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August 6th, 2014 · No Comments

hey i hear you guys like that calvin harris summer cover we used for the grey goose summer club video. i’m going to put it on my SUNNYDAZE cd that’s coming out soon. (ps COME TO THE PARTY get a cd!)
meanwhile, BYE SUMMER. NICE KNOWING YOU. YOU WERE WAY TOO HOT ANYWAY. we are soooo ready for this next Bacardi Pool Party. we’re using the same location as this year’s memorial day party (omg memorial day) so remember don’t drive.
we have not one but TWO special musical guests, one for sunny day house music and one for turnt up rage your face off music. the best of all dat. as you know we like to keep the music programming fresh. check out coleco our headliner – they will def get you through your days. then beefowl most of you know or have seen spin. if not just trust me, he is fcking amazing. we also got some of the KTUH sirens jem and zilla on deck to get the patio glistening and of course our Rox on the mic hosting.
this is going to be a really fun party.
VIP is sold out – you can email for the waiting list just in case. cwskvip@gmail.com
there ARE some very rare occasions a cabana is a no show. actually, hardly ever. actually, i can’t think of one time. but go ahead and send your details just in case. othersise it’s $20 come early, bring floatie toys, BRING GIRLS, be fun, be happy. we don’t even let in ppl with a bad attitude so expect to have SOMUCHFUN on Labor Day with us!!!!!

Bacardi Pool Party September 1st Teaser from ThisIsRNDR on Vimeo.

9.1.14 flyer

ColeCo Music:
Web: www.colecomusic.com

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[Recap] Memorial Day Bacardi Pool Party

June 28th, 2014 · No Comments

Bacardi Pool Party Mango Edition @ Monarch Hotel 2014 from ThisIsRNDR on Vimeo.

hot DAMN! i don’t think i’ve ever done an event where i said more prayers in my life. i didn’t even know who i was praying to – i just kept doing it. the weather was set to thunderstorm the whole month and even the weekend leading up to our event we were humping truckloads of equipment to the 6th floor in rain and black skies. waking up on monday morning to blue sky is a feeling i will never forget as long as i live. i am so eternally grateful that everything we pulled together for this event went off. we were SO blessed you guys. and what a great day. thank you to everyone who helped make it happen. my young’s co-workers, davy and his awesome team at above ultra lounge, dan from kings pub, roberts hawaii, lili at bacardi, travis at red bull, colonel, the guys from contrast magazine, sunbum, ivi, san lorenzo bikinis, and of course my partner compose. WHAT A DAY!

Photo by Gnaraly.blogspot.com

Photo by Gnaraly.blogspot.com


thank you to my blog-home the pulse and NARA and all the others for posting galleries too. esp orrin.

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The Bacardi Pool Party Memorial Day

April 16th, 2014 · 3 Comments

haiiiii it’s been too long. so long that i can scroll down on one page on this site and see the last few parties we did. oh man. this party has got to be one of my very favorites ever. so many fun people, so much good music, so little clothing. I LOVE YOU HONOLULU!
yo, if you post our teaser video anywhere online we are going to pick some people to score 4 VIP passes to the event (GA is $20). make sure you hashtag #BacardiPoolParty so we can find out. we love you!
mahalo to Contrast, IVI Vision, SunBum, UBER and of course BACARDI. the new location is BANANAS! right under the wyland building in Waikiki on Niu st.

Bacardi Pool Party Teaser 2014 from ThisIsRNDR on Vimeo.

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Made on Media Temple :)

April 12th, 2014 · No Comments

Thank you time a million to Jason at Media Temple for believing in me and for this amazing article. Stay tuned for the biggest endeavor YET!!! Coming this fall =)

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 6.42.44 PM

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[music] The Best of 2012

December 23rd, 2012 · 2 Comments

…according to me.

the mix can’t be hosted on soundcloud so here is a mixtream you can stream or click here for a zippyshare download. mahalo to dj soundcheck for mixing everything. the best music according to me this year:

Bestof2012bySPRCHK by Christa Wittmier on Mixcloud

the party? went well. if “well” means the most fun ever. not sure how everyone else did but yep i had the time of my life. thank yous here. love you, cw

The Best of 2012, by supercw/dj soundcheck

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FRIDAY 12/21/2012 come on and sing it with me one more (last) time….

December 17th, 2012 · No Comments

The Last Ever from Banzai Media, LLC on Vimeo.

12/21/2012 at The Republik from 6pm-midnight. Please stop by and hang – the only thing I can gurantee is the typical sensory overload you would expect from a party I put my name on. You can get your tickets any time this week at The Safehouse or at the door. The $20 is my last effort to raise money for our Pow Wow February 6-16th right here in Hawaii. Come early, you’re really going to want one of these Bestof2012 CDs I put together with DJ Soundcheck of every song that made me smile or laugh or dance or cry this year. Hope to see you so we can celebrate together. Mahalo to Mikey at Banzai Media for taking a break from killing it to make me this teaser, it kicks so much ass.

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[video] Pow Wow 2012 Videos

October 11th, 2012 · 6 Comments

oh, mikey. i feel so bad, he works so hard. i was like “hi mikey!” at our secret wine club (shhh, forget i said that) and he was like “you didn’t post the video yet!” and i was like “……..” i felt so bad. it’s been crazy at work (as usual) and i haven’t even had time to feed my cat but i came straight home, didn’t even say goodbye at the wine club nowhere JUST to post this. those that were at our annual Blank Canvas fundraiser saw it and were amazed by it so here you go:

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big ba da boom

October 2nd, 2012 · 6 Comments

supercw presents the Best of LAST of 2012 EVER!!!
it’s not like the world is REALLY ending. but sorry, this blog is. i mean, it was so easy to keep the updates coming week after week, year after year, but this past year has been tough. the truth is since i got the mac i just can’t figure it out. if i can ever sort it out i will probably get back to blogging because i totally am still taking hundreds of photos each month. i’m just not sure blogging is where it’s at any more. everyone has sort of evolved to more bite sized chunks of life. and my updates? were looooong. i’ll keep this here as an archive forever though. well, as long as media temple will keep me on their team. like a seven year chunk of nightlife in honolulu for us all to look back at forever.
but for the sake of keeping things fresh and relevant, i need to have a retirement party for supercw.com. there is an AMAZING new project i’m taking on, that i can hopefully reveal by the time this party happens. cross your fingers that i can make it happen. it will RULE!!

so the details for this party that i can tell you now? it’s on Friday December 21st 2012. my birthday. it will be early again – a 6pm-midnight thing so we can all hit the streets after and go to our favorite bars after. there will be fashion and art and music as usual and special guests The Knocks from New York just trust me they are going to ROCK it.

i will be showing every photo i have ever taken so we can take that trip down memory lane together. this year’s will be in a separate projection and you will all be very surprised how much has happened in one year, let alone all seven years of this website.
it’s a fundraiser for pow wow hawaii so hopefully everyone is ok with no guestlist. this is our last effort to raise the $ we need to make February happen. we are going to have some fun though. you gotta trust me!!

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Pow Wow Hawaii 2013 is on, lineup confirmed

August 11th, 2012 · 3 Comments

Pow Wow 2013 lineup is set, and duh it’s going to blow your mind. More than tripling the number of people flying in to Honolulu from all over the world this year really sparked something in all of us and we have been working hard to make it better and better and expanding who we are reaching with education programming and fcking amazing events. The lineup for 2013 will again be announced at our annual fundraising event. We hope to see you all there :)

Speaking of that, an amazing board of highly skilled fundraiser geniusbrains believes in us so much that they stepped up to coordinate the event, called Blank Canvas Saturday October 8th in Kakaako. When I say geniusbrains I mean they are already selling tables and pulling auctions items from people like Chanel, Ferragamo, Trump Tower and Halekulani to name a few. The event in itself will be like non other. Promise. So please if you haven’t already done so purchase your tickets while they are still available online.
SO much mahalos to Michelle Richardson, Nodie Namba-Hadar, Anne Namba, Kathy & Miles Inouye, Jeff Dinsmore, Anna Meng, Georgette Luppino, Natalie Aczon, Darlene Reynon and the rest of the very talented committee. We are VERY EXCITED FOR THIS:

We also will be partnering with BAMP Project for a fundraising event September 23rd with special guests Future Islands !!!! Tickets are also available online for this, they are only $20 right now please don’t wait! We are really excited for both of these fundraising events and hope to see you. and JUST WAIT til you see what we do in February!

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you know… LANCE!!!

July 19th, 2012 · No Comments

Ha, it’s my own fault that i hardly ever have the right image to accompany my column every week. it’s usually monday morning that i’m trying to wake up my friends to get a hi res image from them because nothing i got is print worthy. sorry, guys… i was too busy having fun :)

So here you go, THIS IS LANCE. You know him though. Everyone knows him. So
unassuming and sweet and kind and fun and mellow and crazy all in the same package.
I really can’t tell you how much i love this kid, and if you read my column this week you know how i feel about his parties.

if you didn’t make it, just picture a room full of everyone fun and as soon as I can figure out this mac/iphoto/wordpress situation i’ll share all the images. thinking if i can’t get it situated i’ll just do a facebook album. we’re friends right? if not sorry, they limit that shit like the assholes they are.

PS: the image we DID run is still pretty epic, thank you Mark Kushimi. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NICOLE’S SHOW!!!! (look for that writeup soon) also for KAMEA’S SHOW this weekend, tomorrow is the opening, hope to see you there. saturday is lovefest, we’re ALL going. just get your ticket already. it’s in town. IT’S IN TOWN, LOVEFEST IS IN TOWN.

IF anyone has time to show me how to blog the 763297349872 photos i have with this new mac please let me know, upgrading to one (and Instagram) is pretty much the only reason why I haven’t been keeping you up to date. it sucks cause there’s some doozys. since march!

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memorial day bacardi pool party (whew)

June 29th, 2012 · 4 Comments

speaking of memorial day, this memorial day mix by the knocks is pretty much taking control of my entire existance. definitely listen if you need a pick me up.

thank you to everyone that helped me pull off another bananasgadonkadonk bacardi pool party, especially the marriott waikiki. it was great to be back. thank you also to jay my favorite music director, JAYCEEOH for the guest set, and the boys from contrast- did you guys know your cabana bought like 10 bottles?! too good to be true. the BIGGEST thank you to michelle and sarah who managed to deliver one of the most fun, quality crowds i’ve seen in yeeeeears. they are genius. we are lucky to have them. keep your ears open (and fingers crossed) for labor day, i’ll announce it soon. love you so much, cw

Recap of The Bacardi Pool Party, May 2012
at the Waikiki Marriott

Brought to you by
Contrast Magazine
Nocturnal Sound Krew
Super CW

Shot by LanciferVisual
Cut by Sharks & Rays
Track by FIDLAR – No Waves


other mahalos: luke for editing down lance’s footage into THAT up there, wayne for the sweet sunglasses that made the #BacardiPoolParty pics fcking amazing, sunbum for keeping the white people white, and sommer for telling me back in 2009 that i could throw “a party that i would want to go to” xoxoxooxoxo

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[music] skinny scarf summer by dj soundcheck

June 12th, 2012 · 6 Comments

I like hanging out with dj soundcheck. mostly because he’s way more haole than me. also because he doesn’t give a flying fck what people think about him and is one of very very few dudes i know that i can respect is telling me the truth. a la flash and daniel. very good people to have in your life, guys like them. it’s also wicked to have a friend that is equally if not more obsessed with honolulu. and good music. this guy can basically do no wrong. except now. i want to strangle him so bad. i think the drops in this summer mix are fiercely phony and ruin the whole thing. he thinks they are hilarious and refuses to take them out. you’ll have to deal with them, sorry. it’s actually a really fun mixtape, there’s a lot of classic hipster tracks and some of the new stuff (hello RATATAT!!) that you might not have heard. god, i love it. have a listen/download. hopefully you, like me, will have had a much better hour while listening.

full tracklist here

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oh, hi

May 29th, 2012 · 1 Comment

thank you to everyone that made the effort to come out to our memorial day bacardi pool party. wow, what a doozy. no, seriously. i think this one might have been the best one yet. the extremely strict capacity the hotel enforced turned out to be a blessing in disguise – it made those of you that made it inside WAY STOKED. the energy was amazing.  you guys danced your ASSES off! i love you all. sorry to those that didn’t make it in. tell me your best idea to turn 2000 people into 600 and we’ll try that at the next one. ps: we get to do another one :) i’ll keep you posted.
recaps are with my husbands at Contrast Magazine, and they will keep coming. pulse has some up too. also here and soon here. i’ll post my favorites real fast, and trust me one day soon i will blog. it’s in me. it is. so many pics…..

ps: here is your new summer mix to download and play over and over and over like i am right now. thank you la dj brian fowler aka beeFOWL aka THEFUNNESTGUYINLAPERIOD
between this mix and compose’s good times i have pretty much abandoned all other music for the time being. please hold.

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[pics] last bit of 2011: sapphire events, Patrick Martinez art show! my bday party! The Standard grand opening! Surfer Poll Awards!

March 22nd, 2012 · 11 Comments

this is where it begins

WAIT NO THAT IS SO WRONG! this is where it was left off.
i saw this was sitting in my drafts just when i decided to make time to blog so i might as well go back in time, what, three months? bah. easy.

so anyway, this is where it was. begins. is: two lovely ladies just kicking it outside at the modern waiting for people to tell them the password “battle mango” to be led upstairs to the back entrance of addiction where this night it was a faux speakeasy featuring….

[

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The Best of 2011, according to me

December 28th, 2011 · 27 Comments

The only thing that makes this year seem like it was extremely long was the fact that we did the Pow Wow in 2011. I keep thinking it was last year, but it was this year. In February. For that reason alone as I look back at 2011 I realize this might have been the longest year ever. Ever ever.
With that being said, the best WORST has been my commitment to blogging. Every week, every month, each year sort of fizzled to once or twice a month on average after the Pow Wow in 2011. I had to look back through many other mediums to remind myself of those moments that had my head spinning (there were so many!) and definitely worthy of this worthless Best Of 2011 according to Me award.
So without further ado….
[

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[video] supercw.com presents The Best EVER!!

December 27th, 2011 · 2 Comments

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best ever recap and Best of 2011 coming soon!

December 19th, 2011 · 2 Comments

Thanks to everyone who helped me pull this party off. It was pretty much the best thing ever. there are some photos online here and here and of course here and even here. HUGE mahalo to Kakaako, jasper tiff and kamea, prime, estria, er crew, ckaweeks, nicole, bieste, josh, mikey, jeremiah, ian, joseph, vincent, marco, colonel, travis, rob, christy, russell, chris, davey, timo, ryan, kurt, kalani, willis, DAYNA, kristina, matt, james, brandon, angel, dave, kyle, maria and joey and whoever else I forgot to mention. Best EVERRR.

My picks for The Best of 2011 will be [back] in blog form, coming out later this week. Congratulations in advance to all the winners.

photo by Tracy Chan at Nonstophonolulu.com...a supercw.com supporter from day one

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get excited. it’s exciting.

December 16th, 2011 · 1 Comment

I will only do one party this year. The rest were for this or that. This is mine. Please come.

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Friday December 16th 6pm-Midnight!

December 7th, 2011 · 2 Comments

super early kine bday kine fundraiser sorta party like warehouse party in a whole new neighborhood. plenty of parking. right around the corner from eat the street so go grind then come hang out.
live painting, amazing music, fashion, drinks, tacos by alejandro, pow wow shirts and merch. we gonna have some fun.
thank you to jasper and jeff for the sick flyer design this year and to the ignition switch for the sweet birthday mixtape <3


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[pics] the MAN challenge! Anti Canvas! Milk & Honey! Addiction Opened! Double-Day time Parties!

December 6th, 2011 · 8 Comments

well here’s the culmination (culmination) of the man challenge right here…. most of the boys were completely unrecognizable after a month, others were somewhat unchanged.

[

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[pics] movember, hawaii rugby calendar, diane von furstenberg store opening, happy thanksgiving and VS angels

December 1st, 2011 · 9 Comments

excited for tonight. movember is officially over. none of these dudes shaved in November for charity. tonight is judging. some of the expected facial hair favorites are creativebrain warren, publishinghouse jcutt, and defending title holder flashee.

[

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why i do it

November 30th, 2011 · 10 Comments

bummed you can’t make it to my birthday party, but your note pretty much made my day (week) (year) (life)

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party time

November 28th, 2011 · No Comments

my birthday present to myself has become the tradition of throwing a big fcking party. last year’s pool party was epic because it was a new space and pool parties made a pretty big comeback in 2010. this year i wanted to do a throwback to the 2009 warehouse style, with joseph projecting his live visuals, MONARX, a bunch of live painting, matt bruening‘s fashion and a bunch of good drinks. i also have every photo i ever took ready to display for the entire event. from 2004 to 2011. that’s pretty much everyone. including you. a lot lot lot lot has happened in those eight years. it’s going to be really fun to share it. i really hope you can come.

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[pics] Women Speaking Out, Pow Wow Fundraiser, KRINK IN HAWAII, FirstFriday, Rauken, SURFER [THE BAR] opening (whew)

November 23rd, 2011 · 6 Comments

a few weeks ago

[

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[pics] Aaron De La Cruz’s Long Walk Home art show, New/Old CRAZYBOX is open, FLux Party at Hard Rock Cafe Waikiki, and Hale Aina Awards

November 9th, 2011 · 12 Comments

days are years. oh man. have you listened to that track lately? i swear, some random stuff pops up in my pandora. i think it’s because i added so many varieties. pandora probably thinks i’m schizophrenic. little dragon radio with living legends, hot chip, passion pit, washed out, kid sister and explosions in the sky varieties? someone call a doctor.
[

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Q&A: the Modern Honolulu’s new club has a new Vane….

November 7th, 2011 · 7 Comments

… and there’s a lot of good coming out of the entire situation. backing up a few days, I was pretty freaked when I saw flashee going off about it online but was put back at ease after Maria said for all of us to just chill and be happy for the people that are able to make it work. her blessing is pretty much what everyone wanted.

still, the new gatekeeper at the Crazybox (it’s not called that) stirred the pot a bit this past weekend by not letting a lot of people inside the new/old club, which made me even more curious to get to know her. she is Russian Los Angeles DJ Kristina Kova. and it turns out she’s not that scary.

supercw: when you found out you were coming to honolulu what were your first thoughts?
SCORE! Its definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m so excited to see what’s to come.

what are some of the biggest differences you have noticed from los angeles and honolulu?
The people! Everyone here is so nice and people seem to go out to have fun, not to show off, be on the scene etc. A lot of LA night life and life in general is all about that. Locals seem to be on their own time, at all time! That’s definitely taking some adjustment to for me.

what are some of the best (and worst) ways for guests to approach you?
Best- dress according to the dress code, be polite and patient. Respect my personal space!
Worst- do NOT step over or touch the ropes, do not come up with a “do you know who I am” attitude.

have you been able to identify a vibe that you would like to see inside from your observations of the clientele so far?
The clientele I have encountered so far has been really cool, down to earth and fun. A lot of people dancing, socializing, not just sitting around staring at one another. We want to take the energy we already have and take it to the max once we really launch!

care to share any tips for guests to come to the club and have a great time?
It’s always best to book a table with bottle service. You get your own personal space to sit down, and great service with someone making your drinks all night.

care to share any loves/hates as far as style goes?
I love classy. Nothing too crazy, but girls and boys, leave the flip flops at home!
No print t-shirts and rhinestone belt buckles please!

who are some people that you look up to?
I DJ and I absolutely adore Lulu Rouge, they are a Danish DJ duo who make the most amazing music and remixes.

what artists would you have come to honolulu if you book anyone for the club?
DJ Vice, Kaskade, Deadmau5


read more about this mysterious new/old nightclub Wednesday when the new Honolulu Weekly drops.


The Modern Honolulu’s new club doesn’t have an official name just yet, but is open Thurs, Fri and Sat from 10:30pm-3am. email singer.karl@gmail.com to reserve a table.


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[pics] Red Bull Rivals, Kristen’s 22nd, OMG THE DESCENDANTS!, Gift Foundation, and Ekundayo

November 4th, 2011 · 5 Comments

beach day! watchu know about it! me? not much. i think the last time i had beach day was the last time i went to red bull rivals. this particular sunday i couldn’t wait for it to be 10am to go to sandy’s though. super reminded me of when i first moved here. nothing like getting a stall right in front at sandy beach on the weekend too. this is seriously the stuff dreams are made of. especially now with a signature aaron de la cruz friggin car. god, life is good.

[

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[pics] Mostly Work. Workfancy. Also #CheckIn, Kate Spade, Zoo and Heeia Pier

October 30th, 2011 · 14 Comments

you’ll never see me complaining about being busy. i bring all that on myself. don’t think i don’t know the inner workings of those people that work very hard to “look” busy to stay un-busy. i was in the navy for christ’s sake. that’s where that gift was probably born. that’s cool for them, and being busy is what’s cool for ME. i don’t feel right not blogging after getting back in to it recently so even though it’s a bunch of work, there’s other stuff. like flash and matty boy out together. this is the kind of stuff dreams are made of:

[

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Hawaii International Film Festival….. OMFG IT’S FINALLY HERE

October 13th, 2011 · No Comments

i can’t tell you enough how much i love this time of year. i also can’t tell you how stupidbusy i am right now, but i wanted to share my picks for this year’s festival -that includes events- that just absolutely can NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE MISSED, YOU GUYS! OR ELSE!!!

1. Panel Discussion: Behind the Scenes: A Roundtable Discussion with Top Composers
duh. 9th Wonder (so many producers in the HNL, I better see you, and you can ask him anything), Michael Giacchino (Star Trek, LOST, UP), and two other guys. listen and learn then listen then learn some more. panel discussions are always amazing because you are right there engaging with academy award winning grammy winning friggin artists right there in front of your face. it’s also a killer time for YOU to show THEM what’s popping in hawaii. what we’re about. what we’re doing. what we’re in to. your questions at these things are so so so invaluable to the festival as a whole. please don’t be shy.
Saturday October 15th 1p, Dole Theaters

2. The Swell Season
Documentary (always the easiest and best choices for HIFF) about a couple that exploded in to stardom very fast and almost unexpectedly. follow their music and their dramas and stop being jealous of anyone that has found both love and fame at the same time, because most often they’re being taken for a ride.
United States. Monday October 7th 7pm, Dole Theaters

3. New Garage Explosion!!:In Love With These Times
this is a film that’s also real, and features a few bands… THE BLACK LIPS included. these guys came out to hawaii to party with me and sailor jerry rum last year and it was pretty much the best week of my life. i really just want to re-live that. and learn about this new generation of rock/punk that the kids are in to these days.
United Kingdom. Monday October 17th 9:30pm, Dole Theaters

4. The Salt of Life
i’m not so much in to the violent sorts, and to be honest i would love to see some boobies. this one looks both fun and romantic and straight-forward, plus who doesn’t love good old fashioned modern day italian romance to keep that foggy italian that i learned a decade ago fresh in the back of my head?
Italy. Monday October 17th 4:00pm, Dole Theaters

WTF. OMG. LOL. BBQ. a Sigur Ros movie that nobody knows anything about?!?!?!??!!? sign me up.
Canada, Iceland, UK. Thursday October 20th 9:15pm, Dole Theaters

6. Shorts Program 1
you should actually see ALL of the shorts programs. a bunch of movies for the time/price of one! and they are GOOD. from all over the world. if you can only do one then this is the one. it has our local boy mikey inouye’s “Alex Ikeda” film that is just so precise and glorious… you will laugh, you will cry, you will shake your head in amazement that this guy was able to pull together this one so successfully in such a short period of time, AND be accepted into both this festival and the one in san francisco. amazing. the rest will probably be good too.
Various. Saturday October 15th 3pm, Dole Theaters

7. Live Music Showcase: 9th Wonder
Good luck getting tickets to this. I hear they are still available. I’m really just going to see Monarx (heartheartheart) but definitely can’t wait to see how 9th Wonder is doing after all this time.
Friday October 14th 9:00pm, Nextdoor

So good. SO GOOD. So good that i saw this at the HIFF preview night and can’t wait to see it again. truly remarkable: his life, this movie, and the entire country of brazil. in the words of programming director anderson le: even if you don’t like formula one racing, even if you don’t like brazil, even if you don’t like documentaries, YOU WILL LOVE THIS FILM. he was totally right. don’t miss this one. ps: senna is mostly shot in his prime, and is sofa king gorgeous. a heart throb to say the least.
Brazil. Sunday October 23rd 2:30pm, Dole Theaters

9. The Descendants
forget it. the film sold out five seconds after tickets went on sale. go get in the rush line and stay there, they will allow some people in, and the anticipation is supposedly worth it. alexander payne (Sideways, Election) will be there, and it’s worth it to get a glimpse of him alone. BIG DEAL STUFF. ask him what it’s like to win a faking oscar. download the book to read on your kindle while you’re in line. you’ll probably finish it in a few hours, it’s that good.
United States. Sunday October 23rd 6:00pm, Dole Theaters

10. Saigon Electric
I just realized i don’t have any picks from Japan, China or Korea in this list. normally those are all i see. this year i think i’m just more excited about these than the rest. this one mainly because it was all the rage at the other film festivals i went to this year and i never managed to catch it. very excited to see how they throw down in vietnam.
United States, Vietnam. Saturday October 22nd 4:30pm

i have to run but those are the top 10. also make sure you bug matt for his picks and anderson too. i’m more partial to the non-violent, not too dramatic sort of things. my poor vulnerable little brain gets kind of overwhelmed sometimes, especially after the 2009 festival when daniel and i saw all those MAJORLY heavy films. gimme light. gimme sexy. gimme music. 2011 is the year of ….that. :)


see you at the festival.



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[music] music by me for me not by me

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so one night dj soundcheck jumps on in the super late night at soho and starts playing track after track of fcking amazing music and i was like RYAN MAKE A MIX ALREADY and he was like “sure! send me a list of some of your favorite tracks” so instead of sending him that i sent him my blip stream, forgetting that sometimes there’s some super random, even emo shit in there. poor ryan. he still took a pretty damn good stab at it and this is what i got in return….

The Sounds of Hipsters (gag) (but i love it)

Sounds of Hipsters by supercw (via DJ Soundcheck)

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