’d link to it but my 2004 rule still stands

oh, and maria and stevo are engaged. !!

and and and…. ara laylo is wearing michelle lau. HOT!

mark and aly. post show.

ctrl alt del. big time. um, guys? play MORE OFTEN k? thanks! love, christa

welcoming back national product

and i’m welcoming back kailey. what up!

mika hello hello

i was stalking that guy from shiny toy guns’s tattoo. it’s pretty cool.

hey man, you feeling ok?

shiny toy guns. word. they were pretty fun.

hey charlie! that’s charlieboy808 right there people.

very good. fun. dance dance woo.

so i should have asked the drummer if he was ok. you can’t really tell from this shot unless you look really hard, but by the end of the show he was surrounded with vomit. but never missed a beat. but what’s up kid? you ok? or just epic? rock n roll…

shaun was there

we were one of seven that made it to the LOFT after party. but look who we saw! the living room soldiers! STILL making it happen on sundays! i know your hide out now goobs and mike and chris and jenny and ross. i’m coming back!

has a weird wednesday last week. saw this at 11:04am

and this at 11:15am. it’s like i’m being stalked by my dream car.

back to work and guess who is in the studio! my new favorite band shiny toy guns.

tracy has a story about this girl but i’m not allowed to tell it. it’s good tho!

another added perk about working at visionary is davie wilkie and his epic cd mixed, delivered straight to my desk.

now i’m at the fundraiser for destination groove dance hawaii at the halekulani.


the two hosts {my bffs!} with Christine Yasunaga the amazing professional dancer who is the creator of this show. are you watching? i’m a HUGE fan of the idea. and now that i’ve seen the dancers, my order is in with TWC. i should have tv by wednesday. just in time for sunday! ps: it’s on sunday evenings on khnl channel 8.

more of these?! OK!

simba-tini anyone?

aw jordan. this little girl was a HUGE fan of his. she was to die for.

darlene was there in my favorite dress being all kinds of fabulous.

so was matt catingub *fanning out*

and WOAH HEY! the cast of the lion king. wooooo!

well helloooooo.

so the show was a cabaret featuring the talents of the lion king… but not before a nice healthy dose of chicken skin from host jordan segundo.

this was when i should have been using the video function i think.

this was good too. these people with all their talent. they are like another planet or something.

we were all speechless.

one guy’s talent was a short film! so cool

i’m dying to see the lion king now, by the way.

this was the coolest showcase cabaret thing i’ve seen in a long time.

desserting with yasmine. grrr!

i could sort of get these shots…

…but getting these dancers was out of the question. so much movement! they were HELLA good tho.

they are from the show. one will win. WIN!

the finale was heart stopping

and jaw dropping

we just don’t get talent like this out here that often. you know?

loved every minute

i think there’s more than 3 finalists on the show right now but this girl is my pick based on what i saw tonight

signing away. how cute! you know what was cuter? their parents. they were hella proud.

kicking it at tokudi tei after. saw marco.

cruising by linda lingle’s crib last week too.

actually. i was cruising IN to her crib…

ok not really her crib crib, but the mansion part. it was nice!

sarah introduced me to all these amazing film maker types this week. i was pretty excited.

it was a pretty nice evening.

well hellooooooo there

a.f.m. friends.


chuck and duke. as in lt gov duke. whatttup!

doubling up on the cosmos. it made the rest of this party pretty fun.

let’s bridge the creative gateway to asia, etc. more money for creative arts and technology. we can do it. tax relief. etc. wooo. [of course, i’m paraphrasing]

mike romano!

wait. NOT mike romano. roman you still had a presence all the way from la bro!

jane rules. you already know now tho

this guy too

i got martini’d AND cookie’d

this is kai bovaird. from filmworks/fx. check him!

you always know when christina simpkins is in the room. grrowrowrowowr


jane’s husband is not this pale. i think i’m a bit close. sorry. i was martini’d.

hey chloe!

WHAT am i doing. haw haw.

i only hope i wasn’t *too* obnoxious for you guys. i’ll just hide behind mericia…

ok wait. i think we all were just having a good time.

konrad ng! sans facial hair even.

i can’t remember his name but he was very young. maybe the youngest film maker with a film selected? someone ? help!

thank you, historic building. and cosmos. it was a lovely evening.

so there you have it. me at my not most articulate. can we still be friends? say yes! because i have the weekend shot in the wings. give me a day or two. alohaaaaaa.

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  • 1 The Angel // Oct 30, 2007 at 9:26 pm

  • 2 The Angel // Oct 30, 2007 at 9:28 pm

    Glamour Photographer Russell Tanoue invites you to experience BEAUTIFUL, the once a month club event at Chai’s Island Bistro.

    Make it your party destination this Friday and be the first 100 and receive the event goody bag. Enjoy $2.00 Ketel One Vodka and Steinlager Beer drink specials till 11:00 PM so being early is a must!

    Catch the sexy fashion show featuring designer Allisonizu’s denim and shake it to DJ Rayne and DJ Badmouth…need we say more?

    Beautiful, it only happens once a month!

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