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Memorial Day a year later….

May 19th, 2016 · No Comments

Last year at this time I knew I had breast cancer but you guys didn’t. I knew we had a HUGE event coming up and I had to put game face on to make it the best event possible (which it totally was). It was so good that we planned to do more, but then it worked out that we couldn’t. I realize now that was a blessing in disguise – there was no way I would have been able to pull another huge event off in my condition, but lord knows I would have tried.

So skip ahead 12 months. Memorial Day is coming up. This time I’m completely healthy and free of cancer. The venue is down to let us have a go at Memorial Day, and if we kill this we’re on for 4th of July and Labor Day. We lost Bacardi to another distributor but we have the same partners (Contrast Magazine, Compose and SuperCW) so we’re not worried about building an even cooler event. We are going to rage.


If you’ve been to any of my pool parties in the past you know the deal. It takes a little bit of time to get inside but once you’re upstairs it’s sensory overload of good vibes and killer music. We work hard to curate the best sounds for you and get plenty give-aways for everyone. All your favorite clubs and bars will be there with their staffs as this is their anticipated day off to party after the holiday weekend. You can watch this or this or this to get a better idea if you haven’t experienced it first hand.

Some special guests at past parties…. ColeCo, Major Lazer, Jayceeoh, Evil One, and our unofficial resident from LA that just destroys BeeFowl.

So yups. Don’t bring any attitude or you won’t get in. Be patient in the line and we will get you upstairs as fast as we can. It’s $20 cash at the door. Drink responsibly or be shown out. Respect each other or be shown out, we would rather have 300 quality people than 1,000 disrespectful drunk douchebags.

VIP cabanas are sold out but you can email Alvin at YMPIRE for waiting list: Alvin@ympire.com 21+ so have your IDs ready and all bags will be searched. Don’t tell anyone but for the first hour we usually just let anyone with a huge floaty toy up for free. Most of the girls too. Come early it will be worth it. Those 6 hours will FLY BY.

love you guys so much. Any profits from this thing if we can actually make any will be sent to our friend Daniel Gray for help with his ongoing cancer treatments. I will also save a little for my ongoing treatments to stay healthy. We are doing a lot of natural treatments that aren’t covered by insurance but guess what that stuff WORKS. If you (god forbid) ever know anyone to get diagnosed please pass on this paper I wrote to them. Hopefully it will snap them out of it and get them on the right path to get better. Nobody should ever have to suffer. We should all win.


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Mahalo PBS Hawaii

January 29th, 2016 · No Comments

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 3.13.19 PM

I’m still reeling from last night’s live broadcast on PBS Hawaii. What an incredible experience !!! I was so so so so nervous the entire time fiddling with my hands next to Kirk Matthews completely lost my train of thought more than once and probably said “like” more than ANY 40 year old woman should. Lord help me, I’m auditioning for TEDx Honolulu on Saturday though. If they pick you it’s a few months of training before the July event. You guys, wish me luck. I want to do this so I can share this story and help as many people as possible.

IF you need to know what I did to beat my cancer so fast the paper is here online for free just print it. You can also watch this video if you’re not that in to reading (sometimes I’m not).

Here is the PBS Insights episode:

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The Best of 2015, according to me

January 1st, 2016 · No Comments

Hey guys, I’m writing this post “down under” in Brisbane. It’s the first vacation-vacation I’ve taken in a long time and after half a year of fighting for my life.

After something like that happens there is quite a shift in where you choose to focus your attention and energy – but in the nightlife it’s a huge honor to still be able to post my personal favorites from the year we just ended. As long as I’m breathing I’ll always reflect on the year at the end of the year.

It’s just nice to be able to put things in perspective.

2015 wasn’t just about my own hurdles, there were quite a few start/stops that had me so excited then greatly disappointed. Some landmark places closed, but some incredible new energy was also brought in. Some exciting events would be announced, then not do so well, or not happen at all.

Even as someone that has managed to live somewhat peacefully seeing a positive in every situation, I was taken back by the flops. It’s hard to watch someone not doing well. The ideal situation is everyone does well, then everyone wins. I truly believe one day this can be achieved.

I have found that all the years of observing this city and participating when I can to keep a thriving nightlife there is only one constant and that’s the change. It makes you respect the establishments that have managed to power through and stay open even more, especially when you see a low turnover with staff.

[

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well there you go, PINK

October 24th, 2015 · No Comments

now that October is almost over the only people still thinking about pink is probably the NFL.

well just you wait! i have something NEW to show you guys to keep you in the spirit. this is my entire battle from when I announced to you guys in June to when the scans came back all clear in Septmeber…. FOUR MONTHS OF BREAST CANCER… in one Snapchat story :) if this inspires you at all, please share it and share my paper detailing what i did. this is my greatest wish for going through all of this.

thank you so much to Banzai Media: Grace Lim, Mikey Inouye, Jeremiah Tayao for helping me condense four months of Groundhog day of working my ass off to beat this. Also to Christopher Ahn for sound editing and just you guys wait we are sharing our story with the WORLD.

donate to our documentary (movie so much more fun than book!) here


thank you also to grace for this epic portrait! love you so much girl.

other updates from me – i was honored to be a guest on the Stupid Cancer podcast as a survivor story but alas, by the time we really got to talking about anything good the time was up =/

paula akana did a GREAT story on me for KITV you can watch here

mike cherry also featured my yoga fundraiser (which was EPIC by the way! thank you thank you thankyouthankyouthankyou to Jesa and Bamp/The Republik)

As for me, I still have ONE cycle left of chemotherapy then its on to the surgeries. surgery is plural because i will be removing my ovaries first. since i am a hormone positive cancer that seems to be the rage these days. then the fun bags will have to go. it’s ok though, i’ve made my peace with all of this. i will be turning 40 with all of my female parts intact while visiting Australia then tackling the rest of this after the holidays.

a cute birthday present to myself… menopause.

i love you guys, thank you so much for all of your love and prayers I BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYERS! pray we finish this documentary in time for Breast Cancer Awareness October 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!

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breast cancer october

October 3rd, 2015 · 7 Comments

pinki don’t know why but seeing pink everywhere now that it’s October isn’t making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. it’s that whole “for a cure” thing that is really rubbing me the wrong way. not like i’m a scientist or doctor by any means but soooooo much awareness and support going into finding a cure when the “cure” is staring us all right in the face.

but who knows, maybe everyone is different and maybe millions of women are dying because they don’t have all of the tools/information they need, which is absolutely the case if they are just listening to their medical doctors and thinking that is their only option.

that is why i wrote and am sharing this paper. the information in this is what fell in to my lap as a HUGE BLESSING and something i wouldn’t feel right not to pass on to whoever might need it. those first few days/weeks after being diagnosed are a crazy tornado of thoughts and confusion and holy crap i just can’t imagine a woman having to tackle it all on her own.

there is a lot of information out there and even more science. this is what worked for me. i really truly hope it can work for others.

thank you to stupid cancer for featuring me as a survivor story on their podcast. i hope we can talk again soon !

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cw killed cancer

September 17th, 2015 · 5 Comments

hi. i shouldn’t be writing this as my phone is blowing up next to me and i’m just worried about letting the close-close people who have been helping me daily know before they find out through social media or anything…. but holy crap you guys…. we completely beat the cancer.

nothing is showing up on the scans.

from my first announcement to my other couple posts… that’s all there is!

my sister was with me at the oncology office tuesday and the doctor hadn’t previously reviewed it so i got to sit there and watch their doctor-reactions which was PRICELESS. nothing in the lungs. nothing in the lymph. nothing in the liver, pancreas, ovaries, colon, breasts, blood…. NOTHING! there was a blip on the head portion of the pep scan on my frontal left lobe which was scary since it was my left neck lymph swollen and i definitely felt the electric pain pulses going up my neck in the beginning so i had to run over to MRI real quick (which i still have a headache from – those rays are loud and you can feel them going through your brain). if anyone reading this has had an MRI they know. holding that still for 45 minutes is a mind fck. you better know how to meditate. good thing i taught myself that during all of this. i love those last two little attempts at the evil to take me back over though. ha. nice try.

there are too many miracles that happened to list here but know that from here on out especially now i believe. i believe in god i believe in the power of positive intentions, positive thoughts and beyond all that i believe that you can put your mind to anything you want in life.

you have to know this.

please be good to each other. if there is anything i want you guys to learn from my experience is be mindful of how you treat each other. you never know when you may need to rely on the support of others to save a life. i pray that nobody has to go through that mental horror of thinking your life is over or of wanting it to be over.

more on that soon. here is a cute recap video of my performance before the Hawaii Five-0 premiere in Waikiki! it’s not my first time with them but i was pretty hyped when my friend asked me to come as her guest – she is kind of a big deal! it was such a magical night from beginning to end. there’s photos of us all over the internet and i’ll have my snap story in my massive story that I’ve been saving down through this entire thing – a cute snippet way to go from stave iv to cancer free in four months =)


book will happen. please wish me luck those things are hard.

cancer playlist is already out there but i’ll make you guys CDs too. no more freebees though you gotta pay at least $1 to daniel gray’s fight for them.

me and grace at the premiere =) best date ever if you like/want some celebrity treatment ! stoked that i made #2 in the event’s highlights over at Honolulu Magazine. gracie was on the list too tho!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 11.52.39 AM

there’s a LOT more obviously but i am running out the door. i have quite a bit to handle with my health still. the open wound they left from my emergency port removal is still looking at me. it’s funny because wound care has been the worst part of all of this. i always say though if that’s the worst part then it’s the best part :) it’s definitely the most painful and yucky part.

just not completely 100% out of the woods yet. after i heal this wound i have 3 cycles of chemo left to complete. i’ll be continuing my high dose vitamin c and hyperbaric oxygen therapies until then.

then of course the final thing is the major surgery. my sister thinks since i’m a hormone positive her2 negative cancer that i can just remove my ovaries instead of my fun bags. we might need to do all three. i love my bb’s but said goodbye to them a while ago. i’m ok to lose whatever i need to do. that’s the next decision.

looking for support through the rest of this in all of you! please keep your positive energy and prayers coming this way !

this post is dedicated to everyone still fighting. it might not be cancer it could be any other demon or evil. just know in the power you have in yourself. it’s there. like me you might need a little extra help getting through it all but know that it’s possible.

everything happens for a reason.

love you, cw

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home stretch

September 7th, 2015 · 5 Comments

hello friends. it’s so weird to be writing this today on Labor Day – the first time i haven’t worked in over 5 years. i think about how much labor it took to pull together our Bacardi Pool Party but how rewarding it was to be walking through the crowd getting so many smiles and high fives. i treasure those moments. it should make me angry to have such a huge event and huge revenues ripped away from me especially now but i find myself proud that we make it look so easy. perhaps now people can see (and appreciate) the hard work i put in to building that event over the years.

i truly believe (especially now) that everything happens for a reason, so if we weren’t meant to have it today then it’s most likely a good plan. lord knows i would have probably still worked even though i’m supposed to be taking it easy and resting in these final weeks of my treatment.

so, my treatment…

there was a considerable snag last week and i wound up hospitalized, which still seems so weird to me because through all of this i always felt strong and healthy. it’s the supplements. and the juicing. and the high dose vitamin c. and the yoga.

either way, i spiked a fever and am still thanking god that i happened to be with my caregiver who knew to immediately call my doctor who said please immediately take her to the ER. if i was alone i would have just gone to bed. it’s so weird to have medical people worriedly doting over you when you feel fine, i still to this day feel great. they told me i was septic and it was life threatening. i was like, does that mean i can order this tuna melt and cheat on my diet finally.

five days later after huge amounts of antibiotics i was sent home with a new catheter line in my arm and an open wound where my infected port was. doc told me she isn’t ordering chemo for me until this wound heals. that could take weeks. this is why it’s not a good idea to have any goal dates or plans when you are in treatment. things usually don’t go according to plan and your body needs time to adjust.

while we wait for the wound to heal i have doubled up on the high dose vitamin c iv treatments to twice a week and added the hyperbaric oxygen to help heal this wound as fast as possible. we are treating it with that medical grade honey and it seems to be closing up ok. while i’m off chemo i’m also back to the baking soda/lemon with hot water. ugh.

doc also went ahead and ordered the scans for this week to see where we are at with the cancer cells. THIS IS THE TIME TO PRAY. i am feeling like i killed all of it but thursday is the PET/CT scan. we will know very soon.

now that i think about it, that went by kind of fast.

since i will have been off chemo for a couple of weeks i am treating myself to more love to fill my heart with pure joy –  and play a show this weekend. i’ll give you more details this week but know it will be free…. and BIG! i can’t wait to tell you more about that.

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this is our fight

July 16th, 2015 · 5 Comments

you guys i can’t thank you enough for all of your outreach and support since i first announced that i have been diagnosed with cancer.

reading and re-reading the notes you took the time to write and post is giving me so much joy my heart is so full there is no way this is going to cause me any harm. the physical set-backs are nothing with all of this love and if you know me you know i mean it when i say i am taking this fight VERY seriously.

it started with a very drastic but needed diet change. no more processed foods at all. no refined sugar. no sugar period – dried cane, raw honey, agave, all that is out just drops of stevia and whatever i’m getting from the fruit. my diet is pretty much just all organic vegetables, fruits, avocado, nuts and seeds. a plant based diet with the occasional egg.

i am juicing like a crazy person. that’s why when you see me i look so healthy and happy, btw.

there are many other key things i am doing (with your financial help) (THANK YOU) and i plan to lay it all out in a very easy to read possibly downloadable pdf book or something when i get through this (have to make sure it *actually* works first heh) (don’t worry it’s totally working) but in the meantime many of you are asking how you can help if there’s anything i need.

if you haven’t or aren’t able to donate to the website YES there are things i definitely could use and you are welcome to drop to me or in care of me at one or more set locations. please look through this list and if you or anyone you know can help please email me. cw at supercw.com

i really love you all and respect that you have invested in my health. i promise i am working so hard and will NOT let you down. i intend to live! for a LONG TIME!!!! just need a few more months of very careful downtime to get this right for once and for all.

-scented candles or aromatherapy for relaxing/healing
-plants and flowers that like to live indoors
-any good lip balm (trying them all to no avail)
-netflix or hulu show options (funny only please)
-staycations or even spa visit hookups
-organic produce (avocados, bananas, coconuts, any greens, fruits, etc.)
-organic vegetable soup seems to be going down well
-juice (cold pressed or fresh made – organic only)
-calming music ideas for my chemo playlist
-alkaline water
-lipstick, hoop earrings, cute eyeglasses frames (i’m trying)
-antibacterial wipes or gel (i can never get enough)
-funny books, DVDs, anything that can keep me happy/relaxed
-leads on someone who prints CDs
-facetimes when you’re somewhere that i otherwise should be. it’s been hard to sit so still to let my body heal. this is possibly the worst part of all of this. if anything, please share more. snapchats, instagrams, vines, periscopes. for me.
-lead for a VA loan. i need to buy this apartment i’m living in so i don’t have to move

visits – while i do love and appreciate them i have to start scaling back on who is coming over. my white blood cell count is low and will continue to drop these next few weeks until september so i need to work hard to stay as healthy as i can while my body turns on itself to attack. that means coming close to as few people as possible. =/

thank you SO MUCH to Beats Builders for treating my apartment so i can be comfortable please support him if you need a contractor. Thank you to Roberta Oaks for re-releasing the POW! WOW! shirt to raise $ for me if you ever wanted a legit well tailored aloha shirt she is your girl. also thank you to to daniel for this couch that i have been living on to heal if you’re ever in Chinatown visit Nextdoor the eclectic bar he runs (and where i was and will be returning as resident DJ when i am better) and my cancer buddy. Thank you to Flash, Bamp Projects and my friends at The Republik (where i am also resident DJ) for a last minute fundraiser for Thomas Jack that put enough cash in my pocket to get through that very very difficult first month after my diagnosis. Thank you to the Mitsui Family in Ka’a’awa for their epic donation of 14k PLEASE check out 808 Skate in Kailua for all your apparel, shoes, socks and skateboarding needs. Thank you to the Barrio Vintage boys for the beautiful gift bag with silk scarves and a gorgeous comfy cotton kimono. Thank you to Renee at Sanctuary for helping me get through the most challenging phase of chopping my hair. Also huge mahalo to Hawaiian Ola, Kevin at Instapressed and Kale at Nalo Juice and 88 Alkaline water who stepped up and helped me out without even knowing me. i owe you all huge. i owe you My LIFE!!! <3 you guys, if you have anything wrong health-wise and you haven't tried juicing or a juice cleanse then definitely do it. our bodies are incredible when they are running on proper nutrition. i am doing a combination of many things but i can tell that this very strict diet is the baseline for what is SHRINKING my tumors. believe that. love you see you soon. here's some photos in case you aren't looking at the photo updates on the donation website. ;)


i hate, HATE swallowing pills. i’m one of those people. every morning that i have a plate with 30+ different sized pills to swallow and i know it’s very well what’s keeping me from feeling like complete crap from the chemo and improving my cellular and organ health it still doesn’t keep me from almost vomiting them all back up. every. morning. i find the strength to do it with your support. and knowing that if THIS is the worst part, that it’s actually the best part.



this is a rather expensive (thank you for donating) alternative therapy not covered by insurance that is both reducing the toxic effects of the chemotherapy and also attacking the cancer cells. thanks to the extremely expensive (thank you for donating) RGCC blood test i did in Greece i know that this is a very complimentary treatment to my particular cancer cells and is why i am responding so well to treatment. thank god!



thanks to the Queens Cancer Center – hands down the best facility i have ever stepped in to and one they were holding out on me at first ! (i was doing my treatment in the POB ii) but i understand why – the patients in there are there for 8+ hours and mine is only 3. i am so grateful to be able to be nice and persistent (two things i’m good at) and now i am in the dreamland of sweet nurses, my own private area, a library, free beanies, food deliveries and A THERAPY DOG! best days are chemo days right now! i wish i had to be here for 8 hours too.



I have been responding very very well to the chemo with minimal side effects thanks to the alternative therapies and diet. those that do occur are all very manageable with the western meds and also with acupuncture thanks to Dr Burke (YES MARIA’S DAD!). the worst so far has been my guts as the chemo destroys your insides so eating or anything inside any orifice is disturbed. i am very, very tired the fatigue is unreal and nothing like any kind of “tired” i ever was in my past cancer-free life. it’s the worst part wanting to do things but physically not being able to. my mind is a bit wacky too. i’ll lose my train of thought mid-sentence or completely blank out. hopefully that goes away after you stop the meds!

that’s it. please continue to help me get this website funded as this is really helping me with these co payment bills and alternative bills rolling in. i really have no other way to do this right now not being able to take the DJ gigs or have it in me to write. more fundraising will be happening locally here too. stay tuned. this is OUR FIGHT!

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step one

June 27th, 2015 · No Comments

hey everyone. I’ve been doing really, really good and appreciate all of your support so far this has been incredibly overwhelming the love and support coming from every lifetime i’ve lived. i’ll keep you updated with everything here on my site soon but for now here is a donation page my sister made to help with some of these costs that are adding up.

while i deeply appreciate everyone’s concern with my treatment plan just know that i have made my choice. i will be following my own intuition with skilled advice of both medical and holistic doctors as well as some experimental testing abroad. when i’m finished i plan to visit the Angel Farms for a final cleansing/rejuvenation… and get back to an even better, healthier in mind/body/spirit me.

of course, only about a third of everything is actually covered and when it is combined with the work i am losing to make this all happen there is definitely a need for more support from my friends and family. i truly appreciate all of you and promise i will not let you down. this is our fight.

here is the website to donate.

also – thank you to everyone who came out to Thomas Jack. that was easily the best night of my life. the vibe in that room was so filled with love! that was exactly the motivation i needed to start this treatment. here is my set.

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new life

June 12th, 2015 · 38 Comments

by now most of my close friends, family and co-workers are aware, but at this time i will let everyone know: on may 9th i was diagnosed with cancer.

i had to suck it up until i could get through all the testing and scans and get through some huge events and work projects but i have learned that the breast cancer has spread to my lymphatic system and lungs. according to oncology i am stage 4 with a 30% chance for survival with an “aggressive” chemotherapy program that will span 20 weeks. i was given less than a year if i do not treat this at soonest.

i refuse to accept this fate and plan to attack it head-on. i have already taken the steps to harness nature’s healing power with my diet and have gotten started on a smorgasbord of supplements thanks to our friend daniel gray and a friend that i met in cabo who just spent the past year fighting for her life. there is a very close group of friends here helping and my mom will be coming out when it’s time for the surgery to look after me.

this is a toxic disease that affects 1 in 8 women, and like me, 70% of which do not have a family history. it’s important that i tell you this because ladies, if you ever see anything different get it checked out. i was too late and by the time i realized something was wrong it had already spread through to other organs. everyone else, just please be more aware of what you’re eating and the environment you live in.

my plan is to start the chemotherapy june 22nd so from that time onwards i will not be as available to you. please give me my space and time to heal. this next week will be the last week as the christa we all know for a while. you can bet i’ll be enjoying it as much as possible so if you see me let’s not talk about it let’s just have some laughs or dance. please.

if there is anything i would want is to see you guys friday 6/19 at the Thomas Jack show. i plan to record my set so i have something to listen to during treatment. if it’s anything like the tokimonsta show – with great positive energy – then that will be with me through this entire thing.

that tokimonsta show, by the way, was super heavy for me. i was carrying this burden of knowing when i put that music together and played it for everyone with a very heavy heart. i had the most epic response that night and it was from a room of people i didn’t even really know. there really aren’t even words for how great that moment was. just the fact that i have that recorded and can listen to it whenever i want to be brought back to that is the greatest gift. 

i will beat this. i need everyone to believe that and believe in me. 

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#BacardiPoolParty any day now

April 29th, 2015 · No Comments

Hey guys! The next Bacardi party is the big one – the Bacardi Pool Party on Monday May 25th at the Hawaiian Monarch. Here, get inspired for a sec:

Bacardi Pool Party 2015 Teaser from ThisIsRNDR on Vimeo.

so yes, this one is the mothership. we ALL hang and we ALL have the best day possible. you can trust me on that. i don’t even let jerks inside. they get told to go home. ONLY FUN PEOPLE ALLOWED.

my next Bacardi BOAT Party is saturday july 18th and i have a special guest GOLDROOM finishing his tour here. he’s always wanted to come to hawaii and this is the perfect daytime vibes setting for him so LET’S SHOW HIM HOW HAWAII AND HOW CW DOES SHIT.

see you on memorial day. and july 18th!!!! <3

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CW for Flux Hawai’i Magazine: Springtime Vibes

April 1st, 2015 · No Comments

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.37.37 PMSo Ara Laylo is pretty badass. She has been in every favorite band I had in Honolulu, she opened for The Cure, she had the most fun party still to this date imo in Chinatown. She is highly intelligent, very unforgiving, has flawless looks and a personal style that nobody could ever duplicate even if they tried. Over the 10 years I’ve known her our friendship had the usual ebb and flow that is normal for young adults in a thriving city. From lengthy aim chats to cocktails to casual encounters to working together professionally this girl has been a huge part of my life in Hawaii for pretty much all of it.

She is kicking so much ass as the Creative Director for Flux Hawai’i Magazine – one of the very best in the city. Like me she wears a bunch of hats working as a teacher at UH and also as the Red Bull Music Academy liason here locally. Oh, and she’s a musician. FIGURE OUT how to wind up in a karaoke room with her.

I was honored to have her interview me for Flux and spent the past couple of months putting this mixtape together for the publication, being super mindful of their crew and their readers, while keeping in tune with everything I love as well. I really hope you like the mix. Here’s the interview.

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super chat with the one and only Olena Rubin Heu

March 12th, 2015 · No Comments

oholena is a long time friend but this was pretty awesome to ACTUALLY be INTERVIEWED by her… she’s like…. a TV PRO! if you don’t know her story – we met when she was Miss Hawaii circa 2004 and had tons of memorable adventures together. then she became one of Honolulu’s darlings as a very genuine and very approachable TV Anchor for KHON. super smart and talented her smile is not even from planet earth. at the height of her career she decided to leave it all and start her own company, leaving everyone with their mouths hanging open and catapulting her to the highest level of influencers for any woman in business. she is so badass.

Here is our Interview! Can you tell how excited I am =)

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The TEAM behind POW! WOW! Hawaii (yes there’s a team)

January 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

pw board

hi. so most of you probably don’t know this story but when i met Jasper at manifest over the holidays in 2009 he was about to pull together an event in hong kong and told me i should come check it out. so i did. once i saw what he was up to i was deeply inspired by the event and told him while i was still in hong kong that if he could figure out a way to do the event in hawaii that i would help him however i could.

he got in touch after a while and sent me a pretty detailed and elaborate pdf file that was too big to forward so i had it printed in color and set a bunch of meetings around town. i met with museums, venues, potential sponsors, other non-profit artsy organizations, anyone that would listen to what i had to say. a few were open to it, and later on i was approached by my co-workers boyfriend when i was at manifest who was also an artist who said he heard about what i was putting together and might have a house that could house the artists. i went up to pupukea and sat with his mom and the printed pdf and she showed me the most beautiful house i ever saw in my life.

there was a warehouse that i had just did a big party at that i thought might work as the venue and thankfully my best friend happened to be an owner there and was happy to make it work.

i also had a friend that i worked with for a cute tv show that is a huge film buff that also wanted to help so he followed us around and filmed it.

this was five years ago.

there are others i think that made a big impact on our event – especially artist/writer/attorney sonny ganaden who joined us for a year and initiated some grants and (most importantly) our education component. this is what has given me the motivation to see this event moving forward. i have always been passionate about enriching youth. tiffany tanaka also worked very hard to start our pow wow school of music, another huge step in making our event less of an ego-driven bro-down and more about giving back. i started the music department in 2013 to make the festival more well-rounded. music as you know is very important to me.

we are heading in to year five. the festival will run from feb 7th-14th. you can see all of our events on the website or through our facebook.

here we go. our golden year.

(mahalo to jamm aquino/staradvertiser for the photo. probably the only one that exists of our team.)

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woah press

January 6th, 2015 · No Comments

guys. GUYS! i have to send so much love to both Frolic and InHNL for amazing write-up/recaps from my birthday last month. i don’t even WRITE for you guys!!!! you have no idea what this means to me to see you two noticing me and what i’m up to. HUGE respect for both Tracy and Will. the article Will did (pic is linked) is so amazing and in depth. thank you so so so much for noticing.


Tracy’s was more photos of the actual event but loved her summary. IT GIRL MAGNET!!!

TY to the Pulse for always coming through my parties. Look at this motley crew! If you want to read me I’m at the Pulse and in the paper at the MetroHNL.
might as well say thank you now too to the clerk at bcbg for telling me to wear this red one. i see now that that was a good call. <3 pul-super-cw-bday-01

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Best of 2014, According to Me

December 31st, 2014 · 6 Comments

Looking back through the year I definitely saw a lot of huge hits. The Giants won the World Series, UH won a few football games, gas prices went way down, the nightlife didn’t collapse.

We did good.

Looking back through the year it was a series of many greats that make me feel so very lucky to be able to live in such a snug yet thriving city.

Emotionally I would say this was a fantastic year for me. I took ownership of decisions I made and it changed everything. You could say I stopped trying to please everyone. I realized you can do everything for other people and that doesn’t mean anyone will ever be there for you if you need them. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s actually human nature. Humans fundamentally try to get the best they can for themselves using whatever means necessary. Still, that’s no reason to spin my wheels. I’m just more aware of my actions and who I am looking out for. There are so many people who work hard and deserve to be recognized, and there a lot of others that will take take take until you are sucked dry leaving you feeling empty. Once we can see clearly who those people are and step around them to the virtuous ones what a beautiful city this can be.

So anyway, here are the greatest standouts this year, according to me.

Best New Thing: Females Not Just as the Objects
Sure, it’s cute and eye-catching to have a ladies night with scantily clad women on the flier, but how about a ladies night where the women are also the DJs providing the entire night’s soundtrack? Doing what they do best; running sh*t. Bravo to ChittyBang, last year’s Best Party for paving the way for many others to follow suit and see how amazing it can be. Congratulations to Addiction Nightclub who started a new monthly this year featuring an all-female guest DJ lineup for their So Fancy! 2nd Thursdays. It not only brought in a whole new crowd to the club, it switched up the music programming from 100% hits and hip-hop to more house and dance music, and provided a memorable night for some of the KTUH DJs that were given an opportunity to play one of Honolulu’s hottest clubs (anyone who caught Jem’s set is probably still reeling).
It’s a baby step to widen that “mainstream” gap but also a brave one for any club to take a couple of steps outside the box.

Honorable mention goes to: Blowout Thursdays at eleven44
Promoted by Amp Industries and Angel Deihl, they built an tremendously fun ladies night complete with a beauty bar and live photo shoots, and provide a showcase for up-and-coming house DJs to play out on one of the best sound systems in Honolulu. The best part? Their crowd of regulars is two-thirds women that are fun and love to dance. I call it the city’s best un-kept semi-secret but expect this to blow up even more in 2015. Their strict music programming will keep the “mainstreamers” away and the women happy and dancing. I love it.

Best Renaissance (Wo)Man: Riana Stellberg “Tittahbyte”
Bringing out the Soulection crew, consistently putting on amazing shows all year, befriending the most elusive yet most respected electronic musician that resides in Hawaii Mr Aaron Carmack, and bringing so much more awareness to Jon Cozy’s Green Leaf Check to corner the underground music scene with a solid foundation, Riana hasn’t just pushed the boundaries of talent, she is on a whole new level. All while running About the Goods and making a huge name for herself as a multi-faceted DJ. I would ask her where she finds the time to do it all but I totally get her. There are just some people that are wired that way and it’s their calling to do as much as possible.
Thank you, Riana for all that you do for this city.

Best Up and Comer: Gnaraly (tie) Bussaband Ent
Up and coming fashionista, blogger and never compromising disco kid, Gnaraly reminds a lot of the older generation of partiers of the thirtyninehotel crew. She was there back then; snapping away and casually will make posts to remind everyone of that spirit that can never be replaced. You might have seen her spinning all vinyl at the Iron DJ, Bevy Bar, or guest slots at eleven44. You can find her photo blog to be a bit addicting as is her overly-energetic demeanor.
Watch this one in 2015.

Bussaband Ent is the crew that ran in last week’s SuperCity. Huge things for them this coming year!

Most Potential: EBC (tie) Buho Cantina
“EBC” is the Electronic Boat Cruise party on the Waikiki Ocean Club (formerly known as the Red Dolphin). The Waikiki Ocean Club is that amazing double-decker boat complete with a bar that can fit a few hundred people. I can’t even tell you how many promoters have sucked in their teeth after getting so excited to try to do a rager on that boat only to find out the steep price tag. You would have to sell tickets for over $60 to even break even and who is paying that kind of money for shows anyway?
Enter: Matt Baumer. He has now made two attempts to bring the EDM crowd out to sea and while they could do with another couple hundred people onboard, the parties are getting great reviews. There is so much potential with the beautiful top deck, the grimey bottom deck, and so much room to hang out. I’m hoping for more of these parties with more people in 2015.

Buho Cantina’s patio is perfection. It’s exactly the “rooftop” vibe we’ve all been waiting for, and it’s HERE. The fact that owner Hide Sakurai and Marketing Manager Justin Mizfuka went to Los Angeles and were deeply inspired by what they’re doing at the Ace Hotel only means they are planning on bringing a major wave of cool to Waikiki. The ambiance is unbeatable, now it’s just time to start getting those parties going regularly.

Most Underrated Thing: House music
I’m not talking about “EDM” which is to house music what the Kardashians are to Television.
It’s O.K. that we haven’t caught on to what the rest of the world outside America has known for decades; it’s only just starting to penetrate New York’s nightlife so it may never reach our shores enmass. Still, the fact that Hawaii has an underground scene that has been keen to this for many years and made a name for itself across the globe as THE top spot for deep house and techno 6 years strong is something that should have everyone holding their head high. This is huge, whether we know it or not.

Best Comeback: Landon Tom (tie) funk
Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s performance on SNL’s Thanksgiving episode will forever go down in history as the night my heart swelled as I realized popular music has a chance in these coming years. Bravo to both of them for bringing back such a beautiful style of music that is so authentic and soulful. Real instruments, real singing, real dancing, a real performance.

Landon Tom was one of the city’s greatest musicians circa The Jump Offs era. He has taken some years to work and go to school but when you’ve got something inside you that needs to be expressed sometimes the only thing left to do is just that. His brand new band, known for two seconds as “Only Child” now called “Human Lion” has already performed for two sold out shows opening Young the Giant at The Republik and isn’t slowing down any time soon. That is, as long as his bandmates don’t plan on moving away.

Best Worst
Thing from this year I can do without

High school-ish sayings posted on social media or (even worse) T-Shirts
“You Can’t Sit with Us”
“My Friends are Better Than Yours”

Internet Ranters
If you can do it better than you do it. If you have time to rant about you aren’t using your time wisely.

Destroying parties and clubs when those animal instincts take over, it left a haunting mark on a lot of us seeing one of the cities greatest female DJs get hit in the head with a bottle while she was working. Enough is enough, people. Clubs and bars need to do more 86ing. With photos. There’s Internet now can we put some of these troublemakers on blast for once and for all?

It’s a given that it will happen, but 2014 was the year that too many people in my very close, very small inner circle moved on to bigger cities to be the amazing people they are. It’s made some of my colleagues look at me to see if I’m next. The answer to that is a huge no. I moved to Hawaii after already living a hundred lifetimes, and my only goal was to make a life here. That is good enough for me. For now.

Here’s the rest. Lots of ties this year which is a good thing. There’s room for all this greatness.

Best Bar – Bevy

Best New Bar – Honolulu Beerworks

Best Nightclub – M Nightclub

Best Monthly Party – ChittyBang 1st Thursdays at The Republik (tie) Party After Art at eleven44

Best Weeknight Weekly – #IN Mondays at Lulus (tie) Karma Mondays at 939

Best Weekend Weekly – The Manor Fridays at M Nightclub

Best Fancy Party – Dinner en Blanc (tie) Eurocinema Hawaii Awards Gala

Best Block Party – Nightmarket (tie) Hallowbaloo

Best Promoter (Individual) – Judah Oschner

Best Promoter (Group) – Level H (tie) Tantriq Entertainment

Best VIP Host – Bryan Simpson

Best Door Staff – Dayna Kalakaua

Best DJ – Delve (tie) XL

Best Band – EMKE (tie) The Tigers From Niger

Best Daytime Drinking – Modern Honolulu Pool

Best Sound System (public venue) – eleven44

Best VIP – M Nightclub

Best Staff – Crossroads at Hawaiian Brian’s

Best Graphic Design – M Nightclub (tie) Fresh Café

Best Interior Design – Fresh Café Downtown

Best Oceanfront Bar – Rumfire Waikiki

Best Outdoor Party – Grey Goose Dayclub (tie) Bacardi Pool Party

Best First Friday Spot to Party– Nextdoor

Best First Friday Spot to Art – Human Imagination

Best After 2am (public) – Ginza Nightclub

Best After 2am (private) – Asylum Afterhours

Best Promotion – Iron Bar Series (Flash and The Republik)

Best Parking – All the venues at 500 Ala Moana Waterfront Plaza

Best Concert Venue – The Republik

Best Festival – POW! WOW! Hawaii

Best Happy Hour – Sushi at M

Best Dinner – Livestock Tavern

Best Website – Tantriq Entertainment

Best Video – Hawaii Boat Party by Noilbee

Best Spoof Video – Maui “Happy”

Best Clothing – Claymore Minds

Best Stylist – Barrio Vintage (tie) Aly Ishikuni

Best Shop – Owens & Co (tie) Mori

Best Shopping Event – Art & Flea

Best Instagram – Non-Nightlife: @Kaimanimal Nightlife: @fuckinghonolulu

Best Twitter – @flashee

Best Snapchat – ME (sorry! Not sorry!) supercw

Best It-Girl – Nara Nellis

Best It-Guy – Lance Arinaga

Best Place to Meet Your Husband/Wife – Art After Dark (tie) JJ Dolan’s

Best Place to Meet Your Next Date (Non-Tinder) – Art & Flea

Best Place to Take Your Tinder Date – Café Maru

Best Place to Take Your Date (Non-Tinder) – Doraku Kapiolani

Best In Show – eleven44
Even though this small, stylish club was opened by nightlife veteran Aurora Group (Bar35, Du Vin) we weren’t certain about their future over there on Bethel street as they opened with wavering legs trying to find their place in the nightlife scene. After a few attempts at giving people what they thought they wanted they connected with some forward thinkers that are giving people what they need. It’s working. Congratulations guys.



I’ll disclose that I was involved with some of this but definitely not all. You guys that are working hard are my biggest heroes. If there’s things I’m missing even though I’m out all the time and online the rest of the time now is a great time to point it out. People working hard deserve to be recognized.

Photo by Gnaraly.blogspot.com

Photo by Gnaraly.blogspot.com



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cool NYE sh*t in honolulu

December 20th, 2014 · No Comments

you know what i do when there’s too much to do and everyone is split across five events/clubs all over town? i go to sleep.

this year no can. my girl isis taylor is in town and i’m her date. i have 3 gigs on NYE then a couple of “wind up” spots but here you go i’ll round up everything WORTH going to for you to save you some running around.

Party of the Year at Kaka’ako
6pm-1am. tickets range fm $45 general to $2k for super vip table of 8.
don’t not go to this. it’s fun for the whole family and one that has a little bit of everything: food, rides, dance music, live music, local flavor, vip, ultra vip, fireworks ALL THE TIME. no bueno if there’s rain but one of my favorites to hit early in nye. i play the family area 9:30-10:30 if you’re around say hi.

M Star Studded NYE
9p-4a. free parking (!!). $30
hnl’s top nightclub year after year will do their infamous block party style party. go early or wind up here but def don’t miss the clubbie club atmosphere with the island’s top DJs and the sickest graphics it’s a very affordable $30 presale.

House of Cards at the Modern Honolulu
9pm-3am. $100 individual GA up to $115,000
pricey but bougie with the full Las Vegas experience incl tables, games, and a give-away trip to the 9th island. if you want to do it up with your friends and get as lavish as possible, do it with Grey Goose and The Modern. you can bet the crowd you’re mingling with will be top of the line and the experience priceless.

New Year’s with CabaRAE
$50 for after-party only and $100 for show/party
i love these people. they are weirder than me. ok not really. but SO FUN. i had the best time playing music for them after the grand opening and they invited me back to close out their special NYE show. this is date night on steroids. come have some fun it’s one of those I DARE YOU NOT TO SMILE nights.

REVEAL at RumFire
$85 pre-sale, $100 after 12/30, $50 after midnight
Thousands and thousands of partiers will be here and if it’s anything like the past few years this will be DAMN GOOD. indoor/outdoor right on the ocean brand new bars and guest djs my homey ERIC BOWLER Evil one! and ms Tina T. there is no way you wouldn’t have fun at this party. unless you’re driving. even still – this is a perfectly good commitment to make for pre-post midnight and close enough to the other spots going after midnight (buho, addiction, cabarae) that you can bounce over but why would you w/these djs. i wouldn’t!

Flash and Blaise are also doing the rooftop at Buho but haven’t seen that yet anywhere. If it’s anything like Halloween was it will be more of a catch-all thing for people in Waikiki. it was PACKED and SUPER FUN though and def had the best view.

Happy New Year you guys. I hope you have a fun safe night. <3

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welp. it’s december. there goes that.

usually i’m all up in arms this time of year with the last minute planning for THE event of the year (according to me). i started doing it in 2009 and did my best to grow it each year, pushing the boundaries of fun, making sure everyone amazing was there. i’m not tooting my own horn here because i had a lot of help to make it happen – but MAN THOSE WERE FUN.

here’s a cute trip down memory lane, in honor of my birthday month. this year i’m going to see the nutcracker. alone. it’s been a tradition to see that ballet since i can ever remember and for many years i was lucky enough to be playing in the orchestra for it. can we just consider all of my gigs this month coming up my “birthday party” because the only gift i would ever want is to see your smiling faces dancing in the crowd. easy enough? here – check these out:

2009 event at Fresh Cafe and my Best of 2009 post

Super CW’s B-Day from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

Best of 2010 at The Edition pool (one of my very favorites – I handed out my Best of 2010 in a ‘zine)

Super CW’s Best of 2010 B-Day from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

Best of 2011 (Ever) Video Flyer feat. my special one-of-a-kind Aaron De La Cruz edition BMW and my Best of 2011 post

Super CW’s Best of 2011 Video Invitation from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

Best of 2011 (Ever) in Kakaako Warehouse

Super CW’s Best of 2011 from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

The Best of 2012 (Last Ever) at The Republik feat. The Knocks and my Best of 2012 in music form this year

The Last Ever from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

And my last Best of was for Best of 2013 that ran in my Pulse blog

so ya. pau with all the big parties. not that i don’t love working so hard for everyone else on my special day. THAT was the greatest gift.
it’s just a new day these days and this past year i’ve been seeing very clearly how many ppl will love you when you do things for THEM, and how most vanish when you do things for YOU.
i’m not getting cynical i promise. i’m just shifting to a new me. this me is looking out for me. i still got you. but it’s time for the new gen to step it up. don’t worry we are all here to help you do it. let’s get to work.

happy holidays. i play thurs 11:30-12:30 at addiction and early fri 10p-11p on 12/19 at M. email me for list.


manor cw

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December 1st, 2014 · No Comments

FullSizeRenderhaaaaaay! this week’s calendar is a bit nutso. I hope you want stuff to do! tonight i’m playing beautiful music oceanfront at RumFire Waikiki from 8:30p-11:30p. I play whatever i want until the tourists ask for wobble. sometimes ppl dance most times they don’t. i’m cool with either. it’s free and parking is validated for like 4 hours so come through!

this week Thursday is my birthday edition of Chitty Bang. this is seriously THE MOST FUN female party in the city. it’s lgbt but somehow has spread in to a fun for all where ppl come to dance and have the time of their lives. this is also Roxy’s and tre’s birthday months and the lineup is ace, anit, me and tittahbyte i.e. FUAAAN!
email now to get on that guestlist: info.chittybang@gmail.com TRUST ME YOU WILL LOVE THIS PARTY!

friday is First Friday i’m at my Fresh Cafe Downtown home playing beautiful/weird music from 8p-9p then at my Nextdoor home playing the club bangers from 11:30-12:20.

then Saturday is another crazy #uhfb boat party.

Sunday is the Grey Goose Dayclub at the Modern. totally opposite of our Bacardi Pool Party. super chill, house music, good vibes and the most beautiful models from Kaimana Beachwear. come do nothing. Do Nothing Sunday.


hope to see you somewhere.



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long november weekend

November 26th, 2014 · No Comments

i am SO happy to be getting four days off you have no idea. if you’re as happy as i am we will probably both be running around like crazy people tonight.


my plan: i play nextdoor for their annual mahalosgiving in chinatown 9p-11:30p. COME EAT. it’s free. idk what the hell else you need to be doing fm 9p-10:30p besides listening to me play music and feasting for free. if you’re new in town or don’t really know anyone yet THIS IS THE PERFECT event for that. come make some friends for the holidays.


After chinatown i’m going to M for their industry party then the livewire anniversary party. tomorrow i’m feeding the homeless w/some friends then pigging out on a whole suckling pig. stay tuned to all that on my snapchat [supercw] if u want.

friday forget about it but Saturday check out nextdoor again for sure it’s the CONTRAST boys doing their thing and just trust me – their thing is the best thing in the whole city. why do you think i’ve partnered with them for every single event i possibly can?!?




NEXT WEEK is the week of gigs. back to back to back. i’ll make a new post for that but if you want to hear me play irl next week you’ll have like 2098375928375 opportunities!


take care love ya!





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i got this feelin

November 23rd, 2014 · No Comments

omg the songs in this mix just omg omg omg. i did my best to mix them meh THS MUSIC DOE it makes me so happy. this is the stuff i’m in to right now. this is the music i’m listening to right now. this is the music i play when nobody is looking.


thanks again for having me LUSH what a party – hahahh me and Olena went early to eat at JJ Dolan’s and sat at a table next to two guys with moustaches and one of them knew who i was and was mocking me (of course) so we shared fried food and i put him on the guestlist and saw him smiling in that party for the better part of friday night. massfunk came to hear me play (!!!!) and i got to hang with the one and only daniel j who came early to hear some of this music. he heard me play ten walls then busted out his USB and gave me some of his music JUST DAMN. i got to see CHRIS KALIMA back on island after being away for five years with his new friends from LA that he’s traveled with hence adding on a few decades of newfriendship and Nina back from south america GOD I MISSED HER. jimmy taco was slamming out some beautiful reggaeton for the people crossfitters? in fresh cafe who were loving it and SOULGASM OMG SOULGASM. baby jerome james all growns up playing along with gotaro (who remembered me) (it’s been three years) (!!) and a room full of exactly what i wanted to see smiling dancing faces. oh man to have two house music events both going off down the street from each other, people going back and forth between the two ( i saw a bunch in the street on my way to/fro) was tugging at my heartstrings remembering a time not that long ago but so very long ago. my favorite part was bumping in to g spot randomly at my car and going with him and daniel j to have a drink in the fix and say hi to mikey and hanson. so many of the same faces that have been doing what they all do for so long all out on a friday. it was nice. i was going to drive home but drove to m after getting not one but two photo texts of kalima at M hahaha, becker and flash. i always want to go to m but usually go to bed but was glad i went and saw kelsey and bryan who gave me the biggest hug like the kind of hug you hug after you lost a friend (we did lose a friend). i nursed the same glass of champagne while everyone raged and just enjoyed being around everyone esp becker who is in town after being all over. becker is the guy who hired me at young’s forever ago and who believed in me even though i had no experience or education i owe him so much. almost forgot the angel from heaven moment too outside of eleven44 you know who you are thank you for thanking me pls get in touch somehow i want to be your friend that you recognize so much for so long. you are actually the reason why i was like “this mix has mistakes in it but fuck it i’m going to post it anyway” so thank you. you keep me rocking. friday was a really fun night.

i’ll leave it with this pic of rob from back in the day when he was a movie star. thanks again for having me play your party, guys. i super had fun and LOVE what you are doing.


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beautiful music beautiful people

November 20th, 2014 · No Comments

i have to be honest with myself, and you. i hate this current evolution of hip-hop.
i don’t hate all of it, but definitely the misogynistic anthemy shit you hear in the clubs at peak hours all the time.
no wonder women can’t figure out how to respect themselves, and no wonder men think they are so freely entitled to be complete assholes. herc developed this stuff to keep people dancing, not raping each other with words.

there is a huge difference between walking in to a club with a bunch of dudes in the DJ booth shouting out “N*gga bitch” or a room full of people, mostly beautiful women, dancing and smiling.
guess what these both exist, Honolulu, and i am here now to share where the latter can be found.

i know you already know about Bevy bar. they only know great music. it ranges from soulful house to house to soul to neo-soul, disco, nu-disco, indie dance, indie rock and sometimes live music. their regulars – kevin koga, timo, ramyt and roger bong are some of the very very best in this city. check it out.

the longest running house music party is celebrating 7 years at bar35 on Friday. if you ever wanted to be in a room of classic, soulful house and the positive energy and dancing that brings this party is the landmark event for all that. it’s called SOULGASM and it’s so exactly what it is.

this weekend Friday i actually get to share in the joyous occasion of house music at LUSH which is a monthly event at eleven44 in downtown. you may have found yourself at this spot at their Party After Art on last fridays or Foundation First Fridays – both done by the same promoters. there have been so many strangers connecting with the djs and the music and staying, applauding after the lights come up. it’s truly magical. i will be spinning mostly melodic house from 9p-10p and am THRILLED to be on this lineup with some of the house music veterans (hello daniel j!??!)


saturday i’m on with the KTUH sirens JEM, Zilla and Gnaraly. Nara will play early before heading to set up her private disco event at the space. you don’t get more info on that one unless you know someone (don’t be afraid to ask). anyway our safehouse gig is free so if you’re wondering where to go stop through. if you want to scoop up some sweet gear from rvca and such then come early. i’m on there 11p-1a

Grey Goose Summer Club


i had like 5 comments come through from the same i.p address on my dj post. someone definitely is not on my team, lol. i could give a flying fck but think it’s funny when he said “radio killed music.” i was just thinking the other day when i had the radio on how awesome it’s gotten to hear disclosure and mr probz both break in to that heavy rotation on the hip hop stations. i was like, hey! there’s a future! i can see the light! i really think all these kids coming up super hardcore on edm will see the light very soon as well as the twerk and trap gives way to a deep house trend. it’s already gone tropical. either way nobody should give up on music completely. i just hate the ignorant anthems period.

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November 13th, 2014 · 2 Comments

these next few months and coming year the nightlife is going to go back to basics. watch.

we’re already seeing it with the local visitor slash transplant set nestling themselves deep in the safe havens (i.e. where they are welcome) of Pint & Jigger and Bevy Bar, and now even more gastropub, brew house, perfect-for-dates-or-sports types of spots. more and more people are falling out when it comes to getting bottle service every weekend for no special occasion. now it’s more for special occasions only. i see the same 5 people getting bottles when they go out, with minimal efforts made by promoters and some of the staff to try to expand their networks to newcomers. that is causing the nightlife ‘scene’ to suffer a bit. that local transplant crowd made up a HUGE chunk of that ‘thriving’ scene everyone talks about from 5 years ago. the feedback i get from them? the scene is “too cliquey.” nobody wants to go to a party they don’t feel invited to.

it’s more about quality not quantity.

we are seeing it with the local crowd too. the bars where you eat a lot, drink a lot of cheap drinks and possibly sing karaoke are currently king. the rise of the EDM is taking its toll on regular going out – the up and comers are saving their money to spend a few hundred on concert tickets and drugs, not bottles in the club.


anyway, that’s my observation from talking to everyone and going out a lot. i do see consistent top-notch nightlife execution at M – where the bottle girls run their territories like their own business. they hustle their asses off and it’s a tall order to keep such a large club rocking week in and week out. they also get that being nice to people is how you actually get more business. you would never catch any of the M girls out with bitchface. or at least it’s very very rare. kudos to them.

i also got to watch a huge spike in a very niche circuit of intelligent dance music enthusiasts via Party After Art at eleven44 which proves sometimes people do actually go out for the music.

if you like to eat and drink cheap and want to go somewhere where you feel warm and welcome there’s a NEW PARTY tonight and every thursday. my favorite DJ Jem Sophia Kennedy from KTUH’s The Treasure Chest is IRL at Kissaten‘s waterfront location. that’s the one with all the parking right by Nocturna Lounge. her music is so amazing. very bright and beautiful. the promo is cute too: Champagne & Fries. these things actually pair well together too – i researched it!

tonight is free, it starts at 9. expect great music and good vibes, cheap drinks and $2 french fries. nice way to get the weekend going with minimal effort. just smiles. i really like her.


this weekend Saturday at 10pm is more of a landmark event. award winning nightlife guru dave renzella and his team’s new club is finally opening. the official after-party for the CabaRAE show. they have given the insanely delicate task of DJing after the vip show opening in the massive and gorgeous wonder-lounge-on-steroids to YOURS TRULY. i’m not scared. (lie). what’s your favorite song? what are you doing saturday night? i hope you’re going to 12th planet actually. philip told me last night homey is playing on the safehouse side due to low ticket sales which made me sad. this is 12TH PLANET. has anyone seen him totally as*-fuck a crowd of thousands at xyz festival anywhere in the world? i guess not. he’s bananas good. you’ll see. (if you go).

if you aren’t going to 12th planet COME CHECK OUT CABARAE! 10p it’s open there is no charge, just dress up and prepare to get loungey. depending on the vibe we can also get dancey. it’s so totally up to you guys.

hope to see you out! but i SUPER hope to see you thursdays.


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hay, mister DJ

November 9th, 2014 · 16 Comments

it’s coming up on two years ago that I agreed to let a(nother) friend take advantage of my “connections” to try to generate revenue. while it is something i will usually say yes to if it’s for a close friend or a good cause this one could have been the biggest game changer in my life period.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 1.37.14 PM

it’s something that taught me (finally) (in my FCKING thirties) to not care what people think.

you can say you don’t care but you always do a little. nope. not anymore. it truly doesn’t matter at a certain point and that is the point where you see the most success. you realize you are exactly where you want to be – and if someone doesn’t like the fact that you are there, it could be because they want what you have but are too lazy to get there themselves. i grew up feeling this jealousy too of course. but it’s only now that i see this from a different perspective and truly do. not. give. a. shit.

djing has changed my life. it occupied areas of my brain that were not being exercised thus causing quite a bit of much-needed stress relief and happiness. it dug deep in to areas of my past that had since been almost completely forgotten (which now that i think about it is so weird since it was such a HUGE part of my life). it challenged me physically, emotionally, socially. it still does. every single gig is its own whole new experience.

there are too many years where i spent 100% of my free time working my ass off for everyone else. making someone else famous. making someone else money. just about all of that work has left me feeling empty and unappreciated. i don’t regret it at all, but see a lot clearer now that i’m doing something for myself. something that i enjoy. nobody can take it away from me. i don’t disrespect anyone that has been smart enough to see what they can get out of me and use that for their own benefit. it’s my own fault for letting it happen. these past two years i’ve channeled that energy into something that benefits me. it’s taken away a lot of cynicism that was building up. i have a feeling it saved my life.

what i want to say now is – thank you. to everyone i have met in the past two years; to the fan base i managed to grow in this small town; to everyone who believed in me especially everyone who booked me and especially to Jami. i know it was probably more for your benefit than for mine when you offered to teach me how to play and booked me for that thursday night in december at M. thinking outside the box. do something different. it would either be a trainwreck or at least bring in some people on a non-weekend night. hell, i would have probably tried to do something like that myself if i thought of it first. bravo. i wonder if you had any idea what that would turn in to for me. for my own well being and for my career.

i had no idea how amazing it was and definitely had no plan to ever make that a reality in my own life. i learned very quickly who my true friends were – and how few i actually had. i learned how cut-throat the performance industry could be yet didn’t see anyone really working to try to change it. if they were then how would it be possible for a beginner like me to keep getting gigs?

unless perhaps maybe the music i was presenting was speaking to people. i can actually rephrase that because i know the truth: it did, even a little bit. THAT is the best feeling but one i never really shared. i was the only person there when people came up to me after gigs to ask me my name, my website. i was the only person people would text and say they can’t stop listening to the cd i gave them, or how much they loved a set. these were not people i knew already. there were a few friends but more strangers. THAT is the most epic feeling.

there’s so many times i couldn’t even give away a gig. the calls i do make when i need to book someone or give away a gig are to the handful of djs that understand the game is about being supportive. the ones that can’t wait to give you new music, that come early or stay late to hear your set, or offer guidance where they think you could use it.

my first public official dj gig was at M in december of 2013. from that gig i got booked for two more gigs. from those gigs i got a few more, until i had residencies at rumfire and nextdoor, and added to the roster at the safehouse/republik. M invited me back and addiction added me to their monthly roster and there has been some amazing special events that still to this day give me chicken skin. this might not have been something i spent the decades that my colleagues have learning and mastering, and i would never put myself in their bracket. i have three jobs and a charity to run there’s no time to teach myself how to get tricky and master turntablism.

unfortunately i had to turn down the Iron DJ invite. i am in a unique position in this town – i have the capability of booking the djs (judges) and also work for the title sponsor. it’s just too much of a conflict to participate.

but also? that’s just not my thing. and i’m not sorry. my job is to build this nightlife, make it successful, keep it thriving, and help people that are making it happen. i love music, it’s my passion, i love what it does to people, how we can connect through it, how fragile it can be to control the vibe of a room, cater to the spenders, cater to the intellects, cater to yourself, breaking tracks, knowing the hits, all that.

i love how ross tried to explain that it’s years and years of digging that truly makes a “real” dj, and when tracy told me that there’s “quite a few people out there” against me, referring to it as a “celebrity dj” phenomenon. i could only listen to about a third of what she had to say before walking away. there is no argument that makes sense to me. i give away more dj gigs than i actually can play. yes i’ve spent a decade building my network in this city which is why i’m the first call for a lot of ppl when they need someone. that’s from working hard, building trust, and most importantly producing results. it’s hard work. that’s something that i’m sure anyone who just writes me off would have no idea how to do – OR THEY WOULD BE DOING IT.

to anyone that thinks they have the right to tell another person what they should or shouldn’t be doing or what they are “allowed” to be passionate about… i guess just see how far that gets you in life.

to anyone that immediately dismisses me because i am female or to any female that thinks they have to push their sexuality to become successful just stay very far away from me. i do not vouch.

i’m making this work the way i do it and it’s what makes me happy. i have a lot to learn and i love that about it. i will support anyone and will definitely be looking out for any up and comers that are willing to work hard and stay positive. i will also be looking out for myself and my interests.

see you guys at the Iron DJ. i can’t wait to hear your sets.

#BacardiIronDJ starts Tuesday November 18th at The Republik

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pinching myself

November 6th, 2014 · No Comments

wait, so how did I wind up making this life in hawaii? i can’t remember. seriously.

Thank you to ColeCo Music for making this amazing video of my amazing party. I have now watched it 4 times and am behind on my work. I hate you guys. just for that i’m posting this and making whoever is reading supercw watch it too. save the date for me – we are doing this again on memorial day 2015. let me get through POW! WOW! Hawaii first.
(still looking for walls in town and on north shore if you know anyone hit me up cw at powwowhawaii.com )

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it’s weird to me that anyone would round up Halloween events (or any holiday events) in Honolulu more than 2 weeks out. i mean…. it’s Honolulu. you’re going to be missing like half of them because nobody really gets their stuff locked in until, like, now.
THIS list is probably missing quite a bit too but hay these are the good ones (according to me):


Friday October 17th – GHOST SHIP!
(yes it’s a costume party on a boat)
Music by ME, Dee Wizzard, Shift and Phantom
Costume contest – but we should all go as sea animals. slutty sea animals? either way we’re all stuck with each other from 5p-9pm so wear something comfortable.
Tickets and info here

Saturday October 18th – Hawaii Zombie Crawl
OH YES. this is going to be nuts. NUTS. go early to The Fix (like 5pm early) and get your zombie makeup done for you kids. There’s 12 bars participating and literally so many activities and things to do for this one that it might might just trump Hallowbaloo soon as the funnest Halloween event in Hawaii. someday.
(I dj at Nextdoor 9p-11:15p this event woooo)
Tickets and info here

Friday October 24th – GIFT Foundation
This is an expensive party but this party also raises a TON of money for charity each year. high profile crowd if you’re in to that sort of thing. the costumes and decor for this event are always WAY over the top and awesome. i will be there with Bacardi USA owning the group costume category (if only in our heads). looking forward to the whole transformation of The Republik again too.
Tickets and info here

Saturday October 18th – BOOBS! BOOS! BOOZE!
cute name. this is the Crazy, Sexy, Ghoul make-up event, or the closest thing to it with a lot of the same inner-circle as the Diamondhead Hui who used to do that party. Expect a lot of super-sexy costumes and the upstanding men of this city that love them. Costume contest – go as something sexy. Men go with boobs and you get in free. Otherwise it’s like $10
Tickets and info here

Saturday October 25th – Hallowbaloo
The biggest Halloween event in Hawaii period. tons of vendors stuff in the streets stages live music DJs dancing costumes huge contests and then the huge after-parties in every club and bar down there. this is the event that Chinatown can be Chinatown and everyone sees why we love it so much. do NOT miss this event. just don’t. i’m on playing music in the street (CHEEE!) and again at Nextdoor for this too i think 10p-12a so right as you drunkies all pile in to the club. SO much fun last year i hope this year is the same.
Tickets and info here

Friday October 31st – Gotham City at M
M is known for murdering the block party scene over at Waterfront Plaza and Halloween is one of the most fun parties they do in that area. Bacardi is all over this one so expect amazing drinks along with M’s wifey bottle service bbs and clubbiest club of clubs scene. This is the only real Halloween party for those not wanting to hit up the craziness of Waikiki.
Tickets and info here

Friday October 31st – STUDIO 54 at Addiction Nightclub
Oh WORD?!?! Disco?!?! I will believe it when I see it. Actually, i heard they are putting Gnaraly on for this so it’s pretty legit. For those of you that don’t know – if there is a disco scene in Honolulu it’s exactly what it should be – underground, thoroughly enjoyed and hosted by this amazing young thing that has made it her mission to keep the vibe alive after thirtyninehotel (r.i.p.). I’m playing too omg come dance.
No info yet ugh but here’s their page

Friday October 31st – Buho Rooftop Masquerade
The “newest and most talked about rooftop” in Honolulu is going for it. It’s actually a good idea since they’re right there on the sidewalk in Waikiki. Well their elevator is anyway. I’ll be playing music with paquimania and OSNA so come up and check out their sexy Day of the Dead under the stars with all of the nutso Waikiki crazyness underneath you. Costume Contest is I think $500
Info here

Friday October 31st – Heroes and Villains at the Hyatt
This is like every promoter group that is still operational all in one spot in Waikiki for probably the biggest party in Waikiki. It’s 18+ so just know what you’re getting in to. Costume Contest here too for you serious types. $1000 cash.
Tickets and info here

Happy Holidays! Seriously this is my favorite time of year.

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October 3rd, 2014 · No Comments


let’s hang out – tonight is first friday i’ll be playing at Fresh Cafe Downtown in the bar from 8p-9p then later at NextDoor between tits and ribs from 11:30p-12:30a. email me now if you want to be on the ND guestlist.

SUNDAY is the day i really wanted to talk to you about – PLEASE TRY CHECK OUT THIS ROOF! you know what’s happening with night (and day) life in honolulu? it’s not the same as it was. i don’t know why. i have some ideas but i want to keep pushing through and create things that are fun and different. these kinds of things are a lot of work and a lot of time and investment. all we need is for you to show up and enjoy =) i know you can!


i have all my favorite DJs playing sets including a legendary b2b with Jimmy Lee vs Loic Tambay. Ramyt is pumped too he has all kinds of killer house music – you might remember him from killing morimoto’s brunches back in the day, or any of his amazing foundation parties. THESE GUYS ARE SO LEGIT. Zilla and Mr Nick will keep it latin for the beginning in case some of the Buho cinco de buho latin dancing regulars show up – but once the sun goes down we are so kicking this up. then we have addiction residents compose and anit coming in to close it down. think honolulu meets the do-over meets GOOD house music ends with old school and whatever people want to hear. i’ll call it… the BUH-O-VER.

in my head, this is what i see:

come help me make my vision a reality. it’s FREE.

last weekend was so fun at bevy’s one year. so stoked they had me – i got to play all my favorite music. if you love this bar as much as i do then i love you.


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bacardi pool party video woah

September 25th, 2014 · 1 Comment

can you please tell me, honolulu… how do you girls get your butts so cute and round? i’m on a fitness tip right now but the more i work out the more ass i lose. HELLLLLLLLPPPP MMMEEEEE.

thanks to mark at rndr for pumping these cuties out. THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN OMG. i really hope you guys are planning to hang with us on sunday october 5th at the grey goose dayclub. more importantly, the ROOFTOP party we are doing at Buho in waikiki. that spot is SICK! i have jimmy lee, ramyt, zilla, mr nick and mfckin COMPOSE all spinning for you. they are discounting their food and drinks. the parking is a flat $5 in that garage. WHY WOULDN’T YOU COME?! if you don’t come i’m over it. no more parties. i’m going back to being a consumer. get a job as a janitor. move to ohio. something….

Bacardi Pool Party September 1st from ThisIsRNDR on Vimeo.

thanks again to bacardi for letting us get all buck wild, davy and dan and all their staff, ivi vision, san lorenzo, contrast, rox, zilla, jem, beefowl and anit for playing w/us. and lol ColeCo Music sorry this track so does not go with your vibe whatsoever. i am still loving your latest remix to pieces! all of your music actually! thank you for hanging with us let’s be friends for life. TROP IS A THING!

HAY WAIT! what doing this weekend? i’ll be on the n shore friday but saturday if you’re free come by BEVY! the best bar evar where i’ll be playing EXACTLY what i want to play from 7p-8:30p… COME!


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fml bye sarah honda

September 24th, 2014 · No Comments

 (photo by honozooloo)

(photo by honozooloo)

the funny (sad) thing about our sarah honda moving to new york is… we all sort of knew this day was coming. at least her close circle did. especially once molly decided to move back. from that point it was like a softly ticking time bomb. i remember like it was fcking five minutes ago when molly told me she was leaving. we were having drinks and she was like “oh, hey, by the way. i’m moving to new york. i already have a job i leave in two weeks.” i didn’t even really get a chance to process it but remember feeling much more happy for her than sad for me. people like molly and sarah need to be in new york. they are amazing females and in the prime of their lives. they are freakishly intelligent. they have great, effortless style. they know how to trend spot. new york needs THEM.

this city is golden to me because i didn’t grow up here. i only just moved here after living EVERYWHERE for 11 years. honolulu is where i want to nest. i want to grow old and die here.

these girls? they got shit to do.

sarah has done so much for me. she has introduced me to some of the most talented hip hop producers in the world, she was instrumental in running our Pow Wow Hawaii School of Music, she KILLED the VIP line for every single Bacardi Pool Party since day 1… and she always made sure to keep me included whenever there was stuff i might be missing (which is pretty often).

the best thing about sarah is as smart and amazing as she is, she never talks down to anyone. everyone is on her level. this is what makes her so special and what a lot of people could learn from her. at the end of the day nobody is better than any other person, they all have something special about them and eveyrone deserves to be respected.

ugh, i’m going to miss you so much. complex media please take good care of our sarah, it’s been great getting to know you guys through pow wow and hopefully now that you have our biggest pow wow music ally we can do even more cool stuff.

if sarah’s at the helm it can’t be anything but!

ps: if any of you want to say a farewell she will be at Kakaako Agora this weekend Saturday from 9pm.

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Showdown in Kaka’ako

September 16th, 2014 · No Comments

How was the Hawaii Five-0 premiere? Pretty damn amazing, honestly. I have been lucky enough to be involved with these Sunset on the Beach red carpet events since they started in some form or another, and this was the first year that I was just an invited guest. I felt lucky to be there at all. I wish you could have come with me. Here though – I went and saved as many of my videos from snapchat that I could and stitched them together for you just in case you don’t snapchat (?!?!) so you can relive it with me. It’s barely a minute long but you’ll get the full jist of it :)

As for Showdown in Chinatown… I made it. Barely! After making that grand entrance/exit to the premiere I lost my girls after lurking the red carpet interviews and couldn’t find them again. “We have a seat for you” my friend Sanoe texted me as I was viciously snapchatting as much of the spectacle as possible. I wound up sitting in the sand since they were too far in the middle and I didn’t want to be caught squishing through both before and during the show. It was a nice view of the opening though and gave me a very easy out to run back to my car and run to Chinatown in time for the film competition. I raced to the street to find a cab then grabbed my car and bolted to Kakaako with probably about 3 minutes to spare.

It was so worth it.

I was so incredibly impressed with not only the films but the original music the filmmakers were given to choose from. The winning film was a fantastic work of art from Director Rose Wolf, who performed alongside her muse, dancer Nathaniel Whitaker.

Judging the Music Video Challenge with the Film Instructor at UH and the fashionister Caleb Shinobi. p/c TLove

Judging the Music Video Challenge with the Film Instructor at UH and the fashionister Caleb Shinobi. p/c TLove

Huge shout-outs to her team of visionaries Aisis Chen | Cinematographer, Editor Spencer Agoston | Set Production Dan Baram | Still Photography, Production Assistance Danielle Halford | Production Assistance Tim Orden | Still Photography, Production Assistance, Title Design. Everything from the concept to the photography, performance, even the graphic design was so on point. This is why I love this event. I left feeling very happy to have made it. Then I went home to change to go back out and fell asleep. Sorry Maria =(

“Relationships can sometimes be very black and white. One person has their own way of living life in a bright white world, another person in their dark black world. But sometimes two people find each other and blend their world their worlds together. Then more compassion, emotion and color fill our hearts and our world. ” – Rose Wolfe

NICE job lady. I love you.

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